Crazy Dog Man Details: Questline and Tasks

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I’m back, kinda sorta.  In a little different state of mind.  Really, I just want to get you guys this info (I’ve had some folks emailing about it) in the most efficient way possible. It’ll likely look a little different than it usually does, at least for the rest of this event…but the content will be up as best as Saf and I can get it up.  Sometimes he’ll post, sometimes I’ll post.  But we’ll do our best to get it up to you…

Anyway….Dog Days Act 2 brought us one new Character…Crazy Dog Man!  The PERFECT counterpart to Crazy Cat Lady!  Let’s take a quick look at his full questline (with dialogue) and tasks…

As most characters do, Crazy Dog Man comes with a full set of tasks…here’s a look at those tasks…

Crazy Dog Man’s Permanent Tasks…

Task Length  Earns Location
Reload the Dog Bag 1hr $70, 17xp Springfield Animal Shelter
Throw Dogs 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Fight Crazy Cat Lady to the Death (req CCL) 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside/Visual
Search for Forbidden Love 8hrs $275, 70xp Springfield Dog Park
Scream at Passersby 12hrs $420, 100xp Springfield Dog Park
Take a Break from Throwing Dogs 24hrs $600, 150xp Gazebo/Lawn Chair/Hammock/Hot Tub

And here’s a look at Crazy Dog Man’s full dialogue questline…

Look What the Dog Dragged In Pt. 1
Crazy Dog Man

Crazy Dog Man: Aaiirrrhghahaaririr!
Bart: I knew we had a Crazy Cat Lady, but no idea we had a Crazy Dog Man.
Crazy Dog Man: Blaajgrhaarririakbr!
Bart: Let’s see what you got. Throw some dogs, my man.
Lisa: Noo! Bart, that’s not the same! Cats always land on their feet. Dogs land on everything but their feet.
Bart: Oh. So, it’s still cool to throw cats?
Lisa: Yes! Well, no. But it’s more okay than throwing dogs.
Crazy Dog Man: Airrrgghahrrijk!
Lisa: Oh, sorry. We forgot about the crazy dog man!
Bart: Airrrgghahrrijk! Back at ya, dude.
Make Crazy Dog Man Throw Dogs at Lisa- 4hrs
Make Lisa Try to Catch Flying Dogs- 4hrs
Make Bart Count the Dogs- 4hrs
Lisa: Bart! Help me! He’s throwing more dogs than I can catch!
Bart: They just keep coming. It’s like a clown car of canines!

Look What the Dog Dragged In Pt. 2
Crazy Dog Man

Lisa: *panting* I think he’s out of dogs. I’m gonna find Wiggum before he reloads. *runs off*
Bart: Hey, Crazy Dog Man, do you need help reloading?
Crazy Dog Man: Hjrrraargghhklawr!
Bart: I’m gonna say that means yes.
Crazy Cat Lady: Aisiijelkrrr! Flamphumph! *throws cat*
Crazy Dog Man: Gjibberlahfphrirjh! *throws dog*
Bart: Caught between two crazies. This fight is gonna be epic!
Make Crazy Dog Man Fight Crazy Cat Lady to the Death- 4hrs
Make Bart Help Crazy Dog Man Reload- 4hrs
Make Lisa Find Wiggum- 4hrs
Lisa: Bart?! What the heck is going on here?!
Bart: Lisa, isn’t it incredible?! These cat-dog nutsos could be the ultimate tag team in the Springfield Elite Wrestling League.
Wiggum: It is mesmerizing to watch.
Lisa: Chief Wiggum! You’ve got to do something!
Wiggum: *holds up book* There’s nothing in the rule book against it.
Lisa: That’s a menu from Luigi’s!
Wiggum: And if they were throwing rigatoni, I’d be all over it.

