New App Store Update Available: Into the Simpsonsverse!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We teased it last week on our spoiler video, which you can watch here if you missed it, and now it’s time to download the update!  Into the Simpsonverse has arrived in our app stores!

Remember, this app store update does not start the event it’s just the download for the event.  The event will start TOMORROW August 4th at 11am ET…time zone converter here ET is New York time zone. So please, don’t ask why the event hasn’t started in your game if it’s not August 4th at 11am ET…

Anywho here’s the app store description and what’s in store for us:

So be sure to download the update, and be prepared to go Into the Simpsonsverse tomorrow, August 4th!

21 responses to “New App Store Update Available: Into the Simpsonsverse!

  1. Running on my galaxy tab A, since the update it seems to crash after exit. The next time I try to bring the game the running apps bar it stops and I have to start from the desktop

  2. I’m on an ipad, and am always the last to receive the update. It’s still not in the store, and it’s now 10:45am ET. Apparently the event has begun, but not for me! What gives, EA???!!!

    • You’re fine. The event has not started yet. You still have 10 minutes before it actually starts.

      Hard restart your iPad and search the app store for Tapped Out, don’t rely on the store to tell you you have an update available…go search the store for it. Then once you find Tapped Out, click on it to see the details. Often times you won’t see the update available unless you go into the app page itself.

  3. Anyone else having a problem with Sky Finger? I tapped it this morning and the ‘shock wave’ animation didn’t go wide and also it didn’t collect the income from the buildings! Was OK before the update…

  4. Maybe I miss the statement in another post but it doesn’t fix the issue with K9 and Snorky being selectable but no jobs to give them?

  5. Just updated and logged into new app. King Snorky & K9 Officer are still broken in iOS. 🙁

    • I’ve been wondering if King Snorky is being prepped to become a RPC.

    • What’s broken about them? I have both characters (and I’m also on iOS), and haven’t noticed anything wrong with them.

      And I click on King Snorky fairly often. 🙂

  6. As of 1:12 Pacific time there is nothing at the App Store=no update?!?

    • It’s out for Android and iOS (can’t attest for Amazon). Try hard closing the app store, reopening and searching for Tapped Out. Then click on the app in the store, sometimes the update doesn’t show up unless you’re viewing the app details in the app store.

  7. Anyone else having an issue logging in? I get a code in my e-mail, enter it, and still won’t let me log in.

  8. Why hasn’t the new Event started!?
    In MY Time-Space Continuum …
    It has passed august 4 11:00am EDT!

    Perhaps I need to check if my game needs updating?
    Perhaps I need to lock up my liquor cabinet?

  9. Thank you for the heads up Alissa.
    I just finished downloading from Google Play
    (look at that Login Screen – I like Noir Homer!)
    Let the fun begin tomorrow. 😀👍🏻

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