App Store Update: Hell on Wheels

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like the newest update for TSTO, that we talked about here, has hit our app stores.

For now it’s only available on iOS…Android and Amazon should follow soon.  So if it’s available for you, download it. Available on iOS and Android.  Amazon should be soon…

Remember this is just the App Store downloaded.  THIS WILL NOT GO LIVE IN OUR GAMES UNTIL TOMORROW, APRIL 13TH, AT 11AM ET.  So please do not panic if you download the update and the new event doesn’t start up for you.  Check the date and time, if it’s not April 13th at 11am ET (that’s Eastern US time)/ 1500 UTC.  

Now for those of you that want to know…here’s who to keep free for the event kickoff tomorrow.

Homer and Marge kick things off with 6s tasks each.  Then you’ll need Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Krusty, Cletus, Lenny, & Carl free to earn event currency.

Beyond that get ready for things to kick off tomorrow at 11am ET!  (note it looks like there are a few things included in the files that weren’t laid out in the packet from EA.  So a few surprises still left!)

32 responses to “App Store Update: Hell on Wheels

  1. Its on Amazon now

  2. where do I find the shatter mystery box?

  3. Come on EA, I know you read these comments… it’s Wednesday morning just before 10am ET, and still no update in the App Store for my ipad. What gives? I’m always to last to get the game updates.

  4. There was hardly no update. Now I’m so nervous for the start of the event


    Done the update, download was smaller than previous I think unfortunately 1 tap and the game stopped, now I can’t get connected was the same yesterday before I did the update🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇺🇦

  6. I wonder if Ian and his car will make an appearance….missed it in November…

  7. Because there’s no such thing as saying it too much I wanna say a great big THANK YOU ALISSA 😊

  8. David Larangeira

    Idk why we need the email code instead of a password. This isn’t our bank accounts. It’s just a simpsons game

  9. 1:20 Pacific Time. Nothing in App Store iOS?

  10. Might I suggest saving daily challenges to dismiss once the event is up and running . . . You’ll thank me if I’m right 😊

    • Remember you can only dismiss 1/ 14hrs (i think it’s 14, it may be longer)

      • Supposed to be 24h, but I’m sure I’ve managed to dismiss again after about 20h in the past. Doesn’t matter if all three are left and you dismiss one a day to get a new challenge for the event – you’d get one special challenge on Day 1 and 2 for the next 2 days 😊
        ( NOTE TO SELF – typing TOUK emoji codes won’t work on here – D’oh !! )

        • David Larangeira

          Wait. What is this? I never heard of this? I also never skipped a task before. What is this in detail please

          • If I’m right that there will be Special Daily Challenges once the event goes live and you have some you’ve not done, even if it’s just the one you get tomorrow, you can swap ’em out.
            Tap the white X at the top right corner of the icon for any challenge and it will ask if you want to dismiss the task. Give that the go-ahead and it swaps for a new challenge.
            That only works once then you have to wait a day to swap again or swap another saved-up challenge.
            Do that after the event has started and if there are Special Challenges it should give you one of those to do.

            That help ??

  11. Android is ready for download

  12. Took a while but now out for Android too – just after I tapped, damnit !!

  13. After downloading the new update for TSTO, I received a screen telling me to enter my email or phone and I would receive a code which was good for 10 minutes.
    What is going on here? Alissa I have never had this screen, ever !

    • Yea that’s EA’s verification system. It was implemented last year (i think almost a year ago). You’re lucky you haven’t seen it yet, others have been having major issues with it. As long as you have a valid email address that you can access you should be ok. EA uses this now instead of passwords, this is supposed to be more secure…just very annoying

  14. Thank you for the heads-up, Alissa …. just downloaded an App update on the (2021) Motorola G Stylus 5G (Google Play Store) 👍🏻

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