Look What the Dog Dragged In Pt. 3
Crazy Dog Man

Wiggum: Alright. The little girl wants me to break this up so— *gets hit in face with dog* Okay, who threw the chihuahua?
Crazy Dog Man: Gha jgha bljgha!
Wiggum: Thanks for stepping forward. *gets hit in face with cat*
Crazy Cat Lady: Gha jgha bljgha!
Crazy Dog Man: Arjhoogha?
Crazy Cat Lady: Arjhoogha.
Bart: Wait a minute…are they flirting with each other?
Wiggum: Aww…isn’t love wonderful.
Make Crazy Dog Man Flirt With Crazy Cat Lady- 4hrs
Make Crazy Cat Lady Flirt With Crazy Dog Man- 4hrs
Make Bart Be Confused by Love- 4hrs
Make Lisa Find It All to Be Rather Sweet- 4hrs
Bart: Now they’re walking hand-in-hand down to the beach.
Lisa: We should follow them before they start throwing dogs and cats into the ocean.
Bart: That would be crazy awesome to see.
Lisa: Or just CRAZY!
Bart: But then we’d save them. We’d be heroes! Don’tcha want to be a hero, Lisa?

Look What the Dog Dragged In Pt. 4
Crazy Dog Man

Sea Captain: Yarr! Back into the briny deep with you! *chucks crab into ocean*
Lisa: Sea Captain? Why are you throwing all the crabs back into the water?
Sea Captain: Because I’m the Crazy Crab Feller! Ghjarlarkjhra! Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!
Lisa: I know what’s going on here. Crazy Cat Lady and Crazy Dog Man have a tax exemption due to mental health issues and you want in on that too!
Sea Captain: Algabagitzzzicik! You think it’ll work? *chucks crab into ocean*
Make Sea Captain Pretend to Be Crazy Crab Feller- 4hrs
Make Crazy Dog Man Refile His Tax Exemption Paperwork- 4hrs
Make Crazy Cat Lady Refile Her Tax Exemption Paperwork- 4hrs

Look What the Dog Dragged In Pt. 5
Crazy Dog Man

Bart: Mom! Can my friend stay the night?!
Marge: Sure, honey! *gets hit with dog* Ow!
Bart: Oh, and he’s crazy and likes to throw dogs!
Crazy Dog Man: Bglargh!
Marge: No, no, no!
Bart: You already said yes. No takesy backsies!
 Make Crazy Dog Man Have a Sleepover at Bart’s- 4hrs
Make Bart Get Out the Sleeping Bag- 4hrs
Make Marge Put Her Foot Down- 4hrs
Marge: Bart Simpson. I make the rules in this house, and I hereby approve takesy backsies.
Crazy Dog Man: Blargh – jkirghakar.
Bart: No surprise, but he doesn’t agree with you.

And there you have it my friends, the quick and basic breakdown on Crazy Dog Man, his amusing tasks and silly dialogue.  No go out and fight like cats and dogs!

Thoughts?  Do you like Crazy Dog Man or Crazy Cat Lady more? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Anyone else having issues with CRazy Dog Guy not completing his battle with Crazy Cat Lady? I’ve done the 8 hour task a few times, and it never triggers the event completion…

  2. We’re so lucky for these updates and the work you put in. You never need to apologise for how long you think it takes to post. Noone here has any right to expect this or more. Keep up the great work! (P.s. are any of the addict admins accepting friends requests? Would be great to see a top tier town :))

    • You’re welcome to add me… but I can assure you my town is far from top tier. It’s borderline disaster area these days.


  3. Where can someone get the crazy cat lady?

  4. When does act 3 start

  5. Bless You and your Family, Alissa! 📿

    I’m already a Cat Lady (not that crazy – lol), but Crazy Dog Man is fun fun fun – just like Dr. Hotdog (EA has brought some great New Characters to the Game App!) ☺️👍🏻

    I also enjoy sending Mr. Burns to train his Hounds at Pitless Pup Attack School (this Multi-Act Event has some good Visual Character Tasks and Character Tasks at Buildings / Decor!) 😅

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