Season 33 Prize Track Breakdown: Ms. Peyton

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Season 33 Prize Track is back this week with a brand new character for our Springfields! (only 1 more prize to go!)  Ms. Peyton is ready to arrive in Springfield, and all you have to do is unlock her!

Safi stayed up late and broke down how to unlock the prize for us, as soon as it launched, and you can check out those details here.  Now I’m going to give you all the details on Ms. Peyton herself, including her questline and tasks for our pocket-sized towns!

Here are the details on Bart’s New Teacher, Ms. Peyton…

So once you’ve completed the first part of the Season 33 prize track, you’ll unlock Ms. Peyton in all her glory…

Ms. Peyton is a brand new FULL Character for Springfield and is part of the Helpful Guest Stars Character Collection:

And once unlocked you’ll start up her questline, Plan for Success, immediately.  A few things to note before we get into the questline…

-Ms. Peyton is a FULL FREE Character for Springfield.
-Ms. Peyton is not voiced

As mentioned above, she does come with a questline, and here’s a look at the full dialogue version for that questline now…

Plan For Success Pt. 1
Ms. Peyton Starts

Ms. Peyton: Hello, class! It’s great to be back teaching you all.
Nelson: Haw, haw! Bart glued popsicle sticks to Martin’s head to make him look like Einstein!
Bart: What can I say? Science is my passion.
Martin: I dislike the pranking, yet have to respect his dedication to historical portraiture.
Ms. Peyton: Oh no! Bart is acting up just like before.
Make Ms. Peyton Try to Connect With Bart- 4hrs
Make Martin Painfully Remove Popsicle Sticks-
Make Nelson Laugh Every Time Martin Winces- 
Ms. Peyton: Bart, you don’t have to act out because you feel awkward around me anymore.
Bart: Oh, I’m over that. This is me acting out the way I always act out.
Ms. Peyton: You mean I’m going to have to deal with this kind of behavior from now on?
Bart: Only when we’re studying science. When we do history, I’ll glue a beard to Milhouse to make him look like Lincoln.

Plan For Success Pt. 2
Ms. Peyton Starts

Ms. Peyton: It’s great to see everyone here in the teacher’s lounge! I’ve got some great new ideas for cross-disciplinary, team-based, project-focused learning.
Miss Hoover: Ugh, not this again! We’re going to stick with our tried-and-true teaching method of phoning it in.
Dewey Largo: Yeah, we tried things your way before, and it involved slightly more work. Never again!
Ms. Peyton: But only with the implementation of thoughtfully executed creative projects can we expand these children’s minds!
Coach Krupt: I’m a gym teacher. I make them throw red balls at each other and call it bombardment. That’s as creative as I get.
Make Ms. Peyton Desperately Pitch Projects to the Teachers- 4hrs
Make Teachers Slowly Push Ms. Peyton Out of the Room-
x3. 4hrs
Ms. Peyton: But don’t you care about the children’s education? Some of the best and brightest of the next generation could be at this school right now!
Miss Hoover: Please, the best and brightest are all in private schools. It’s where I send my kids.
Dewey Largo: Yeah, we have the worst and dimmest here. Also, they can’t play Sousa, which isn’t that hard. It’s not math rock, kids!
Ms. Peyton: I can’t believe this. I’m being bombarded by negativity.
Coach Krupt: *throwing red ball* Bombardment!

Plan For Success Pt. 3
Ms. Peyton Starts

Ms. Peyton: The teachers may not be interested in fostering a strong educational environment, but the townspeople are sure to be. You’re never too old to stop learning, and learning always starts with a lesson plan. So I’ll just hand out child-centric lesson plans to fully grown adults. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it!
Make Ms. Peyton Provide New Lesson Plans- 4hrs
Ms. Peyton: They didn’t appreciate it.

