Dog Days Prize Guide: Act 3 Prize 4, Danger Dog

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Here’s the quick rundown, including tasks and questline for the 4th prize of the Dog Days Act 3 prize track…Danger Dog, a brand new full character for Springfield…

Danger Dog is unlocked via All Bark and Even More Bite Pt. 4 and 145

This is a brand new FULL CHARACTER FOR Sprngfield

Here’s a look at his details…

Danger Dog’s Permanent Tasks…

Task Length Earns Location
Save a Kitten Up a Tree 1hr $70, 17xp Springfield Trees
Strike a Pose 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Take a Break On Set 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside/Visual
Meet with the Mayor 12hrs $420, 100xp Neuterville City Hall
Track Down Cartoon Villains 24hrs $600, 150xp Volcano Lair/Death Mountain/Dr/ Lenny’s Lab etc.

And here’s the full dialogue version of his questline…

The Dream Team Pt. 1
Danger Dog starts

Neuterville Mayor: Danger Dog, Neuterville needs you!
Danger Dog: Of course. Let’s make it quick. I’m having lunch with my publicist, Bark Ruffalo.
Neuterville Mayor: But your arch nemesis, The Perilous Plopper, has taken hostages at the sausage factory.
Danger Dog: *gasp* Plopper the Pestiferous Pig?! He’s always hogging the spotlight and hamming it up.
Ralph: I wish I could meet Danger Dog.
Danger Dog: You can, Ralph.
Ralph: *gasp* Danger Dog! You’re in the real world?
Danger Dog: No Ralph. You’ve fallen into the TV.
Ralph: Uh-oh.
Make Danger Dog Try to Impress Ralph- 4hrs
Make Ralph Feel Claustrophobic Inside the TV- 4hrs
Danger Dog: Television is merely a portal to another world. A world where Ralph Wiggum is the last hope to save Neuterville.
Ralph: I feel sad for Neuterville.
Danger Dog: The town will be fine. Now we have to go!

The Dream Team Pt. 2
Danger Dog starts

Danger Dog: We’ve reached the sausage factory where Plopper is holding hostages. Or should I say…saustages.
Ralph: That sounds like a Ralph line.
Declan Desmond: Let’s get a couple more takes. And feel free to improvise, Danger Dog. We’re resetting, and…action!
Danger Dog: We’ve reached the sausage factory where Plopper is holding hostages. That pig really is the brat-wurst!
Declan Desmond: And… CUT. You know what, let’s NOT improvise.
Danger Dog: You sure? I’m good at these. Ralph, what rhymes with kielbasa?
Ralph: *head spins around* It hurts when I think.
Make Danger Dog Think Up Sausage Puns- 4hrs
Make Ralph Think About a Lhasa Apso in Mombasa- 4hrs
Plopper Pig: You’ll never take me alive, Danger Dog!
Danger Dog: That’s exactly what the last seven pig criminals said. And now I run a thriving online bacon business.
Declan Desmond: Oh, that’s good. We could get at least three inner turmoil flashback episodes out of that. Jeremy, write that down! And get me a fresh latte, stat!
Squeaky Voice Teen: Yes sir!

The Dream Team Pt. 3
Danger Dog starts

Danger Dog: Now Ralph, hostage negotiations can be tense. So let me know with a wink if you need to take a break…or go potty.
Ralph: When I wink, it sticks.
Danger Dog: Raising your hand is good too.
Plopper Pig: Danger Dog, I have a list of demands! No more having me hang upside down like a spider…it’s rough on the hooves.
Danger Dog: Can do, Plopper.
Plopper Pig: And I demand one MILLION dollars!
Danger Dog: That’s it? That wouldn’t even buy you a home in Neuterville Heights.
Plopper Pig: It wouldn’t? But — a million dollars is, like — over two hundred years of working at minimum wage and saving every penny possible.
Danger Dog: I know. It’s crazy, right? The wealth gap in this country — we need a revolution.
Declan Desmond: *staring at the script* What is going on here?
Ralph: *raises hand*
Danger Dog: Yes, Ralph.
Ralph: My winker’s stuck.
Make Danger Dog Discuss Wealth Inequalities With Plopper- 4hrs
Make Ralph Practice Winking- 4hrs
Declan Desmond: Danger Dog, I think it’s best we stick to the script on this one.
Danger Dog: And ignore the systemic failings that drive our lower class into poverty?
Declan Desmond: Our target audience is three-year-olds.
Danger Dog: They too deserve to know!

The Dream Team Pt. 4
Danger Dog starts

Danger Dog: Alright, get the writer in here. We’re making some changes.
Declan Desmond: The writer is my assistant, Jeremy.
Squeaky Voice Teen: It’s a pleasure, Danger Dog.
Declan Desmond: Actually, he’s my assistant’s assistant. He’s talented enough to be up to the task of the low level writing on this show.
Danger Dog: Great!
Declan Desmond: No, he’s not.
Danger Dog: Jeremy, for the last two acts I’m thinking Danger Dog and Plopper lead a protest march on Neuterville City Hall. Also we need a hashtag.
Squeaky Voice Teen: #NeuterNeuterville
Danger Dog: You’ve got a low level gift, son.
Make Danger Dog Take a Break On Set – 4hrs
Make Squeaky Voice Teen Do Last Minute Rewrites- 4hrs
Danger Dog: People of Neuterville, we can stand together against the oppression! *crowd goes wild*
Plopper Pig: No longer will a three-bed, two-bath, with a functional kitchen cost an arm and a hoof! *crowd goes wilder*
Declan Desmond: I quit.
Ralph: *waking up in a cold sweat* Ahh! Mommy!
Wiggum: *running into the room* Can you settle for a Daddy? What’s wrong? Did you have a bad dream?
Ralph: Danger Dog and the pig will save us all from the oppression of wealth inequality…
Wiggum: You’re scaring me, son. *slowly backs out of room*
Ralph: I’ll be okay, as long as I have Danger Dog.
Danger Dog: I’m as close as your TV remote, Ralph. Just take it out of your mouth is all.

And there you have it my friends, the real quick details on Danger Dog!

Thoughts? Have you unlocked him already? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. This worked!!!! Thank you so so much!!!

  2. Hey I am having a huge problem and I don’t know where else to post. I asked the help desk and I did everything they said to do and nothing worked. My Springfielders are all stuck in the Simpsons house. Every time I go out of the game and go back they are all in the house as if I never tapped them to get out. Once they come out they turn around and go right back in. It’s a freaking loop ahhhh!!!! I’ve had this happen once before and I was able to store the building they were in and it worked but I can’t store the Simpsons house. Please help me tappers!

    • Store the buildings/decorations that the characters in the Simpsons’ house are connected to, to release the character, then put it back in the game. (So, for example, if grampa is in the Simpsons’ house, store and re-place the retirement home.) Once you’ve released enough characters, the problem should resolve itself.

    • To free the characters you have to individual or group store buildings associated with characters stuck there. Once you free enough characters it will free the rest. I know this will be a time consuming thing to do but it’s better than nuking your town.

  3. Danger Dog and Ralph Wiggum forever 👍🏻

  4. Greg Jablynski

    This prize shows we need more Ralph Wiggum content. They’re a great team, and funny.

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