Breakout Bounty Prize Guide: Judge J.T. Winchester

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Springfield is overrun with escaped convicts!  Can Wolf the Bounty Hunter help save the day?  Only time…and donuts…will tell!

Remember, this event is designed to follow a series of tasks via the questline to unlock prizes.  For each of the parts of the Bounty of Bounties questline, you’ll have to earn via various character tasks in order to unlock the prize for that part.

So let’s take a look at the second prize for this mini-event, Judge J.T. Winchester…

The Judge is a  brand new character for Springfield and part of the Breakout Bounty Character Collection:

How You Unlock it:
Bounty of Bounties Pt. 2
Make Homer Barely Pass the Bounty Hunter Test- 4hrs
Make Lisa Lament the State of the Justice System- 4hrs
Collect (tap) Escaped Convicts- x15
Collect Handcuffs-  x150.

Once achieved you’ll unlock Judge Winchester…

Other Info:
Voiced?: No
“The Road to Cincinnati”, S32, E8

Judge J.T. does come with a full questline, here’s a look at that questline:

Lady Justice Pt. 1
Judge Winchester starts

Judge J.T. Winchester: Why are you loitering outside my courthouse, Chief?
Wiggum: I was waiting for you, Judge.
Judge J.T. Winchester: That’s hardly an excuse. Write yourself a ticket for loitering.
Wiggum: Eh, I could do that, or…I could tell you some pretty exciting news regarding a certain favorite TV program of yours…
Judge J.T. Winchester: “One Life to Give”? Don’t toy with me, Chief. You know that’s my number one soap. Now spill it or I’ll hold you in contempt!
Wiggum: Well, “One Life to Give” just applied for a permit to shoot in Springfield and apparently they’re going to be casting some small roles.
Judge J.T. Winchester: Finally, my shot at stardom! Where do I audition?
Wiggum: There aren’t any auditions. They have talent scouts walking around Springfield looking for people in public.
Judge J.T. Winchester: So…they could be anywhere?
Wiggum: Um yeah, I guess?
Judge J.T. Winchester: Every-body-dance-now *break-dancing* Danke schoen…Darling danke schoen…*tap dances* Make ’em laugh, make ’em laugh, make ’em laaauugh! *finishes with a flourish*
Wiggum: Yeah uh, that’s uh, not bad, Judge.
Make Judge J.T. Winchester Show She’s a Triple Threat- 4hrs
Make Wiggum Leave Before She Remembers the Loitering- 4hrs
Judge J.T. Winchester: There, that ought to show the talent scouts everything they need.
Sideshow Mel: Bravo! Who knew beneath that flowing robe of silky justice lay dormant, not but an actor and dancer with the voice of a cherub, but dare I say all three?
Judge J.T. Winchester: Do you swear you’re telling me the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?
Sideshow Mel: Cross my heart and hope to perish tragically on stage.
Judge J.T. Winchester: Then I guess I still got the goods.

Lady Justice Pt. 2
Judge Winchester starts

Judge J.T. Winchester: Mr. Krustofsky, you received a ticket for jaywalking and admitted to crossing the road outside of a crosswalk. Pay your fine and stop wasting my time.
Krusty: That’s perfect! Just the kind of sass we’re looking for.
Judge J.T. Winchester: Excuse me?
Krusty: Your honor, I only jaywalked because I wanted to get a closer look at your street performance earlier. You’re a legit triple threat!
Judge J.T. Winchester: Oh, you – you really think I’m good?
Krusty: Yes, that take-no-guff, I hate your stinking guts attitude is just PERFECT for the show!
Judge J.T. Winchester: The show? Wait, are you scouting talent for “One Life to Give”?
Krusty: Bah, soap operas are over, honey. It’s all courtroom dramas nowadays! And you’re gonna get your own show, executive produced by yours truly.
Judge J.T. Winchester: *gasp* I’m gonna be a star!
Krusty: And I’m gonna be rich!
Judge J.T. Winchester: Great, you can use that money to pay your fine on the way out. Leave your number with the bailiff. My people will be in touch.
Make Krusty Pay His Fine- 4hrs
Make Judge J.T. Winchester Prep for Superstardom- 4hrs

Lady Justice Pt. 3
Judge Winchester starts

Krusty: Cut! Everybody stop. This isn’t working.
Judge J.T. Winchester: You can’t just yell cut in the middle of court proceedings.
Krusty: I wouldn’t have to if Burns didn’t look so guilty. How is the audience supposed to root for a guy that looks like he wants to murder puppies in their sleep?
Blue Haired Lawyer: Objection. Conjecture.
Burns: They’d never see it coming, on account of their deep slumber.
Krusty: Can we return to the issue at hand? Mr. Burns, maybe try not steepling your fingers and glaring menacingly for one take?
Burns: Is that better?
Krusty: Eh, no, much worse. You’ve gone from “wants to murder puppies” to “just murdered puppies”. Maybe go back to the steepling.
Blue Haired Lawyer: Objection!
Judge J.T. Winchester: Sustained.
Krusty: The sympathetic angle isn’t really working here. I think we need to make this a good-versus-evil story.
Blue Haired Lawyer: Objection!
Judge J.T. Winchester: Disregard.
Krusty: Let’s try this again. Action!
Judge J.T. Winchester: On the charge of felony embezzlement, how do you plead?
Burns: Not guilty, your honor.
Krusty: Eh, I’m not buying it. Throw the book at him!
Make Judge J.T. Winchester Try to Keep Her Cool- 4hrs
Make Krusty Persuade the Judge to Throw Actual Book- 4hrs
Krusty: There, you feel better now that you threw that book?
Judge J.T. Winchester: Much.
Krusty: I’m just glad we were rolling. That kind of drama is ratings gold!

