Full Dialogue Dog Days Act 3: All Bark and Even More Bite

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Now that Act 3 is nearly over, let’s take a look back at all the dialogue in cause you missed it while tappin’ too fast…


All Bark and Even More Bite Pt. 1

Quimby: Wiggum, I thought they arrested you. How’d you get out?
Wiggum: I gave the bailiff a dog treat and he let me go. It was like taking candy from a baby. Or GIVING candy to a baby. But in this case a dog. So like giving candy to a dog. Candy that was a dog treat. Yep, like giving a dog treat to a dog.
Quimby: That is time I will never get back. We need to make this dog nonsense sit or heel now!
Wiggum: Maybe we drive them out of Springfield Pied Piper-style. I play a mean piccolo.
Quimby: Or how about having Frink engineer a zombie virus where the zombies only eat dog brains?
Wiggum: Why are zombies the only ones that get to eat brains?
Make Quimby Brainstorm Solutions- 4hrs
Make Wiggum Brainstorm Solutions-
Collect Hydrants-x125
Quimby: I’ve got it. We lure the dogs to a kennel and trap them in.
Wiggum: Lure them with what?
Quimby: With bait. You still have that dog-proof suit, right?
Wiggum: Hey, wait… I don’t want to be the bait! You do it.
Quimby: And risk losing the mayor of the town amidst a crisis?
Wiggum: Is losing the Chief of Police better?
Quimby: For me it is.

All Bark and Even More Bite Pt. 2

Les Moore: You want to use my No Kill Kennel to trap these dogs?
Quimby: That’s the idea. Not killing, just trapping.
Les Moore: Okay, but if we run out of space for all the dogs, I’ve got a way to, uh – “not kill ’em” but mysteriously-lose-and-never-see-again them.
Quimby: Let the “no killing” begin!
Make Les Moore Prep the Cages- 4hrs
Make Quimby Prepare His “Mission Accomplished” Speech-
Make Wiggum Put on the Bite-Proof Suit-
Collect Hydrants-x145
Santas Little Helper: *licks*
Rosa Barks: *licks*
Homer: Finally, Santa’s Little Helper got a girlfriend. Maybe now he’ll get a job, get a place of his own and stop mooching off us.
Lisa: That’s Rosa Barks! She’s second in command of the dog police force that’s terrorizing the town!
Bart: You’re just jealous ’cause he’s got someone and you don’t.

All Bark and Even More Bite Pt. 3

Wiggum: Alright. Open the kennel cages! “Operation Bite Me” is going live!
Les Moore: Uh, it appears the operation is already working…
Laddie: *bark* *ruff* Not so fast!
Wiggum: Ah!
Quimby: How did Laddie discover our plan?
Laddie: *woof* *bark* I have spies…and fleas everywhere.
Rosa Barks: *growls* Grrr… Grrr…
Quimby: Okay, we give up!
Les Moore: I pledge fealty!
Wiggum: I’m in the dog-proof suit. So I got no problem being bitten!
Laddie: *bites Wiggum*
Rosa Barks: *bites Wiggum*
Snake: *bites Wiggum*
Moe: *bites Wiggum*
Quimby: *bites Wiggum*
Wiggum: Hey, dogs only, Mayor!
Make Dog-proof Suit Wiggum Get Ravaged By Dogs- 4hrs
Make Quimby Give Up-
Make Les Moore Pledge Fealty to the Dogs-
Collect Hydrants-x125
Rosa Barks: *bark* Chief, I put the chunky one in the kennel. And the skinny one and the corrupt one have pledged fealty. *bark*
Laddie: *bark* Well done, Barks. *bark*
Quimby: I think I understood one of those “barks”.
Wiggum: *crouching in the kennel cage* Excuse me…where do the humans go potty around here?

