Splash and Burn Is Live! The Rundown and What You Need to Know

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Yesterday, an app store update hit our games to remove the Dog Days Event (change the splash screen back to normal).  And, today a brand-new mini-event started up in our towns! (as long as you’ve downloaded the update)

You’ll need Homer, Carl, Lenny, and 3 Springfielders free for 6s tasks to start things, and then you’ll need Homer, Bart, and Lisa for another series of 6s tasks. This will kick off the event for you…

This mini-event ends, in 2 weeks, on August 10th. 

More details below the fold…

So the same basic concept for mini-events, in general, applies to this one.  Follow a questline, do the tasks, and unlock the prizes associated with it.

The premise of the event starts when you log into Springfield with Summertime Blues questline….

Part 1

Homer: It finally happened. Our team is good enough to fly across the country for.
Lenny: What about last year when we won the championship?
Homer: That was a fluke. Now that we’re good again this season, it means we’re actually good.
Carl: Yeah, last year came out of nowhere. It was like when Leicester City won the Premier League in 2016.
Lenny: We don’t get your soccer references, Carl.
Carl: Sorry.
Intercom: We will begin the boarding process for Flight 196 to Boston shortly, starting with our Group One first-class passengers.
Lenny: Come on Carl, Group One — that’s us.
Carl: Yeah, let’s hit the fancy airport lounge before boarding starts!
Homer: What?! YOU guys are Group One?! FIRST CLASS?!
Lenny: Carl and I got upgraded.
Homer: But they only do that for newlyweds on their honeymoons and flight attendants on their off days!
Carl: Well, this time they did it ’cause we bought our tickets with points.
Homer: Points? That’s it? I’ve got tons of those on my driver’s license.
Lenny: No. Platinum Praetorian points.
Carl: *holding out thick metal credit card* We just got our credit cards in the mail — you get crazy benefits when you book flights.
Homer: But I want crazy benefits…
Lenny: Can’t without the points.
Homer: Fine…
Make Travelers Bump Into a Sad, Lonely Homer- x3. 6s
Make Lenny Drink Free Platinum Duff- 6s
Make Carl Get a Neck Massage- 6s
Make Homer Squeeze Into His Economy Middle Seat- 6s
Homer: That was the worst trip ever! Stuck in stupid economy, while you guys got to experience all the travel perks known to man.
Carl: Look, Homer, I’ll just send you my referral code, and you can apply for your own platinum card. That way you’ll get a nice point bonus in time for your next trip.
Lenny: Carl just wants you to do that so he can get even more points for himself. Use my code instead!
Carl: No way! I brought up the referral code thing first!
Homer: I don’t care about which code — send me both! Because I’m going straight home and getting myself a fancy Praetorian card!

Part 2

Lisa: Hi Dad, how was your trip?
Homer: No time! Must apply for credit card! *typing*
Homer: I guess I have to just keep applying… *typing*
Computer: APPROVED.
Homer: Woohoo!
Homer: How come Lenny and Carl can get approved for fancy cards, and I can’t?! We have the same job, and we even go to the same bar!
Lisa: Well, it does make some sense. Lenny and Carl don’t have mortgages, they don’t have kids, and they probably don’t throw all their “past-due” bills in the garbage.
Homer: Stupid kids! Ruining my financial health!
Lisa: Dad, have you ever sat down and actually taken a look at your credit report?
Homer: No, I pay “Credit Nirvana” $29.99 a month to take a look for me.
Lisa: Well, after we see what’s on there, maybe we can fix things. *typing*
Make Homer Give Lisa His Credit Nirvana Password- 6s
Make Lisa Log Into Homer’s Credit Nirvana Account- 6s
Make Bart Laugh at Homer’s Password- 6s
Lisa: Voila! Here’s your credit report, Dad.
Homer: AAAAH!
Lisa: Yeah, this is pretty unfixable.
Bart: Why do you have a Banana Republic credit card?
Homer: I don’t know. All I wanted to do was walk in and buy a pair of pants! It’s all I ever wanted…
Lisa: Wait, it says on the report that your spouse has a Platinum Praetorian Card and you’re listed as an “Authorized User”!
Homer: What?! Marge, do we have a Platinum Praetorian Card?!
Marge: Of course, it’s how we’re able to afford and book all of our “Simpsons Go To” vacations.
Lisa: Our what?
Marge: You know, all the trips we go on: Brazil, Australia, Costa Rica, England, Tokyo, Italy, France, Ireland…
Homer: Woo-hoo! That means we must have millions of travel points by now! Kids, where do you want to go to next? Because we’re all flying first-class and getting free neck massages at the airport lounge!
Lisa: Ooh! We should go on an ecological tour of the Galápagos!
Bart: Fiji! No — the Bahamas! No — whatever the island Fortnite is based on!
Marge: Homer, I am not going to waste all of our points on first class tickets to some random island. I book our trips using a very specific and cost-effective system of well-timed deals and promos.
Homer: Okay, then where does your *air quotes* “system” think we should go?
Marge: *typing* Hmm, my system is only giving me two choices that we can currently afford…
Homer: *praying* Please be somewhere awesome. Please be somewhere awesome…
Marge: Our choices are…a Crypto Cruise around a floating server farm in the North Sea…
Lisa: Sounds like a scam.
Marge: Or…a three day stay at Mt. Splashmore Water Park & Resort.
Bart and Lisa: Water park! Water park! Water park!
Homer: But Mt. Splashmore is right outside Springfield — which means we wouldn’t get to fly first-class or get free airport neck massages…
Bart and Lisa: Water park! Water park! Water park!
Homer: Fine, I’ll get my swimsuit…

