App Store Update/Next Mini-Event: Breakout Bounty

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

There’s an app store update available in our stores for TSTO…this will remove the Simpsonsverse event from your game, and change the splash screen back to “normal”.

Along with this update, comes the pre-load for our next mini-event…Breakout Bounty!

This mini-event will not start until TOMORROW, September 15th, @ 11am ET…so please don’t ask why it hasn’t started for you if it’s before September 15th at 11am on the East Coast of the US.  (and if it’s after that time, it’s likely because you haven’t updated from the app store)

Until the mini-event starts…here’s a little teaser about what will be included with the new mini-event…

So look for Breakout Bounty to start tomorrow, September 15th, at 11am ET…until then make sure you download the update from the app store!

Happy Tapping!

43 responses to “App Store Update/Next Mini-Event: Breakout Bounty

  1. Gosh I am sorry that some Tappers are having a difficult time either locating the Game App Update for their Device , or you got the Game App to Update – but are having difficulties with the Verification Code Login.

    Verification Code is not going away (please make sure your Origin Account, or in Europe it’s Mayhem Account, has an up-to-date email), but we have discussed many times regarding “when to update your Device” (I think the average was every 3 years), when to know you are using an out-of-date OS (ie if you’re still on Android OS 8 Oreo? it’s definitely time to upgrade, as OS 12 is almost available!) and when to realize that ipad / iphone is on it’s last leg (ie if you got 5 to 6 years out of an iPad? it’s probably time to update) – and definitely went to trade in for a newer Kindle (1st Gen Kindles are so out of date!)

    Nobody should have to break the bank in order to upgrade, I do look for minimum RAM (at least 3 gig preferably 4 gig and up) and ROM (at least 64 gig preferably more than that if you tend to collect Content and don’t save it in cloud storage). Don’t let the little things get in the way of your fun!

    • I think you missed the problem. Most posts now say they could update the program but it will not run on a lower iOS version. In my particular case it is not the validation process that is the problem. I get past that, but the program will not load. The donut spins and stops and then the program crashes. Interesting enough I can start a new anonymous game with no problem. However I would not like to lose over 5 years of playing history. EA help has been of NO help, always requesting your mayhem number, which you cannot get without logging in. We really need a straight answer about whether this game will run on an older iOS version or not. If not and they cannot get us back to a version that will run, at least we would know where we stand

      • No Clay, I mentioned the fact that there are some older Apple devices that are getting a final update (or probably won’t) and used Android OS as an example of what’s too old .

        We have discussed before as fellow Tappers when it’s time to update your Device (the average was between 3 to 4 years). If you got a device that’s in the 5 to 6 years old range? You got to expect it’s reached that point where it’s time to be replaced. I believe someone mentioned in Xiaomi mipad? I don’t know if Xiaomi uses Google Play Store (I know Huawei / Honor was removed), but fire beware if you’re using a device directly from China that’s not in any Rick and mortar shops.

        Kindle seems to be the worst, they’re not bad Devices by Amazon, but the 1st Generation are no longer supported.

        Verification Code definitely requires an Origin Account (or Mayhem Account) that has an up to date email … Alissa is correct that will have an easier time having a desktop or laptop panty on the side in order to receive the verification code and type it in (I am at work but I should have stated that some devices need to be cleared of cache before attempting a verification code – either you reboot your device, you cancel out of the Game App, or you go to your Settings and clear the App cache).

        TSTO is not a perfect Game App, but it is still free to download and free to play (vs some Apps that want your 💵 and they’re not worth paying for) and gosh it’s almost 10 years old.

        • If you are saying that TSTO requires a minimum iOS version then publish the actual information and stop all of these complaints. I certainly understand upgrade policy. Let’s be up front and put the requirements in the description in the various app stores as well as the various blogs that say they represent major groups of TSTO users.

          Thanks for the help and honest answers

  2. So, is there any real reason to keep tapping on convicts once you have the originally-required 15? I get this warning that my town is full, tap some to free up some space, but why should I care? (Besides any minimal points provided….)