All Bark and Even More Bite Pt. 4

Neuterville Mayor: Danger Dog, In honor of your bravery, the city of Neuterville awards you this Key to the City.
Danger Dog: This is truly an honor, your Honor—
Neuterville Mayor: Ee-gads! It’s your arch nemesis, Molly Ringworm, and she’s attacking City Hall!
Danger Dog: Stop, evildoer!
Ralph: Danger Dog to the rescue!
Kent Brockman: We interrupt this asinine cartoon to bring you this breaking news… Police dogs have taken over the town and are enslaving Springfielders at the No Kill Kennel, including former Police Chief Wiggum.
Wiggum: *in the cage* I’m being treated pretty well. *eats dog food*
Ralph: Daddy!
Kent Brockman: I’m told his captors are not forcing the Chief to eat dog food. He just likes it.
Ralph: Mommy! We have to save Daddy!
Sarah Wiggum: Meh.
Ralph: *gasp* If not Mommy, then it’s Danger Dog to the rescue! Pup-pup and away! *puts on cape and runs out the door*
Make Ralph Believe He Is Danger Dog- 4hrs
Make Sarah Wiggum Be Ambivalent-
Make Wiggum Eat Dog Food in the Kennel-
Make Lou Get Locked in the Kennel Too- 4hrs
Make Eddie Get Locked in the Kennel Too- 4hrs
Make Springfielders Watch it All on TV- x20. 4hrs
Collect Hydrants-x145
Ralph: Bad doggies! Bad doggies!
Laddie: *bark* Who is this pumpkinhead?
Wiggum: *in the cage* Ralphie?
Ralph: Nuh-uh, citizen. I’m Danger Dog!
Rosa Barks: *woof* Strange. He doesn’t look like a dog.
Laddie: *bark* Just put him in the cage with the rest. *bark*
Ralph: *bark* *woof* As Danger Dog I fight evil. But also as Danger Dog, I’m a doggie! *bark*
Laddie: *bark* He does talk like us. *woof*
Rosa Barks: *ruff* *woof* We are not the enemy. You don’t have to fight us. *bark*
Ralph: *bark* *bark* Oki-dokie. I’ll join you then! *bark*
Wiggum: Uh-oh, Ralphie’s siding with dogs again.

All Bark and Even More Bite Pt. 5

Kent Brockman: Police Chief Laddie will now make a statement and McGriff the Crime Dog will translate.
Laddie: *bark* *bark* People of Springfield!
McGriff The Crime Dog: Listen up, human chew bones!
Laddie: *bark* *woof* You need not oppose us!
McGriff The Crime Dog: *pointing to the cages* This is what happens to those who oppose us!
Homer: I was always gonna learn Spanish but maybe dog language is more useful.
Make Homer Make a Case for the Doggy Overlords- 4hrs
Make Brockman Broadcast From the No Kill Kennel-
Make Wiggum Take a Nap in the Cage-
Make Ralph Pretend to Be Danger Dog- 4hrs
Make Les Moore Hose Down Wiggum’s Cage- 4hrs
Make Quimby Give Laddie the Key to the City- 4hrs
Collect Hydrants-x185
Neuterville Mayor: Danger Dog, you’ve saved City Hall. Neuterville owes you a debt of gratitude.
Danger Dog: Just doing my job, Mayor. The only reward I require is a hot date with Kate Barkinsale!

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  1. Ok I figured it out, select the characters that are stuck. it will take you to the building they are stuck in. select the edit tool (four way arrow) and put the building in your inventory. It will release the characters

  2. Danger Dog and Ralphie Wiggum forever!
    (super cute Character Dialogue exchange).
    I don’t think Act 3 can be topped
    Act 4 has a hill to climb 🤔

  3. Deborah Ann Pike

    I am having trouble…. Stuck on the one where you have to send Springfield’s people to do something and it keeps asking to do it… Been since yesterday.

    • Mine is stuck too, send Sprinfielders to watch it all on TV

    • Store the building to release the characters. If it’s the Simpsons’ house, which can’t be stored, store the buildings that some of the characters stuck in there are connected to, to release those characters. Once you’ve released enough characters, you should be able to complete the task. (Once you’ve stored a building to release a character, you can put it back down.)

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