Dog Days Prize Guide: Act 3 Prize 2, Dog-Proof Suit Wiggum

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Here’s the quick rundown, including tasks and questline for the second prize of the Dog Days Act 3 prize track…Dog-Proof Suit Wigggum, a brand new costume for Chief Wiggum.

The 2nd prize of Act 3, Dog-Proof Suit Wiggum is unlocked by All Bark and Even More Bite Pt. 2 and 145 .

This is a brand new COSTUME for Chief Wiggum in Springfield.

Here’s a look at his details…

Dog Proof Suit Wiggum Permanent Tasks…

Task Length Earns Location
Practice Getting Bit with Tiny Yappy Dogs 1hr $70, 17xp Springfield Animal Shelter
Escape Rabid Dogs 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Have Lunch 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside/Visual
Try to Reach an Itch 12hrs $420, 100xp Police Station
Try Out for Sumo 24hrs $600, 150xp Sumo Stadium/Happy Sumo/Police Station

And here’s the full dialogue version of his questline…

Who Let the Dogs Out? Pt. 1
Dog Suit Wiggum starts

Lou: Alright, Chief. We got our rookie class of new police dogs and this dog-proof bite suit. All we need is a qualified dog trainer.
Wiggum: And how much is left in the budget?
Lou: Zero.
Wiggum: So what if we can’t afford a police dog trainer. How hard can it be?
Lou: Chief, I would not recommend putting that suit on.
Wiggum: You’ll never get ahead in life with that attitude. That’s why they call me Chief.
Lou: I hear them calling you a lot of things.
Make Wiggum Put on the Dog-proof Bite Suit- 4hrs
Make Lou Take Out a Life Insurance Policy on Wiggum- 4hrs

Who Let the Dogs Out? Pt. 2
Dog Suit Wiggum starts

Wiggum: Alright, Lou. Zip me up.
Lou: You’re gonna have to suck it in.
Wiggum: I’m already sucked in!
Lou: Really? *zip* Okay, I just performed a miracle! I got it.
Wiggum: Now on the count of three, open the cage. One…two…
Lou: *opens cage*
Rosa Barks: Grrr… Argghhh…
Wiggum: *getting attacked by dogs* That wasn’t three!
Lou: I know. I did that on purpose!
Make Dog-proof Suit Wiggum Escape Rabid Dogs- 4hrs
Make Lou Video It For Training Purposes- 4hrs
Wiggum: *panting* I lost those biters. Now to call Lou to pick me up…if I can just get my phone out from inside my suit…
Chester Lampwick: Hey, man. This is MY dark alley. Get your own.
Wiggum: I’m just having trouble bending my arms to…could you reach into my pants and…
Chester Lampwick: Whoa, back off, wide-load.
Wiggum: Oh, c’mon. Just unzip me real quick…
Chester Lampwick: No means no! *runs off*
Wiggum: What’s the world coming to when you can’t get someone to unzip you and reach into your pants in a dark alley?

Who Let the Dogs Out? Pt. 3
Dog Suit Wiggum starts

Rosa Barks: Bark! Bark!
Wiggum: Oh, no. The dogs have sniffed me out!
Crazy Dog Man: *throws puppies* Gharrrgalglzziah!
Wiggum: Ah! Flying puppies!
Rosa Barks: *catches puppy in mid-air* *gets distracted caring for cute puppy*
Wiggum: Look at that. The big dogs are distracted by puppies. Quick! Throw more puppies!
Crazy Dog Man: *throws puppies* Hgeargh!
Wiggum: Thanks Crazy Dog Man, Crazy Puppy Throwing Man, or whoever you are!
Make Dog-proof Suit Wiggum Dodge Flying Puppies 4hrs
Make Crazy Dog Man Throw Puppies- 4hrs
Wiggum: Rabid dogs by land, rabid dogs by air. What’s next, rabid dogs by sea?
Sea Captain: Yarr, if it’s sea dogs yer cravin’, I can make some walk a plank!

Who Let the Dogs Out? Pt. 4
Dog Suit Wiggum starts

Wiggum: Oof, thank goodness I’m finally back at the station. Lou?! Eddie?! Anyone here? I need help getting out of this suit! So tired…so hungry… Can’t move my arms…but my eating face still works…
Make Dog-proof Suit Wiggum Try to Eat Lunch- 4hrs
Wiggum: Dang it, Lou. Why’d you let me put that suit on?!
Lou: Right, you putting that suit on was my idea.
Wiggum: Do I note a hint of sarcasm, Lou?
Lou: Sorry, it came off as a hint, Chief. I wanted it to be a barrel full.

And there you have it my friends, the real quick details on Dog Proof Suit Wiggum1

Thoughts? Have you unlocked him already? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

6 responses to “Dog Days Prize Guide: Act 3 Prize 2, Dog-Proof Suit Wiggum

  1. Dog-Proof Suit Wigggum – it’s got funny Visual Character Tasks for a Character Skin , but that is so L-EA-Z-Y of EA to not give Chief Wiggum any Voiced Character Dialogue when he’s wearing the Dog-Proof Suit (I enjoyed the Side Quest, not a Voiced Character was my only criticism). 🤔

  2. Can you delete and reinstall?
    Would that work?
    Hard close, shut down your device and restart?
    Logout and login?

  3. Enjoying the event but all my characters except for a few are stuck in the Simpsons house. I can’t store the house and then replace to fix the issue like we could for other tasks that had that error so I guess I’ll have to wait for EA to send a patch or fix it on their own so I can continue to play fully.

    • The only way to free the characters that I know of is to individual or group store buildings associated with characters stuck there. Once you free enough characters it will free the rest of them.

    • Tried both resetting the phone and logging out of the game and then back in. Neither worked.

    • Since you can’t store the Simpsons’ house itself, store some of the buildings/decorations associated with the characters in the house, to free them.

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