Next Update in TSTO?! Mini-Event SPOILERS!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well in yet another surprising twist…EA has sent us a spoiler packet for the next MINI-EVENT in TSTO.  That…never happens.  But they’re REALLY excited about this one, and honestly after looking through the packet, I can see why!  This looks like it could be the mini-event of the year, for sure, and possibly the best mini-event since…well, ever.  We shall see.

Anyway, they literally sent us the spoiler packet about 30 minutes ago and then gave us the greenlight to share the spoilers with you guys. (of course it took me a little bit of time to write this up)  So, unfortunately, no time for a spoiler video (given that I’m at work, and Safi is traveling)…BUT I’m still able to do a spoiler post.

For those who just want a couple of basics, without getting all of the spoilers…here are those basics:

-This is a mini-event.  From what the packet says, it’ll start on November 17th at 9am ET.  (1400 UTC)  Note the 2 hour earlier start time.
-Because it’s a mini-event it’ll run for 2 weeks, and it ends December 1st.  (also at 9am ET, 1400 UTC)
-Standard mini-event.  1 prize track, 1 premium character combo (150 donuts for the combo)
-You’ll need to be at or above Level 15 for this to trigger.
-Characters needed are: Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, Grampa, Wiggum, Moe, Quimby, and new Premium character with the event.  (that’s just to earn currency.  I don’t have details on questline just yet)
-There will be a Black Friday special.  Similar to last year it’ll be a prize track where you need to purchase donuts (with real life cash) to unlock special NEW prizes.
-There will be a Gold Mystery Box, with returning items in it.  However, it looks like you can only get the tokens for it via the Black Friday Track.  This will be something we’ll have to look into once the files hit.
-At the moment, I don’t know if the other (traditional/returning content) Black Friday Mystery Boxes will be returning.
-There will be NEW LAND with this mini-event
-There will also be an item limit expansion (by 1,000) with this mini-event.  New total will be 15,000.
-And finally, there is a “twist” element to this event.  Where you’ll need to do something to complete something else.  So for those looking for something more to do then just tap…it’s coming with this mini-event.

Now, here’s your official warning….SPOILERS AHEAD!  If you don’t want to know, don’t click below…

Ok…now onto those fun SPOILERS!


The title of this mini-event is Northward Bound.  And here’s the event overview from EA:

When Springfield hears about the Northwest Passage and how much trading it’s bringing into Canada, they decide it’s time to find their own new trading route to the north.

Unequipped to navigate the harsh, northern frontier themselves, Springfield hires Connie Appleseed to guide the local residents through the wilderness. However, it quickly becomes apparent that modern day life has left these would-be settlers without the rugged nature required to survive such an expedition. After a gruelling trek, the group finally reaches the entrance to the frontier, with one small problem: there’s a canyon in the way and the bridge is broken. Connie believes the bridge can be fixed if everyone works together, but the “solution” presented by Homer doesn’t pan out. It’s now up to Connie Appleseed to figure out a way to repair the bridge so the adventurers can reach the new frontier.

Splash Screen

And, something new with this mini-event, EA has done a dedicated new Splash Screen (and it’s not just adding Turkeys), here’s a look at the Splash Screen:

Guys, this Splash Screen is freaking AWESOME!  This may be one of my top 3-5 favorite Splash Screens of all time.  I LOVE that the Northern Lights are on here, it just looks so incredible!

Prize Track

Ok so here’s the prize track (at the moment I do not have the currency requirements for these).  And remember, it’s a mini-event, so it’s just 1 prize track (5 prizes) for the entire two weeks…

Connie Appleseed (Full Character)

 Pone, Pelts, and Beyond (Building)

 Frontier Wagon (Decoration)

 Frontier Camp (Decoration)

 Frontier Town (Building)


As mentioned above the fold, as per usual, there’s one new premium combo with this mini-event.

Cookie and Lazy I Ranch (Character and Building) Which will run 150 Donuts

Land Expansion

Now onto the Land Expansion.  Here’s where the twist I mentioned above the fold comes into play.  So I don’t mess any of this up, and because I haven’t actually seen or played it first hand, here’s the direct info from EA on the new land….

After the event prize track is completed, players will have access to a new land expansion, accessible through Springfield Heights. In order to unlock this land, players will need to unlock the available land from Springfield Heights that leads to the bridge, and complete a quest to repair the bridge across the canyon. Once repaired, the player has access to the new land area and the first land tile on the other side of the bridge is unlocked by default.

