Hot Diggity D’oh GLITCH ALERT: Let’s Talk About Restaurant Grease

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So in case you’ve been living under a rock…there is a GLITCH IN TSTO RIGHT NOW WITH PART 2 OF THE HOT DIGGITY D’OH PRIZE TRACK QUESTLINE. 

Did I say that loud and bold enough?  😜

I did talk about this in the Turbo Tappin’ post…but it appears a lot of you either missed it or let’s face it you don’t actually read the words I write on some of these posts.

So, yes.  You are not losing your mind, there is a glitch with the timers for part 2 of the Release the Grease, main prize track, questline…

The Issue:

For part 2 of Release the Grease, the timers reset on the restaurants when you close the game, or visit a neighbor, and you’re unable to collect the grease from the restaurants.

(note: you need to actually use your finger to collect, using Skyfinger won’t work…from what i’ve observed).

Not everyone is impacted by this, I personally did not experience this yesterday.  (ie when i tried to duplicate it I couldn’t.  My timers ran down as normal… 🤷‍♀️

You do have to clear any restaurants in Springfield of their cash before you can collect grease…(so if you see a check book floating over them, clear it to collect the cash/xp and then the timer will reset to 1hr for a 1 bucket of grease payout.)

So what can this site do about it?
Nothing.  We’re not EA.  We do not have the ability to fix this and we think the fact that it’s happening sucks just as much as you guys do.  All we can do is offer up work arounds, and that’s it.  Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can really do until EA releases a patch for (which they’re supposedly working on).

What Can YOU Do About It?
Here’s a couple of work arounds…

-Use donuts.  This is the fastest, and most obvious answer.  It’ll cost you 50 donuts to clear 25 buildings (or the same building 25 times) and collect the grease.  Might be worth it to some players who’s time is limited in the game.

-Keep your game open for an hour.  This would require you to babysit your game for a full hour waiting for those timer’s to reset, and not allowing your screen (or the game) to shut off.  Not a bat option if you have an hour of time to kill and don’t want to spend 50 donuts.

-Wait for EA to release a patch.

So that’s about it on this one guys.  Does it suck? YES.  Do I wish I could fix it? YES.  Unfortunately, we’re at the mercy of EA’s tech team…so unless you want to spend 50 donuts, you’ll have to rely on a little patience.  Patience for them to fix it, or patience to keep your game open for an hour.

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    I bought the doughnuts to support EA, and I liked the hot dog guy that comes with it. Transaction completed. He’s not here. He’s not in my inventory. Ideas?

  2. Treat Francisco San..the roni a rice.

  3. It does appear the fix implemented (in my iOS game) is that the characters create the grease for Skyfinger while doing the “Collect Grease” jobs. Five buckets created for both. No collecting grease from the restaurants at all.

  4. This morning at 630 I lost the ability to login to my A game. Just kept receiving an error in processing your login. No codes. Went on an ea forum where saw a few others with same issues. Theirs seems to be fixed, but I still can’t login and I’ve also now lost my b game at level 170 and 300 donuts. All content from last 2 years gone…it’s started me over at the beginning…I’m so mad, and upset over all this. I’ve tried every possible thing I can think of, turn off Wi-Fi, iPad etc. nothing helps. Hope others don’t run into this issue

    • It’s not completely lost if you had an account it can be recovered. Contact EA directly and try to get it restored

    • If you had accounts for both your games and can access another device like play on your phone or lend one from someone –
      Try and sign in on the alternate device. When you enter the code and it warns you Your Other Device . . don’t tap anything.
      Open the game on your iPad and try and sign in there, tap to continue / play now on the Other Device warnings and then go back to the alternate device and shut down the game by heading to Recent Apps and swiping it off the screen there.
      Make sure if you do get into your game and tap that you then pop to the Friends Towns bit to get it to save your game to the servers.
      Once again I’ll wish you good luck

  5. Jackie Galloway

    I don’t have any timers showing and I’m on part 2, the buildings arent giving me the option of speeding up with donuts either

    • You have to clear the buildings of any income (ie the floating check books over)

      • Jackie Galloway

        I’ve done that, still nothing 😬 I’ve looked for updates too.

        • If you’re on Part 2 and you see that it says send Skyfinger to collect Grease and its 0/25 then you’re likely doing something wrong. Perhaps looking at the wrong buildings thinking they’re restaurants.

          If you’re not on Part 2, or the Grease days 25/25 then that’s why it’s not appearing

          • My b-game didn’t show any Grease at the restaurants after the fix, but once the main crew finshed their grease producing tasks for the first time in Part 2 and I tapped on them, both the main count and the skyfinger count went up…

            Worrying for a while, but it does seem to have sorted now!

          • I’m stuck here, too. I don’t have any grease timers. My grease says 20/25-it got there after I did a sky finger monument clear of the game, but I’ve never seen grease timers (what do they look like?), I’m in the middle of part 2.

    • I can’t either, there isn’t the donut box to speed anything up

  6. How do we spend donuts to buy grease? I don’t see anywhere to do that.

  7. I used the method of leaving the game running and babysitting it for an hour. This was a challenge because I got the dreaded Bart screen, which ALSO reset the damn timers. But I finally got a solid uninterrupted hour and was able to collect the grease from restaurants.

  8. The glitches are fixed in my game.

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