After you’ve completed the tasks you’ll launch into the Splash and Burn mini-event…

The questline to follow for the free prizes is…The Devil and the Deep Blue Slide.

Prizes are as follows…

Swimsuit Homer- The Devil and the Deep Blue Slide Pt. 1 & 175

Quiet Rivers Bundle- The Devil and the Deep Blue Slide Pt. 2 & 175

Wavewalker- The Devil and the Deep Blue Slide Pt. 3 & 125

Devil’s Deluge- The Devil and the Deep Blue Slide  Pt. 4 & 125

H2WHOA!- The Devil and the Deep Blue Slide Pt. 5 & 205

Always nice to see a prize track full of new prizes…and not returning items. 

Characters who earn currency…

Sea Captain
Paul Flart (New Premium)

The turbo tappin’ post, which I’ll have up later, will show how you unlock each of these prizes.  But the basic gist is…follow the questline, unlock the prizes.  You guys should be pros at it by now! 🙂

The store is then full of new/returning items specifically for this event.

New stuff


Mt. Splashmore Slide & Paul Flart– 150 Donuts (earns Event Currency)

Returning Stuff

Wet ‘n’ Wacky World Sign- $100

Ancient Ornamental Pond- $2,500

Log Ride Short Track- 2

Log Ride Corner- 2

Long Ride Long Track- 3

Log Ride Plunge- 3

Log Ride Loop- 3

Beach Towel + Umbrella- 10

Police Boat- 30

Marine World Sign- 30

Marine World Fountain- 30

Fancy Oval Fountain- 30

Lifeguard Tower- 30

Mermaid Petting Zoo- 30

Police Boat- 30

Rowboat- 30

Aqua World Prison Tower- 30

Aqua World Fuel Tank- 35

Land Octopus Pen- 35

Battlescape- 35

King Snorky- 40

Aqua World Fishing Platform- 40

PaZIFFic Princess- 40

Aqua World Wharf- 40

Smooches on the Beach- 45

Tourist Information Center- 45

Siren Masthead- 45

Parent’s Island Gate- 45

Roller Coaster Weirdos- 45

Duff McShark Tank- 45

Not a Laser Shark Pool- 50

Burns Fountain- 55

Buckingham Pay-Less Motel- 55

Captain Bob- 65

Snuggler’s Cove- 65

Atlantis- 65

Resort Hotel- 70

Museum of Swordfish- 70

Coconut Babaloo- 70

Waterslide Tree- 70

Fotohut- 70

Rio Days-Inn-Ero- 70

Chinese Junk- 75

Klub Krusty Pool- 75

Royal Tokyo- 80

Krusty’s Retreat- 90

Capital City Plaza Hotel- 90

Slimu Auditorium- 90

Springfield Union Station- 90

Tunnel of Love Cave- 90

Suset Cruise Boat- 90

Beach House- 90

Log Ride- 100

Soarin’ Over Springfield + SV Attendant- 100

Cartoon Motel + Ms Mouse- 150

The First Class Lounge + Wheels McGrath- 150

Anchor Management + Don Brodka- 150

Big Airport Bundle + 2 Free Land Tokens- 150

Springfield Aquarium + Sarah Wiggum- 225

Whale- 300

There’s also a cash item available as well…

Bathing Suit Brockman + The Void- $9.99 USD.  A costume for Brockman + Building and a tray of donuts.

Shattered Dreams Mystery Box

Will reappear once you’ve completed this event with new items to “win”.  I’ll have a post on the updates to the box up later in the event.

The box will start for you as soon as you complete this event, and it will run until August 10th…which means THIS will likely be the series of events where we don’t get a break in-between.