On the other side of the bridge is a “Prospector’s Shack” already placed in the land. This building serves as the hub from which the player can send characters on prospecting jobs that unlock new land tiles in this new area. Tapping on this building shows the list of characters who can do these prospecting jobs, and the player can start the jobs from there. These jobs require Prospector Maps which are generated automatically over time by this building, and award Land Deeds to unlock the new land tiles.

As part of the event storyline, rumor has it that there are donuts in them thar hills, and everyone is headed to the northeast for the donut rush.

Every new land tile unlocked in the northeast will have a special donut vein decoration randomly placed in it, like a vein of ore, except full of donuts. When the player taps on the donut vein, they mine it and receive a small random amount of donuts, and then the vein becomes normal rocks.

To speed up the rate of acquiring the needed Prospector Maps, the player can acquire the Jackpot Realty building which generates Prospector Maps with its normal income job. Jackpot Realty is the final prize on the Black Friday prize track.

Land tiles in the new land expansion cannot be unlocked with the Free Land Tokens already existing in the game, and can only be unlocked using Land Deeds from the Prospector’s Shack.

So, from what it sounds like…those who do NOT have more land tiles (or the Golden Goose) can unlock this new land simply by earning prospector maps and “mining” the new land.

Also, and I’ll cover this in a second, there will be an item you can purchase for cash via the Black Friday Prize Track that will help you earn the land even faster.  Just depends on how quickly you need/want the new land.

Aside from that…I have no idea how this will actually play out because it hasn’t hit yet.  I can’t talk about how it’ll work until I’ve had a chance to play it.

Item Limit Increase

As mentioned above, yes the Item Limits will be increased by 1,000 items with this event.  Pushing us to 15,000 as of now.

Black Friday

Just like last year, there will be a Black Friday prize track that you can access if you purchase donuts from the store (with real life cash).  Whine, complain, groan, I get it.  But…this has been in play for a while now, especially with the development of donut farming.  Remember, EA still has to make money to keep this game going.  They don’t make money if you donut farm.  This is how they make money.

A total of 900 donuts will need to be purchase to complete the prize track.  (The Store Full of Donuts for $49.99 USD)  You can purchase less donuts to unlock some of the prizes, but if you want all 8 items on the prize track you’ll need to purchase the 900 donuts.

Here’s the breakdown of the Black Friday Prize Track Items (8 total prizes):

-5 Gold Tokens

Big & Tall Men’s Shop (Building)

-7 Gold Tokens 

 Ian & Ian’s Car (Character and Decoration)

-10 Gold Tokens

 Steamed Hams (Building)

-15 Gold Tokens

 Jackpot Realty (Building, which will help you unlock new land tiles FASTER.  NOT required to unlock new land tiles)

Gold Mystery Box

Here’s what will be instead of the Gold Mystery Box…

Last year’s Items PLUS new additions from this year… Sorry I don’t have a post to link to from Last Year’s Gold Box…

  • Movementarian Compound & The Leader (Building & Character)
  • Baby Jesus’ House & Baby Jesus (Building & Character)
  • Herod’s Citadel & King Herod (Building & Character)
  • Jewish Walk of Fame & Yahweh (Building & Character)
  • Captain Mordecai’s Boat & Captain Mordecai (Building & Character)
  • Knockers & Titania (Building & Character)
  • Greaser’s Café & Wolfguy Jack (Building & Character)
  • Sparkle Factory & Future Lovebot (Building & Character)
  • Thai Food Factory & Brenda (Building & Character)
  • Springfield Barbecue Festival & Tyler Boom (Building & Character)
  • Tower of Science & Advisor Frink (Building & Character)
  • Gautama Palace & King Gautama (Building & Character)
  • Ancient Multiplayer Game & Prince Gautama (Building & Character)
  • Jogyesa Temple & The Dalai Lama (Building & Character)
  • Tipsy McStagger’s & Harv Bannister (Building & Character)
  • Gimbel’s Department Store & Noir Lisa (Building & Character)
  • Fantasy Mountain Castle & Evil Godmother Burns (Building & Character)
  • Anime District & Anime Homer (Building & Character)
  • Alien Utopia & Transdimensional Aliens (Building & Character)
  • Cookie Castle & Princess Jules (Building & Character)
  • Screaming Monkey Medical Research Center, Mrs. Frink & Octoparrot (Building, Character, & Pet)
  • Robot Rumble Arena & Robot Rumble Announcers (Building & Character)
  • Heaven & Andre (Decoration & Character)
  • Golden Goose Realty (Building)

So if you’re looking for the Golden Goose Realty Building, here’s your chance to get it!

