Turbo Tappin’ Hot Diggity D’oh!: Main Questline and Prizes

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Diggity Dog!  Fire up those grills, it’s hot dog time in Springfield!

Let’s dive into the Turbo Tappin’ Version for the Hot Diggity Dog mini-event questline, and see just how to unlock all of the exciting prizes…

The Unbearable Darkness of Being Pt. 1
Auto starts

Make Homer Watch “The Great British Boiling Show”- 6s
Make Marge Search for a Flashlight- 6s

The Unbearable Darkness of Being Pt. 2
Auto starts

Make Homer Head to the Squidport- 6s
Make Bart Head to the Squidport- 6s
Make Marge Light More Candles- 6s
Make Lisa Enjoy Quiet Reading By Candlelight- 6s

Release the Grease Pt. 1
Auto starts

Make Homer Rage Over Grease Prices- 4hrs
Make Bart Think Through the Business Plan- 4hrs
Make Marge Go Through the Credit Card Statement- 4hrs
Collect Grease- x125. 4hrs.  Earns 5 Freemium and 8  for New Premium.  Can send:
Deuce (New Premium)

Completed task earns the Hot Dog Cart…

NOTE: A couple of players noted there’s a glitch with the timer resetting when you leave your game on Part 2.  I haven’t verified it myself yet, but just be aware that may happen.

Release the Grease Pt. 2
Auto starts

Make Homer Pray to Sky Finger 4hrs
Make Skyfinger Collect Grease From Restaurants- x25 It looks like, for some people,  this is where the issue happens.  Personally i don’t think I’m impacted. The Restaurants timers (all updated in Springfield for this (once you Collect cash from them)  to 1hr timers that pay out 1 grease each.
Make Bart Question the Existence of Sky Finger- 4hrs
Make Lovejoy Declare Sky Finger Blasphemous- 4hrs
Collect Grease- x175. 4hrs.  Earns 5 Freemium and 8  for New Premium.  Can send:
Deuce (New Premium)

Completed task earns Der Homerschnitzel…

Restaurants in Springfield should now pay out Grease (at a rate of 1/hr) for the remainder of the event questline.  (As of this morning this isn’t accurate)

Release the Grease Pt. 3
Auto starts

Make Homer Go to Marriage Counseling- 4hrs
Make Marge Go to Marriage Counseling- 4hrs
Make Bart Keep the Business Going- 4hrs
Make Lisa Ask if There Are Any Vegan Options- 4hrs
Make Squeaky Voice Teen Take Over the Register- 4hrs
Collect Grease- x150. 4hrs.  Earns 5 Freemium and 8  for New Premium.  Can send:
Deuce (New Premium)

Completed task earns Dr. Hot Dog…

Release the Grease Pt. 4
Auto starts

Make Grampa Explain the Scheme- 4hrs
Make Homer Listen Intently- 4hrs
Make Bart Go Along Out of Morbid Curiosity- 4hrs
Make Marge Schedule the Next Counseling Session- 4hrs
Collect Grease- x125. 4hrs.  Earns 5 Freemium and 8  for New Premium.  Can send:
Deuce (New Premium)

Completed task earns the Acne Grease Truck…

Release the Grease Pt. 5
Auto starts

Make Homer Pull Off the Heist of the Century- 4hrs
Make Deuce Pull off the Heist of the Century- 4hrs
Make Bart Pull Off the Heist of the Century- 4hrs
Make Marge Get Stood Up at Marriage Counseling- 4hrs
Collect Grease- x175. 4hrs.  Earns 5 Freemium and 8  for New Premium.  Can send:
Deuce (New Premium)

Completed task earns the Meatball Factory…

Off to Mexico
Auto starts

Make Homer Try to Sell the Grease- 4hrs
Make Grampa Move to the Caribbean- 4hrs
Make Bart Short the Grease Stock- 4hrs
Make Deuce Hide the Heist Evidence- 4hrs

Thoughts on the questline?  Prizes?  Which one are you most looking forward to unlocking?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

49 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Hot Diggity D’oh!: Main Questline and Prizes

  1. What worked for me is not quiting the game but just switching to another app or just the home screen of the tablet. That kept the timer running and finished that God awful part of the quest…

  2. I can’t believe EA hasn’t fixed the problem ! I am stuck with collecting grease. I left my game on but suddenly stupid BART shows up and all my grease timer reset to square one!

