Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Howdy Hey Turkey Tappers!

It’s finally Turkey Day here in the US!  And you know what that means…Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Apple and Pumpkin pie, football, stretchy pants, and insane sales at the mall!

You may notice things a little quiet around here today (you can always check out the details of the Northward Bound Event here, as we take the day to celebrate the holiday with our families.  Although…..Super Safi will likely be around, as Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving last month.  So like a lot of you, Safi will be working today too!

However, we couldn’t let a day dedicated to being thankful go by without a special THANK YOU to YOU…our AMAZING readers!  We are so thankful for each and every one of you that take the time to read our posts and comment.  So from Wookiee, Safi and myself…THANK YOU!!  You guys rock and we couldn’t do this without you!

And I (Alissa) am extremely grateful for Safi for covering this event so well and allowing me to take my first true break from the site in 8 years. Sure I’ve taken vacations before but I’ve always has posts in “the hopper” for my time away, this time I left Safi with nothing…because the event hadn’t hit when I left…and he really stepped up! I’ll be back in a few more days…so try not to miss me too much! 😉

Here at Addicts, we’ve all been blessed in so many ways and we hope you have too! Although it’s been a crazy couple of years all around the world, I encourage you to take a moment to remember you are not alone and, despite what the world may be telling you, you have a lot to be thankful for…even if it doesn’t always seem that way. 

Happy Thanksgiving Tappers (whether you celebrate or not, we all celebrate through TSTO)!

8 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving. ^^

  2. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. And enjoy the rest of your vacation. I appreciate all you do!!!

  3. Gobble Gobble Gobble 🦃
    Happy Thanksgiving Day
    Enjoy a paid day off
    Get out there and volunteer
    Watch those 🏈 Games
    Check out that Macy’s Parade
    Appreciate what you have for real
    (and in your TSTO)
    Thanks Everybody 😊

  4. happy thanksgiving everyone!!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, am very thankful that I have my family around me after a few dark years, have a great time usa

  6. I’m thankful for Ian’s car. Finally a car that rides around on the streets of Springfield… Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Tappers! Have an AMAZING day, and Remember, you don’t make friends with salad!

  8. I am Thankful for Alissa and this wonderful community. Handling the reins these few days makes me appreciate even more how much Alissa does. And the community we’ve all built has done such an incredible job of sharing my load and helping to answer each others questions.

    To all Addicts south of the border, wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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