  3. Tappable NPCs are back – woohoo !! 😀😎😀

  4. Are we nearly there yet ?!? 🤪😂🤪

    Seems to be a lot of hitches with this.
    My app store decided it wouldn’t load anything more than a blank screen and a spinner so I tried a reboot and got no launch screen / unlock – Yikes !!
    Took an age to get the recovery menu up and it was in Chinese – Joy !!
    Three and a half hours later I’m just waiting on that mahoosive download to complete so I can hit SkyFinger and then free everyone . . .

  5. Have you updated iOS? You should have 14.8, hope this helps.

    • Good shout, ipad mini 2, os12.5.4 16Gb free, backward not compatible?

    • Well unfortunately I hope this isn’t the real case. I have the 1st Gen iPad Air which doesn’t accept 14.8. Obviously I’m not going to upgrade over this, but it would be bad for this game cause I assume too many will not be able to play anymore and in my case I actually have supported this game up to this point by buying their character/donut bundles.
      I assume this will be fixed soon but if not I’m afraid I won’t be coming back to this game cause then I’m missing out on everything till I eventually do upgrade my device.

      • They usually phase out older devices after a period of time. It happened with me and my original iPad back during the end of 2013. And that iPad is how I started playing tsto (because I’ve always had android phones and TSTO wasn’t originally on Android until early 2013).

        • I still hope my iPad not playing it currently is only temporary. But I guess I can still play it on my Fire tablet but it painfully slow.

  6. So glad we get another event with tappable npc it’s so amazing EA finally did something..can’t wait for Halloween/Xmas updated this year

  7. That small dedicated EA Staff definitely needs to work with Apple (iPad) and Amazon (Kindle) to ensure the Update is available …. and Tappers need to make sure they have plenty of ROM (free space) available on their device (and make sure you are not stuck with an old OS that EA will not support).

    • Incredibly the update was in the Amazon app store on Tuesday evening. I think that’s a first, at least in the recent past!

      • gassboss,
        That maybe a first since Amazon Kindles usually the last OS ticket any attention from EA (fact: I have gone through 3 Android Devices since playing TSTO back in 2013!) 🤔

  8. Are you able to say who we need to keep free to do this mini event? I’m sure the usual Homer, Bart and Lisa, but there are quite of few other characters that they rotate through regularly to earn event currency.

    • Homer Wiggum and a 3rd character (can’t remember but possibly Judge Snyder) start it off with 6 second tasks. Then Apu, Eddie, Lou, Marge, New event character, & Snake do 4 hr tasks with Homer Judge Snyder & Wiggum to collect event currency.

  9. Had to fool around on App Store before I could update. Now cannot log in even after logging out and re-entering user name and going through second party generation sing on. Now just getting message about other device not logging off. (No other device). Then just crashes.

    • Not alone, ipad will not work, android not an issue. Can play anonymously, but cannot play as me on iPad – 16Gb free.

  10. I can’t log in the game since the update. Am I the only one?

  11. Gave up in UK on iPad, downloaded update and refused to load. Went to backup android device, auto downloaded update and just keeps downloading updates, 1.2Gb later it is working. Looks like full shutdown of iPad and cross fingers.

  12. Looks like a fun mini! Just updated & ready for tomorrow! 🙂👍

  13. Thank’s. ^^

  14. 2:30 P.M. Tuesday. No Update in App Store yet?

  15. Doesn’t seem to be available yet on Google from the West Coast, at about 1416.

  16. Thank You Alissa
    One quick Update at the Google Play Store
    (and this looks like a brilliant lampooning of Dog the Bounty Hunter ala “Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes” Episode 1 Season 20!) 😅👍🏻

  17. No update yet on Kindle but looking forward to it hitting soon! 😁 V
    Also very excited to see what the Halloween update brings!! 🥰 Happy tappin everyone!!

  18. UK apple app store, downloaded. Thanks for the update. Logging in, trying for the sixth time, failed again.

  19. Probably an old question: when I go to the App Store, after closing the game, all I get is “Open”, no “Update”. And if I try the “Open” just in case, there’s no indication an update is being downloaded, much less installed. The Version History still shows the “most recent” as 1 month ago… Maybe I just need to wait a while longer???

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