  3. My timers keep resetting and I can’t collect any grease from restaurants.

  4. Has EA responded at all to the whole sky finger collect grease issue? I’m on day 2 and still no joy.

    • Supposedly they’re working on it

      • I noticed the sky finger monument was activated but no money was collected. I spent the 79 donuts to refresh AND still no collecting of in game cash. I have managed to collect 3 grease buckets as sky finger…

        • As others have commented, set a timer to return to your game in 57 minutes. Then go around your Springfield and click on all the restaurants that have a grease bucket over them when the 60 minutes of elapse. If you don’t come back within 60 minutes, the timer will just reset to one hour without earning any grease buckets.

          • Thank you Safi. I set device lock out to never and kept checking on my TSTO game while watching Star Trek and collected the grease. Afterwards I noticed a quick TSTO update, too.

            Love this game!!! The artwork and character comments remain fresh!

  5. Own up, who keeps knicking my grease buckets?

  6. i have the glitch. it is not collecting the grease when i leave the game. oh well donut time i guess.

  7. David Larangeira

    I heard it got fixed but it’s still not working for me. I’m in the process of waiting with my screen open for 1 hour. Only 40 mins to go smh

  8. Ok, so I’m really pissed off with this time reset situation. I’m not willing to spend any donuts to speed up things and I certainly not willing to keep my game open for 1 hour in order to collect grease. EA devs did a shitty job here! They seem to not care about at all, since they didn’t do anything yet to fix this and this is purely unacceptable since it’s something they should have tested out before releasing the update. How they expect us to pay real money for characters in every event when they don’t really care about things like this?

  9. For me, no need to let the game open for one hour. I set a timer for 58 minutes, open the game and 2 minutes later, I had all the buckets.

  10. Well that’s bonkers. I’d seen a comment someone sorted the timers with a re-install. I’d managed to get Part 2 done and enough grease for Part 3 so figured I’d give it a go and promptly regretted it. All my B town restaurants reverted to the usual IGC timers rather than the wonky hour for grease.
    This is where it gets weird – I just tapped through to collect the Part 3 tasks and went to start Part 4 and it says I already have all the grease I need for that now too – not complaining but major confuddled !!

    • Re-installing the game? Really? That’s simply not acceptable! The devs messed up here and no, I’m not going to do such thing! They should have tested it before releasing the update! Fundamentals of Software Developing! Always test something before releasing it! They are just being lazy! I’m so pissed off right now!!!

  11. I spent 2 donuts to collect grease bucket from one restaurant to start the process initially. Once I did that, I waited the 1 hour and the rest of the restaurants finally had the rest. My husband and my in laws have same grease bucket issue.. we waited overnight and still no buckets It needs something to trigger the buckets.

    • I did this after reading your comment and it worked for me! I went in after 20 minutes and all the timers reset but then I waited the hour and then all the other buckets appeared.

  12. mr.rooney.to.you

    I noticed I can collect grease from neighbour’s towns but it doesn’t count on the total,

  13. After starting the second part, I noticed the only restaurant that is doing what it’s supposed to do is the Timber Log Diner. Maybe there’s only one place for other players that has a working one hour countdown for them too?

  14. The deal with the grease pail collection starting with prize 2
    if you have menus showing on buildings you need to collect those menus and they will start the 1hr count down that will produce Grease Pails that you need to collect. Just tap on the task icon and it will take you directly to buildings that have grease pails and then you can collect them

    Yesterday the glitch was that every time you closed the game out the timers on those buildings reset. back to 1 hr.
    This was fixed last night as some point and the times did their normal count down and produced the Grease Pails needed.
    So depending on how many buildings you have that produce grease pails will tell you how fast you can complete that task

    FYI.. this doesn’t repeat as a task for the remaining prizes.

  15. Screw it. I used doughnuts to collect the grease from restaurants. It wasn’t worth the hassle to me to wait for a fix, etc, and I’ve got thousands upon thousands of doughnuts to use.

    • Would you people address the problem with the grease collection?

      • What do you mean by “you people”? We don’t have the ability to fix the game. And I’ve written about the issue…and so many people have solutions in the comments.

      • People like Gary need respect and patience.
        It’s sad the way people treat one another nowadays, using the pandemic as an excuse for individual entitlement – D’Oh…

  16. Luckily on the Nth attempt of keeping the game open, I was able to get the quota of 25 grease pails, and several more to add to the other task!

