Addicts Bracket Challenge: Best Season of The Simpsons, Week 8

It was six years ago, just after the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs bracket was complete that I thought it might be cool to do a The Simpsons Tapped Out bracket. Here we are six years later, and it’s time for our seventh TSTO Addicts Bracket Battle!

How much longer EA can keep Tapped Out going is up for debate. It is equally debatable how long The Simpsons will keep going. But what isn’t debatable is that there have been A LOT of incredible seasons of The Simpsons. 32 in fact. But which of the 32 seasons has truly been the best? With that in mind, we present to you TSTO Addicts’ The Best Season of The Simpsons Bracket Battle.

For rules and regulations, check out the Week 1 post here.


First, for the results from last week:

Season 4 (78.1%) defeated Season 5 (21.9%)

Season 9 (64.7%) defeated Season 14 (35.3%)

Season 17 (75.0%) defeated Season 21 (25.0%)

Season 25 (64.5%) defeated Season 30 (35.5%)


Here’s the updated Bracket unveiled (click on image to view enlarged version):

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see how you’re doing in the pick’em contest.


Time for Round 4 Semi Final action.


Season 4 vs Season 9

Tale of the Tape:

Season 4 9
Premiere 24-Sep-92 21-Sep-97
Finale 13-May-93 17-May-98
# of Episodes 22 25
Episodes “Kamp Krusty”, “A Streetcar Named Marge”, “Homer the Heretic”, “Lisa the Beauty Queen”, “Treehouse of Horror III”, “Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie”, “Marge Gets a Job”, “New Kid on the Block”, “Mr. Plow”, “Lisa’s First Word”, “Homer’s Triple Bypass”, “Marge vs the Monorail”, “Selma’s Choice”, “Brother from the Same Planet”, “I Love Lisa”, “Duffless”, “Last Exit to Springfield”, “So It’s Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show”, “The Front”, “Whacking Day”, “Marge in Chains”, “Krusty Gets Kancelled” “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson”, “The Principal and the Pauper”, “Lisa’s Sax”, “Treehouse of Horror VIII”, “The Cartridge Family”, “Bart Star”, “The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons”, “Lisa the Skeptic”, “Realty Bites”, “Miracle on Evergreen Terrace”, “All Singing, All Dancing”, “Bart Carny”, “The Joy of Sect”, “Das Bus”, “The Last Temptation of Krust”, “Dumbbell Indemnity”, “Lisa the Simpson”, “This Little Wiggy”, “Simpson Tide”, “The Trouble with Trillions”, “Girly Edition”, “Trash of the Titans”, “King of the Hill”, “Lost Our Lisa”, “Natural Born Kissers”
Average Viewers 22.4 million 15.3 million
Most Watched Episode “Lisa’s First Word” (28.6 million) “The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons” (19.8 million)
Safi’s Favourite “Marge vs the Monorail” “Das Bus”
Guest Stars Adam West, Barry White, Bette Midler, Bob Hope, Brooke Shields, David Crosby, Elizabeth Taylor, Gene Merlino, Hugh Hefner, Johnny Carson, Jon Lovitz, Joyce Brothers, Kipp Lennon, Leonard Nimoy, Linda Ronstadt, Lona Williams, Luke Perry, Marcia Wallace, Michael Carrington, Michele Pillar, Pamela Reed, Phil Hartman, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sara Gilbert, Tom Jones Alex Trebek, Andrea Martin, Bob Denver, Bobcat Goldthwait, Brendan Fraser, Bruce Baum, Fyvush Finkel, Hank Williams Jr, Helen Hunt, Jack Ong, James Earl Jones, Jan Hooks, Janeane Garofalo, Jay Leno, Jim Varney, Joan Kenley, Joe Namath, Kipp Lennon, Marcia Wallace, Martin Sheen, Michael Carrington, Michael Dees, Mike Judge, Paul McGuinness, Paul Winfield, Phil Hartman, Rod Steiger, Roy Firestone, Stephen Jay Gould, Steve Martin, Steven Weber, Steven Wright, Susie Smith, U2

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Season 17 vs Season 25

Tale of the Tape:

Season 17 25
Premiere 11-Sep-05 29-Sep-13
Finale 21-May-06 18-May-14
# of Episodes 22 22
Episodes The Bonfire of the Manatees, “The Girl Who Slept Too Little”, “Milhouse of Sand and Fog”, “Treehouse of Horror XVI”, “Marge’s Son Poisoning”, “See Homer Run”, “The Last of the Red Hat Mamas”, “The Italian Bob”, “Simpsons Christmas Stories”, “Homer’s Paternity Coot”, “We’re on the Road to D’ohwhere”, “My Fair Laddy”, “The Seemingly Never-Ending Story”, “Bart Has Two Mommies”, “Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife”, “Million Dollar Abie”, “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore”, “The Wettest Stories Ever Told”, “Girls Just Want to Have Sums”, “Regarding Margie”, “The Monkey Suit”, “Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play” “Homerland”, “Treehouse of Horror XXIV”, “Four Regrettings and a Funeral”, “YOLO”, “Labor Pains”, “The Kid Is All Right”, “Yellow Subterfuge”, “White Christmas Blues”, “Steal This Episode”, “Married to the Blob”, “Specs and the City”, “Diggs”, “The Man Who Grew Too Much”, “The Winter of His Content”, “The War of Art”, “You Don’t Have to Live Like a Referee”, “Luca$”, “Days of Future Future”, “What to Expect When Bart’s Expecting”, “Brick Like Me”, “Pay Pal”, “The Yellow Badge of Cowardge”
Average Viewers 9.6 million 5.1 million
Most Watched Episode “Treehouse of Horror XVI” (11.7 million) “Steal This Episode” (12.1 million)
Safi’s Favourite “The Italian Bob” “Brick Like Me”
Guest Stars Alec Baldwin, Amick Byram, Antonio Fargas, Bob Joyce, Dave Thomas, Dennis Rodman, Frances McDormand, Gene Tenace, Jim Gilstrap, Joe Frazier, Joe Mantegna, Kelsey Grammer, Larry Hagman, Lily Tomlin, Mandy Moore, Marcia Wallace, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Maurice LaMarche, Meher Tatna, Melanie Griffith, Michael Carrington, Michael Dees, Michael York, Oren Waters, Randy Johnson, Richard Dean Anderson, Ricky Gervais, Rob Reiner, Sal Bando, Sally Stevens, Stacy Keach, Susan Sarandon, Terry Bradshaw, Terry W Greene, William H Macy Amy Poehler, Anderson Cooper, Andrés Cantor, Carl Kasell, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe, Denise Donatelli, Edwin Moses, Elisabeth Moss, Eva Longoria, Glenn Close, Harlan Ellison, Joe Mantegna, Joe Namath, Joey Vieira, John Oliver, Jon Lovitz, Judd Apatow, Kelsey Grammer, Kevin Michael Richardson, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Mann, Marcia Wallace, Maurice LaMarche, Max von Sydow, Paul Rudd, Peter Sagal, Rachel Maddow, Renee Ridgeley, Rob Halford, Seth Rogen, Stan Lee, Tavi Gevinson, Will Arnett, Will Lyman, Zach Galifianakis

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Reminder, voting is open until noon EDT Thursday August 26th.


What are your thoughts on this weeks Round 4 matchups? Of the two matchups above, which was the easiest decision and which was the hardest? What do you think of last weeks results? Did you enter the pick’em contest? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you.

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