And that’s it my friends, the details on the Splash and Burn mini-event!

Thoughts on the new event?  Premium character?  Prizes? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

31 responses to “Splash and Burn Is Live! The Rundown and What You Need to Know

  1. What is the building in the lower left corner of the event launch splash image? The one surrounded by water, some flags on top and little lifebuoys on the water?

  2. Shouldn’t Shattered Dreams tokens be available in the store? The first event with them was the only time I had them there. Or maybe that is just me and they are there for everyone else.

  3. how do i get waterslide tree. I don’t have it, and can’t find it?

    • Having the same problem

      • If you figure it out please let me know.

        • I’ll do that. I have also written to the Facebook page with no response. Also please let me know if you find a solution

          • I will !

            • Alissa said the tree should be in our inventory if the game is prompting us to use it. I checked mine but it wasn’t there. Thought it might be an unfinished building in my Springfield but I couldn’t find it there either. Hope yours is in one of those places.

              • I have checked my investory and store many times. But I haven’t checked my town. I have just looket in the hole city. It was there and was finished. I moved it a fem times and now it is working. Thanks 😊

              • I have checked my inventory and store many times. But I haven’t checked my town. I have now looket my in my hole town and I found it. I mowed it a few times and now it is working. Thank you 👍😊

  4. Any idea how big this water park is going to be? I’ve got lots of land but wondering where to put this. Thnx

  5. Jack Stinkicat

    Is it possible to aquire more runway?

  6. Hi, i just bought the airport, how does it work?

    It says I can use plane tickets to start jobs but not sure how to get them?

    Sorry if there is a orevious post about this I couldnt find it


  7. Janette Martinez

    Why does everyone just go back into the airport? I can’t get past the first part. Closed everything out on my iPad, rebooted and still the same issue. Anyone else having this problem?

  8. My Soarin’ Over Springfield doesn’t show as coming with SVT Attendant

  9. The Airport is back! Waited so long…

  10. I’m a water slide fan, so this event is a treat! I love it! I’m going to build an island just for the water slide park. Thank you EA!

  11. Thank you for the update Alissa! 👍🏻


    Best Premium Character Combo I’ve seen in a while (Paul Flart w/Mt Splashmore Slide! I don’t remember if he was voiced in the 3D Cartoon Short Homer and Barney saw on the Aztec Theater – lol!) worth the 🍩’s (make room for the Building, it’s worth it if you are creating a Water Park in Krustyland!)

    Funny Character Skin (Swimsuit Homer Simpson – I know we have too many Homer Skins, too many Homer Variants – it’s same thing within the Animated Series – lol!)

    Great Building (you got to make room for it, but you can create a Water Park inside Krustyland with H2Whoa!)


    For a Mini Event? It’s padded with a lot of Crap Decor Prizes! (some Tappers are going to decide if it’s worth playing the whole way through 1 Character Skin + 3 Decorations just to get 1 Building! I won’t be surprised for those who decide not to Tap because we all know this Content will end up in a Mystery Box!)


    You could say the $9.99 🍩’s Deal is worth it if you want the Kent Brockman Swimsuit Character Skin + a HUGE Decoration (if neither appeals to you? then it’s “meh” because this Content will end up in a Mystery Box!)

    There is no right, or wrong, way to play TSTO …. you Tap, or don’t Tap (I’m sorry that New Tappers are going to have to spend real 💵’s for 🍩’s for Returning Content until you level up enough to 🍩 Farm, I wish half of it was available for Simpsons 💵’s just to give New Tappers a chance!)

    • totally disagree with the LOW section. I was in the middle of re-doing/expanding my krustyland. I am removing Parents Island and making it Mt Splashmore. im V excited about the decor!

  12. Seekeroftr848

    Any idea what is in the Airport Bundle? I’m hoping there’s runway tiles as that’s what I need the most!!!

  13. I’m happy with any new material/items…even though this is one of the few times I’ve been “meh” about an event. Besides most prizes being water slides, My only issue is a group of people..”roller coaster weirdos” ..being 45 donuts. I’ve always regretted not getting more of these “groups of people” in the past, and i think they’re normally 10 donuts…but 45?…that’s too much. Other than that…I always love new dialogue…and any new prizes.

  14. I bought Soarin’, but the SVT Attendao skin didn’t appear. Do you recall whether is triggered only after the Soarin’ questline is done? (The characters for that are all required for the primary quests here, so that may take a while.)

  15. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This mini-event HAS GOT TO BE THE BEST EVER YET!!! it’s fantastic so good!! 2022 has been so good (Tapped-Out wise!!) so excited for Halloween and Christmas, my two favourites ahaha

  16. Awesome.

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