And that’s it guys, all of the spoiler details for the upcoming Northward Bound mini-event!

Look for this event to hit our games on November 17th at 9am ET (1400 UTC)….

Oh and on another note, I mention this on Addicts Live that will air on Saturday but it’s worth repeating here.  Starting next week, I’m taking a couple of weeks off, rare for me I know.  I’ll be back after Thanksgiving, and in time for any potential Christmas spoilers etc.  I’ll try my best to support Safi on a lot of this stuff, but don’t expect the usual rundowns on everything with this mini-event.  As much as we can get posted will get posted, but if some stuff you’re used to gets left off I apologize in advance.  After 8+ years, I think I’ve worked enough on this site to afford to take a couple of weeks off.  I’ll be back at it, full steam ahead, for Christmas!

Thoughts on the Northward Bound mini-event? Content?  What are you most excited to see? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

80 responses to “Next Update in TSTO?! Mini-Event SPOILERS!

  1. I had 43 tokens left at the end of the special event, and missed the opportunity to spend them, thinking they would roll over. Have I lost them? Considering I spent cash money to earn those tokens, q am extremely miffed!

    • They will not/do not roll over. They never have. Tokens are specific to events (even if they look the same as something else). At this point all you can do is convert them to Donuts. You should find the exchange optionin your store.

  2. Can someone please answer my question. When you finish the questline but don’t have the springfield heights land by the bridge. Can you get the land even after the whole event ends on december 1st. (for example can I get it on december 20th)

  3. It took about 7000 donuts to clear all the new tiles

  4. I was hoping to get the GGR (golden goose reality) but when I scrolled thru what’s in the Golden Box I noticed it wasn’t there. Anyone else notice this? I’m afraid to spend tokens if not worth it 🙁

  5. Where’s the golden mystery box?? I purchased 900 donuts. I have 62 golden tickets but nothing to do with them.

  6. Here’s a valid question:

    For those that have GGR and have maxed out, getting cash instead of tiles, will it go back to tiles once new land is available? (I get that this expansion is Springfield Heights, but the question applies for this and potential future updates.)..

    Thanks in advance. Been wanting to ask for awhile..

    • It’s not 100% clear, but right now looks like you would continue to receive in-game cash from GGR and use another means of collecting prospecting tiles. However, we’ll have a more definitive response once the event hits.

  7. …. Excellent ….


    Just occurred to me that SH currency is now redundant, just like normal currency, I think they should be removed from the daily challenge

  9. I came across a video of this upcoming even on YouTube…
    Just appeared in my options.
    Whole lot of stuff, a WHOLE LOT OF STUFF
    No,spoilers, just a whole lot of stuff, especially for a mini event.

    Didn’t study it, but if I can start earning MORE LAND.

  10. Slowly but surely the EA progammers are waking from their long hibernation & drip feeding us elements of the game we have missed for so long. Could interaction with neighbours come with the Christmas update ?
    Looking forward to this mini event which Alissa is so excited about.
    Have a nice break Mum.

  11. Hoping to get Notre Dame of Springfield w/Groundskeeper Seamus or Donut factory but I think I’ll probably get the Polo field house or the donut boat or Battle dome or radiant BS station when I open the gold mystery box come next Wednesday.

  12. This actually looks like a great update! I’ve been playing since the game came out and I made a decision to quit and delete my game after the holidays if the current, monotonous pace didn’t change. I was super disappointed in the THOH this year and after years of mostly boring gameplay, I had kinda resigned myself to the fact that I’ll be ending my game (that has been around longer than my marriage!). But, the new concepts for this mini event give me a teeny hope that maybe they’ll return to putting some effort and energy into the game. Fingers crossed, at least. As always, thanks so much for the info!

  13. Very happy to hear that EA is giving the game its deserved attention again! Tsto is and always will be the best!

  14. My wildest town I created a while ago, I think I might move it one the new event hits if I can get enough space.

  15. Is it strange that the thing I’m most excited by in this update is Ian AKA “Very Tall Man”? I love his appearance in 22 Short Films about Springfield! More importantly, I thought Hugh Jass was him when I got that character earlier this year. (They both have glasses and yellow skin!) When I realized Hugh was another guy, I was slightly disappointed.

    But now! Very Tall Man is coming soon to my Springfield! I just hope he has an interaction with Nelson. Fingers crossed.

  16. Since it looks to be sort of westernie, I hope, really hope they release the boardwalk road. Just can’t make a decent western town without it.

  17. I will be glad to have SH land open, just hope 2 weeks enent long enough to make a dent 😁😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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