    Funny thing I noticed, HAMBURGER HEAVEN does not produce grease… but NIGEL’s Condo, MOHO HOUSE, does!?
    Waht?! 😦

  17. I just left my phone on with the game running and prayed for a Bart-free hour. Job done, scrolled round and collected 93 buckets.
    Good news, from what I’ve seen it’s only a requirement in part 2. Even though buildings are supposed to pay towards the other prizes it’s not the end of the world if you can only rely on collecting the character tasks to earn. Just do whatever it takes to get that first 25 if you can’t wait for it to be patched. – I posted about it on the forum last night and John Colombo over there brought it to EA’s attention and they are looking into it.

  18. Can’t get past Act 2 because the grease timer keeps resetting. Currently holding me up because I can’t spare the donuts to skip the task.

    Just sharing to say I’m one of the ones experiencing the glitch.

    Also, a lot of tapping in this event. Only 6 base characters for items that require up to x175 🪣.

    But looking forward to the prize track..

  19. mr.rooney.to.you

    Just got to part 2 but for me the timer resets and my game wouldn’t stay connected for an hour, is there anyone with a work round

  20. 😂 Leave it to EA! Congratulations on 10 years of creating your own problems in TSTO gameplay updates! Glitches, glitches, and more glitches to piss off players. You’re consistent. I have to hand it to you. 🤪

  21. Yup. The timer for collecting grease resets every time you leave the game. The only way to make it work is to keep the game open for a solid hour. What a joke.

    • I haven’t gotten to part 2 yet so I haven’t experienced this glitch yet but there is a thread over at the forum that says they are looking into it so hopefully it will be patched soon

  22. It appears you need to clear the cash from the restaurant to start the clock on the grease.

  23. ♥️ my Hot Dog Cart (yes I still enjoy placing small vendor carts along my Squidport Pier) 😊

    1/2 way to obtaining Der Homerschnitzel ( lol 😆 I can’t believe this Building is in the Game App but I ♥️ it – then again I was convinced ‘hot diggity d’oh’ meant ⚾ Season!) … and I will take note of the “Make Skyfinger Collect Grease From Restaurants” glitch aka don’t Tap the Skyfinger Statue (well, we all know where to go complain at EA whenever there is a glitch, right?!) Is there a reason TSTO keeps offering up Treehouse of Horror Content even when it’s not Halloween time? 😊

    Dr. Hot Dog (aka Dr. Brentano – child psychologist and marriage counselor) is Voiced by Hank Azaria (so hopefully we get to hear him exclaim, “you’re an idiot!” when Tapped) ♥️ it and I can’t wait to obtain this Character! 😊

    2/3 of the way thru is when I start to think 🤔 if the New Content is worth the grind –

    Acme Grease Truck – we got enough vehicles in TSTO and a majority of them don’t do anything, so unless there’s a permanent Character Task on par with Homer Simpson dancing naked in the spilled Duff 🍺 coming out of the overturned Duff 🍺 Truck? I’m not interested! 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Meatball Factory – meh it’s another Building shaped like the same Factory (any permanent Character Tasks? Do I want to make room for another Factory in my Springfield?) 🤷🏼‍♂️

    I’m 😆 at the Character Dialogue (lol – the Writers rarely let me down!). I’m going to enjoy the New Content I care about – but I’m not going to waste time with anything that doesn’t interest me (nor waste 🍩’s for it!) Almost a decade into this Game App and I’ve learned to “just enjoy what’s fun / ignore what’s dumb!” 👍🏻

  24. The Sky Finger task does not work for me on part 2. It collects from restaurants but does not register with the counter. I’ve tapped several and still show 0 of the required 25.

  25. Skyfinger statue won’t clear my Springfield when I tapped it. Timer restarted, buy nothing else. 😒

    • Are you on part 2?

      • yup.

        I’m also getting the “make grease” reset as well.

        • Sky Finger should go back to normal on part 3 (it just worked fine for me this morning). For part two you have to use your fingers…

          • It only works for me if I leave the game open for an hour. If you close the game and go back in, the timer resets.

            • No joke it worked for me last night. I ran the timer, closed my game. Went back in 20m later it was still counting down. 20m after that still counting down. Then i sped ahead with donuts to see if there was something else after part 2 causing a problem so maybe it’s in those last 20 minutes the problem occurs?

            • I’ve tried keeping it open, twice. When I got to 20 minutes left, tho, … Stupid Bart screen!

              • This bug drove me crazy, because it kept resetting to one hour. I ended up just leaving the game open for an hour until I could finally collect. Otherwise, closing the game or even going to friends’ towns and coming back reset the timer to an hour again. (I was starting to worry that I was going to lose my signal or the battery would die, and I’d be back to square one again!)

          • Sky Finger suddenly cleared when I opened the game a few hours later. Like it was on some delay.

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