Lady Justice Pt. 4
Judge Winchester starts

Krusty: Alright, that’s one episode in the can. Now for phase two: we cram it down America’s pie hole with some old-fashioned, gratuitous promotion.
Judge J.T. Winchester: Oooh, like talk shows and interviews? I love those!
Krusty: I was thinking something a little more grassroots. You take to the streets and throw the book at anyone who even looks like they might commit a crime.
Judge J.T. Winchester: Points for ingenuity, but that literally goes against everything I swore to uphold.
Krusty: C’mon, you’re just cutting out the middleman, saving the honest taxpayer a buck. Who would object to that?
Blue Haired Lawyer: Objection!
Krusty: Overruled!
Make Krusty Egg Judge J.T. Winchester On- 4hrs
Make Judge J.T. Winchester Throw the Book at ‘Em- 4hrs
Krusty: Now that’s what I call drama!
Judge J.T. Winchester: So many lawbreakers. I think I understand those vigilante superheroes now.
Krusty: Calm down, lady. The superhero thing is played. Stick with the tough-talking judge angle. It’s never been done before.

Lady Justice Pt. 5
Judge Winchester starts

Grampa: This trial’s taking forever. It’s almost 4pm and I haven’t had dinner.
CBG: I too am feeling a bit famished.
Luigi: Luigi could whip up some spaghetti-and-a-meatballs, food-a-make everyone a-happy.
Marge: Just throw the book at ’em, so we can go home and eat!
Judge J.T. Winchester: *bangs gavel* Order! If I don’t get silence, I’ll throw the book at all of you.
Krusty: Actually, you can’t throw the book anymore without paying royalties to my licensing corp. We copyrighted and trademarked it for the show.
Judge J.T. Winchester: I’ll do whatever I damn please in my own courtroom and throw the book at whomever I damn please.
Krusty: Okay, but that could constitute a felony with a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison and/or a $250,000 fine.
Judge J.T. Winchester: Alright, that’s it. Everyone out of the courtroom!
Krusty: But we’re already behind schedule! And it’s almost magic hour!
Make Judge J.T. Winchester Clear the Courtroom- 4hrs
Make Krusty Be Apoplectic- 4hrs
Krusty:Welp, we’re officially over budget and the studio is threatening to pull the plug.
Judge J.T. Winchester: Well, I only answer to one studio head and that is the law.
Krusty: Yeah yeah, jeez. What a diva.

Judge J.T. Winchester’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Throw the Book at Em 1hr $70, 17xp Outside/Visual
Show She’s a Triple Threat 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Go to Work 8hrs $275, 70xp Courthouses/Homes in Springfield
Practice Banging her Gavel 12hrs $420, 100xp Courthouses/Homes in Springfield
Watch Her Soaps 24hrs $600, 150xp Homes in Springfield

And that’s it my friends, the details on Judge Winchetser!

Up Next? The rest of the mini-event prize track!  I’ll break down those prizes a little later.

Thoughts on Judge Winchester? Questline?  Tasks? Event? Sound off below.

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  1. Judge J.T. Winchester – free Character, nothing special as we already have plenty of other Judges …. and she doesn’t belong in this Mini Event (she’s not from the “Sex, Pies, and Idiots” Episode, she’s from “The Road to Cincinnati” – what the fuh’hell is she doing at a Springfield Courthouse? She should’ve been saved for another Event with her Son, Sheriff Fennimore + a Conklin County Courthouse & Jail!) 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • genetically modified soybeans running about springfield to tap for rewards lol

      • I’d be happy to see Tappable NPC’s in my Springfield again with the next Event …. and I hope those with old iPads will just trade them in (congrats if you got 5 to 6 years out of a Device, please upgrade so that you can Login to TSTO). 👍🏻

        • My good old (virus free) iPad Air has served me well over the last six years. It is time for an upgrade. I get that and agree with you.
          However, I have not been able to find (yet) anything from EA that says TSTO will not work on my device. I checked yesterday on the App Store and it clearly stated “works on this iPad”. So, has anyone seen official recognition that our game no longer works on first generation tablets.
          I’m playing on my iPhone and everything seems so dam small.

          • Dan

            It’s just post here in TSTO Addicts with, “waaah my ipad isn’t downloading the Game App, waaah my ipad isn’t downloading the latest iOS, waaah etc” ….. it’s worth repeating that we’ve had discussions before in Open Thread and actually a post regarding ‘When To Upgrade Devices’ (especially 1st Gen Amazon Kindle!) …. I’m on my 3rd Android Device since I started Tapping 9 years ago (that’s about every 3 years an Upgrade), I hate to see Tappers not being able to play, but if it sounds like you need to Upgrade your Device? it’s just time ….

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