Plan For Success Pt. 4
Ms. Peyton Starts

Ned: Hi-diddly-ho there, person who replaced me as Bart’s teacher, which never really made that much sense. So glad to have you in town!
Ms. Peyton: Hi! My name is Ms. Peyton. Can I ask what you’re doing here?
Ned: We’re setting up for the church arts and crafts fair. Would you like to help?
Ms. Peyton: Boy, would I! You have no idea.
Ned: Well, we have some folks working on decoupage Stations of the Cross over here, and Helen is making some macrame nativity scenes over there…
Ms. Peyton: Oh, my, my, no! This is all so chaotic! You’re lucky I got here in time to save you from yourselves.
Ned: I hope you know only one person saves around here, ma’am.
Make Ms. Peyton Take Over a Church Fair- 4hrs
Make Church Folks Get Annoyed at Being Micromanaged-
x3. 4hrs
Ms. Peyton: I’m so sorry. I’ve been a little anxious lately, and I may have gotten a teensy bit out of control here.
Ned: Not to worry. Forgiveness is one of the major tenets of our faith.
Ms. Peyton: Oh, thank you so much. I just hope—
Ned: But you still need to leave now.

Plan For Success Pt. 5
Ms. Peyton Starts

Ms. Peyton: Oh well, back to school. They say: If you can’t do, teach. I guess if you can’t teach either, just show up.
Dewey Largo: Ms. Peyton, thank goodness you’re here. These students are out of control!
Ms. Peyton: They’re misbehaving?
Miss Hoover: Worse, they want to learn. They keep asking questions. And not just who and when questions, but why and how questions as well!
Coach Krupt: I don’t know why the balls are red — they just are!
Skinner: Ms. Peyton, could you help us put together some sort of over-the-top project? Something that would distract their young minds from actual learning?
Ms. Peyton: You bet I could! It’s time for my multidisciplinarian masterpiece — “Hannibal: The Musical”!
Make Ms. Peyton Produce a Hannibal Musical- 4hrs
Make Milhouse Paint a Show Poster –
Make Ralph Eat Paints- 
Make Lisa Sing About the Second Punic War- 4hrs
Make Bart Rap About Riding War Elephants- 4hrs
Bart: *rapping* Ridin’ on my pachyderm rollin’ into Rome! Gonna teach ’em boys a lesson then head on back to home!
Lisa: *singing* He’s all the rage in Carthage!
Homer: I thought this was gonna be about a serial killer and a bunch of very quiet lambs.
Marge: Homer, hush! This is the kind of feel-good experience that makes people forget to be angry at our public schools for a few hours.
Ms. Peyton: I’ve still got it!

Ms. Peyton also has a full set of tasks to help earn currency in our pocket-sized towns…here’s a look at those tasks now:

Ms. Peyton’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length  Earns Location
Get a Foot Massage 1hr $70, 17xp Madame and Masseur/Shops in Springfield/Homes in Springfield
Search Web for Lesson Plan Ideas 4hrs $175, 45xp Java Server
Try to Connect with Bart 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside/Visual (req. Bart)
Read a Steamy Romance Novel 8hrs $275, 70xp Homes in Springfield
Be the Teacher Who Tries Hard 12hrs $420, 100xp Springfield Elementary
Provide New Lesson Plans 24hrs $600, 150xp Outside/Visual

And that’s it my friends, all of the quick details on Ms. Peyton, the newest character to hit our pocket-sized towns!

What’s next?  Well, the Season 33 Prize Track continues on but the final prize won’t be available until May 9th.

So check back on May 9th for the details on the final prize!

Thoughts on Ms. Peyton?  Have you unlocked her yet?  Thoughts on the Season 33 prize track? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Haven’t got the time to watch the episode but I really like this new character

  2. Sasha Reed?

  3. Brand New Character in Game App, not a Variant of an existing Character, fun lil’ Quest for the Characters to do (maybe EA will come back and offer up her Husband). She’s taking up Ms. Crabapple’s job and that’s kind of a big deal. 🤔

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