Holiday Whodunnit (Christmas 2021) Prize Guide: Act 3, Prize 1 (Elf Moe)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Time for another fun and exciting prize post, as we continue the 2021 Christmas in TSTO prize track!

Act 3 of the Holiday Whodunnit event consists of 1 new buildings, 3 new decorations (including a sleigh + animated task), 1 costume…plus a bonus Mystery Box token.

We’ll cover the decorations/buildings in another post later, but now it’s time to look at the costume on the prize track and the details for Elf Moe…

Elf Moe is a brand new festive Costume/Skin for Moe and part of the Holiday Whodunnit Character Collection:

How You Unlock it:
Ho-ho-d’oh Pt. 1
Answer Christmas Trivia- x1
Make Marge Have a Sip of Eggnog – 4hrs
Make Lisa Have a Non-alcoholic Nog – 4hrs
Make Moe Dilute the Eggnog With Water – 4hrs
Collect Ornaments- x150. 4hrs

Once achieved you’ll unlock the costume…

Other Info:
Voiced: Yes
WDTCF: “I Won’t Be Home for Christmas” S26, E09

Elf Moe does come with a full questline, here’s a look at that questline:

Ears to You, Moe Pt. 1
Elf Moe starts

Elf Moe: Hey guys, come on in!
Homer: Why are you so jolly, and what’s with the pointy ears? Are you cosplaying as the guy from that space TV show who’s always doing sign language and giving neck massages?
Elf Moe: Nah, that was last year. This year the mayor paid some of us twenty bucks to dress up like elves for the lighting of the town Christmas tree. But now I’m so full of the holiday spirit, the first round is on me!
Homer: Woo-hoo! I’ll take one round of beers please!
Elf Moe: Comin’ right up, Homer.
Lenny: Uh, Homer. Doesn’t this strike you as a little suspicious?
Homer: What? So Moe is feeling the spirit of the season. He’s making up for forty years of unjolly spirit!
Elf Moe: In fact, I love you guys so much, the second round is on me too!
Homer: Yeah, he’s definitely trying to poison us.
Carl: But on the other hand…free beer. If only we could be sure. Like some way we could test if the beer was poisoned.
Barney: Hey, fellas! What’s up?
Make Elf Moe Give Out Free Beer- 4hrs
Make Homer Test Beer on Barney- 4hrs
Make Barney Drink Suspect Beer- 4hrs
Make Lenny Watch to See if Beer Poisons Barney- 4hrs
Make Carl Watch to See if Beer Poisons Barney- 4hrs
Elf Moe: Why are you guys staring at Barney like that?
Carl: Uh, no reason.
Barney: This beer is great! And it’s free, which makes it even greater! Say, why aren’t you guys drinking?
Homer: We will. Just, uh…take one more sip. Slowly.

Ears to You, Moe Pt. 2
Elf Moe starts

Elf Moe: Sorry, guys, gotta close up early tonight.
Homer: What? Why?! I was having the best time not paying for all those free drinks!
Elf Moe: Because it’s eggnog serving time! Ladling it out on the sidewalk out front.
Homer: If people want eggnog, they can just go buy some at the Kwik-E-Mart.
Elf Moe: What?! But they use the Squishee machine and they don’t clean it out first. That’s eggnog blasphemy! If I don’t serve up some proper eggnog right now, that doesn’t have frozen fruit bits in it, the spirit of the season could be ruined!
Carl: Moe is really acting weird.
Lenny: Yeah, I’ve never seen him like this. Are we even sure that’s really Moe and not some elf imposter?
Elf Moe: Wait, are you guys working for that Easter Bunny jerk? Because if ya are, I swear to Frosty I’ll cut ya!
Homer: No, that’s definitely Moe.
Make Elf Moe Serve Eggnog – 4hrs

Ears to You, Moe Pt. 3
Elf Moe starts

Skinner: Attention, children. We have a special holiday treat for you today.
Elf Moe: That’s right, kids! Santa’s greatest helper is going to hand out seasonal treats to all the good little boys and girls.
Bart: Oh? Where is he?
Milhouse: And why are you dressed up like the guy from that space TV show?
Elf Moe: Why you little brats! Uh, I mean, I ain’t a space guy, I’m an elf, and I’m Santa’s greatest helper! Uncle Moe has elf treats for you.
Ralph: Is this stranger danger?
Bart: What kind of treats are we talking?
Elf Moe: All the holiday classics: pickled eggs, pickled candy canes, pickled pickles…
Bart: I’m pretty sure the treats aren’t the only thing pickled here.
Skinner: Moe, maybe you should just leave the treats here and head back to, uh…The North Pole.
Elf Moe: Good idea. It’s time for Uncle Moe to go on a sleigh ride!
Make Elf Moe Go for a “Sleigh Ride” – 4hrs

Ears to You, Moe Pt. 4
Elf Moe starts

Homer: Doctor Hibbert, you gotta help us. There’s something really wrong with Moe.
Elf Moe: Jingle bells, Homer smells, Barney laid some eggnog! And if any of youse tries to get away, I’ll gut ya!
Dr Hibbert: Oh my!
Homer: See?
Dr Hibbert: I do. And not to worry, I’ve seen this before. It was when my medical school roommate was cosplaying down in Tijuana and had his pointy ears on too tight, cutting off the flow of blood to his brain.
Homer: And that caused him to act really weird, like Moe?
Dr Hibbert: Oh, no. This case is much worse. He’s clearly lost it.
Make Elf Moe Get His Ears Loosened – 4hrs
Make Dr. Hibbert Loosen Elf Moe’s Ears – 4hrs
Elf Moe: Thanks, Doc. I feel like my old self again.
Homer: But still giving out free beer in the holiday spirit, right?
Elf Moe: There ain’t no season that could get me to give away nothin’.
Homer: Aww…

Elf Moe’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Adjust the Ears 1hr $70, 17xp Moe’s
Serve Eggnog 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Go for a Sleigh Ride 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside/Visual
Befriend Other Elves 12hrs $420, 100xp Elf Hotel/North Pole Elf Cabin/Elf Portal/Elf Home/Homes in Springfield
Resist the Urge to Make Presents 24hrs $600, 150xp Happy Little Elves Farm/Elf Home/Elf Hotel/Elf Portal/Homes in Springfield

And that’s it my friends, the details on Elf Moe!

Up next? The rest of the Act 3 prize track!

Thoughts on act 3 so far? Elf Moe? Questline? Tasks?  How are you doing with the prize track? Still, working on it? Sound off below!

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  1. “Elf! I’m an Elf! Blah blah!” 😂
    Elf Moe is hilarious (I thanked EA on Facebook!)

  2. Moe’s go for a sleigh ride task is hilarious lol

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