New App Store Update Available: Northward Bound

Update 2:53pm – Once you download the update and initially open your game, it will go really really slow. Guess it takes time to plant trees and prospecting areas in Springfield Heights. “I moved here from Canada, and they think I’m slow, eh!”

Greetings from Canada,

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We teased it earlier last week on our spoiler post, which you can read here if you missed it, and now it’s time to download the update!  The 2021 Northward Bound Mini-Event has arrived in our app stores!

Remember, this app store update does not start the event it’s just the download for the event.  The event will start TOMORROW November 17th at 9am ET…time zone converter here ET is Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal time zone. So please, don’t ask why the event hasn’t started in your game if it’s not November 17th at 9am ET…

Remember, you may have to hard close and reopen your app store (and do a search for Tapped Out) to see the update…


So be sure to download the update, and be prepared for Northward Bound to hit our game tomorrow (November 17th) at 9am ET!

And in the meantime, check out this post to get you in the Northward Bound mindset.

61 responses to “New App Store Update Available: Northward Bound

  1. Is the new land brought with the event staying when the event stops?

    • The new land remains in the game. But it is still unclear what happens if you don’t obtain the fifth prize. Some sources say that you will still be able to get the land while others say you won’t have access to the land until they give you the opportunity in a future event. My suggestion, try your level best to at least get all five prizes of the main prize track.

  2. Countdown to server crash…

  3. New app Store update fixes the syringe issue. They are dropping again.

  4. I’m confused by the item limit increase. I was excited to read it had increased by 1000 as I’ve been at the limit for ages but now getting a message saying I have 15237 buildings and decorations against a limit of 15000. How could I have been so far over the previous limit (I haven’t added anything else since the update)? Is it counting all those unlocked trees in the new land?? Think I’ve answered my own question but a little bit annoying as I can’t place anything now until I get rid of 238 items!

  5. Kathryn D Soukup

    There’s no update in my App Store yet!

  6. I have all those mansions in heights for the extra xp. Because stored it doesn’t give the xp. Or am i wrong ?

  7. I’m smiling that the bridge to the donut mining is directly behind my Lard Lad Donut Factory and my Retro Lard Lad diner. Glad to see so many fellow Tappers jazzed for tomorrow and the new expansion. Happy Tapping, TSTO Black Friday and blessings for all TSTO Addicts for an enjoyable weekend. For Addicts celebrating Thanksgiving, I wish you a peaceful and satiating holiday with people you love and who love you in return. I appreciate my little community here. Special thanks to Alissa on a well deserved vacation and to Safi, who keeps the wheels turning while she’s gone. We see you both. You have our admiration.

  8. Love that they are opening up Springfield Heights more. I just hope we can move the entire gorge north or south and that we can also build a proper cement bridge after the event track is over.

  9. Expanding the Springfield Heights region to its maximum size is great! But EA also needs to expand the ocean region as well, because it is just not big enough for all of the “Sea Only” decorations that have been made for TSTO (as well as those that will be made for future game updates).

  10. Post Update Downloaded Opinions

    Dear EA , I have a 6.7 Screen on my Device, not a 6.0 😂
    (lol – Load Screen fail!)

    OMG 😱 that is one huuuuuuuuuuge Land Expansion!
    (let’s see what it takes to unlock all of those Land Tiles!) 😉

    Happy Tapping Tomorrow!

  11. Hello! I have never opened Springfield Heights. I still have Homer’s “Clear the Tunnel” task in my taskbar from five or however many years ago. It’s not worth getting into why at this point but since the looming update appears to take place in Springfield Heights, do you recommend I finally get going on Springfield Heights? Seems like the best move to me. Super Safi, I did not read the spoilers but do you think I’ll get jammed up completing the new update if I’m simultaneously trying to perform the original SH tasks? Thanks for any perspective you can offer and, as always, thanks for everything you do with this site!

    • I would recommend starting to work on Heights. But no, not having Heights will not interfere with your mini-event. You can complete the mini-event now and work on the Heights land later.

      The new land actually doesn’t unlock until you finish the mini-event main questline.

      • Can you help with the Springfield heights expansion? I previously have all those unlocked, but when in this mini event can we unlock more and what do we do to start that process? Are we waiting for a prize in the track?

        • It will unlock after you obtain the fifth and final prize of the Mini-Event prize track.

          • Can you please explain the limitations on how many/who can be sent for earning the land tiles/credits to expand Springfield heights? There’s something I’m missing…because I have free people, but this morning I was only allowed to send one? Do the numbers 0/3 or 1/3, etc by the prospectors have something to do with who can go? Heeeeeeeeeelp 🙁

          • Can you please explain how the land expansion works…how many can be sent at one time, what the limitations or rules are? I have all of them free, but could only send one this morning. Help

  12. Thank You for the update Safi (hey everybody lets send smiles ☺️ to Alissa!)

    It’s after 8 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, let’s see what EA brings us Tappers! 😀👍🏻

  13. OMG! I didn’t expect this much land from EA. I figured we would get 2 strips maybe 4 of land tiles, but the whole section going to the edge of regular Springfield is just AWESOME. I guess EA figured this would be the best way to keep us long time players who keep complaining we need more land to stop complaining. Now to really learn the fine art of land conservation so I don’t use it up too fast. Going to have to really carefully design this space.

    Thanks EA. You’ve made a lot of us really happy right now.

  14. Sooooo happy EA is finally giving us more land!! 🥰 Looking forward to the new event…off to update now to be ready for tomorrow…happy tappin everyone!!! 💕

  15. I notice that the new land in the SH expansion matches up exactly with the land I have open on the “regular” Springfield side. But I still have land available to buy, above that (at last one row, but could be a bit more). If I later buy some of that land, will more corresponding land become available on the SH side? Or is it just a coincidence that the line up on both sides to begin with? Or, did I permanently screw myself out of some land on the SH side because I hadn’t opened up all of the adjacent land on the “regular” Springfield side?

  16. Good news! The glitch from the last event appears to be fixed. My event currency count went up when I collected some.

  17. Why won’t it let me update? It says update, goes through 100 percent and starts over and does the same thing again and wants me to hit update again and I go through it all again. Help please

  18. Fantastic amount of land.
    I guesstimate it’s more than twice the amount currently in SH

  19. Thanks for the info Safi! I’m excited to start this event…but I’m a little confused about the new land available. Will this land remain available to get/purchase after the event ends, or should I prepare to get as much as I can as fast as possible. Thanks for anyone’s help in clarifying this for me.

  20. Slow slow slow, and after a couple of minutes it gets better. Suggest loading on your fastest device, in my case my phone, load on slower tablet later.

  21. I cant even get in the game ot just keeps loading.

  22. So, kudos to EA for not messing with my ocd…my waterfall lines up nicely with the ravine on the pioneer side. Almost like the ravine is flowing out from under the mountains..

  23. New update added more land, and takes a few to fully load. Expect it to run sluggish until graphics are cached, 30-60 seconds.

  24. Massive problems with this update.

  25. Yes same here frame by frame

  26. Oooo the new land is already visible?

    Mine keeps crashing

    Iphone 12pro.

  27. Jamie Strickland

    Anyone else experiencing absolutely horrible game response? Mine just hangs then moves 1 frame then hangs, repeat. (iPhone 12 Pro)

    • Yes, everyone. But mines got better after the first few minutes. Guess they were just busy planting all those trees and prospecting rocks in Springfield Heights locked land.

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