Showbiz Showdown Act 3 Full Dialogue: Crossover Chaos

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As we prepare for Act 4 of Showbiz Showdown to start up tomorrow, it’s time to wrap up Act 3 with a pretty little bow in the form of hilarious dialogue!

So here’s the full dialogue for Crossover Chaos…just in case you missed it by tappin’ too fast!

Crossover Chaos Pt. 1

Krusty: What the heck are all these superheroes doing in my movie?!
Polystar Executive: Trust me, you won’t even notice they’re on set.
Airshot: For this next scene, do I take out the bad guys with my missile launcher or my machine gun?
Krusty: I’m NOTICING!
Polystar Executive: Look, Krusty, you still have full control over your project, but we retain the right to retcon crossovers.
Krusty: Ugh, how did I not see this in my contract?!
Polystar Executive: You never read your contract.
Krusty: Right. That’s how.
Make Polystar Executive Bring in Crossovers- 4hrs
Make Krusty Regret Not Reading the Fine Print- 4hrs
Collect Ray Guns- x115. 4hrs.
Moby Man: Where are we setting up the underwater fight scene? All I see is sand.
Krusty: That’s because this movie takes place in a desert.
Moby Man: An underwater fight scene in a desert? Epic!

Crossover Chaos Pt. 2

Krusty: Well, we pulled an all-nighter to get Magnesium Man’s scenes done, but we finally got it.
Lisa: What an emotional tour-de-force!
Magnesium Man: And those are real tears. I was genuinely crying because it’s so hot inside this suit.
Polystar Executive: Great work, Krusty. Now all this film needs is some space aliens in the background fighting each other.
Krusty: We don’t have any space aliens in this movie.
Polystar Executive: We do when we add them in digitally.
Krusty: That sounds expensive.
Polystar Executive: I hope it IS expensive! Our market research tells us that big budget means bigger box office.
Krusty: You can stick your market research and your aliens and your big B.O. right up your—
Marge: Stay calm, Krusty. Let me get the studio’s set anesthesiologist.
Dr Nick: Hi everybody. Did someone order coma juice?
Krusty: Crank it all the way up, Doc.
Dr Nick: Just remember: If you take my happy breath, you can’t sue for wrongful death!
Make Polystar Executive Add Digital Effects- 4hrs
Make Dr. Nick Administer Sleeping Gas- 4hrs
Make Krusty Take a “Nap”- 4hrs
Collect Ray Guns- x115. 4hrs.  

Crossover Chaos Pt. 3

Hydrangea: So can I still summon sentient plants even though this is a desert scene?
Krusty: No. We’re in a freakin’ desert. There’s no plant life.
Airshot: What about cactuses?
Black Voodoo: Actually it’s “cacti”. The plural form of “cactus” is “cacti”.
Airshot: So the plural of “walrus” would be “walri?”
Hydrangea: Can we get back to me? Krusty, how about a sentient cactus?
Krusty: That’s it. I’m going to my trailer and shutting the door on you freaks!
Make Airshot Look Up the Word “Cacti”- 4hrs
Make Black Voodoo Take Bets- 4hrs
Make Hydrangea Ask About More Plants- 4hrs
Make Krusty Retreat to His Trailer- 4hrs
Collect Ray Guns- x145. 4hrs.  

Crossover Chaos Pt. 4

Marge: Krusty, you’ve been locked in your trailer all day. Is everything alright?
Krusty: No! Polystar Pictures is ruining my movie!
Marge: I’m at least glad to see you actually care about the movie now.
Krusty: I only took this gig for the paycheck. But watching fakakta Hollywood twist this movie into a mess is giving me ulcers. If anyone’s going to ruin my movie, it better be me!
Marge: Well, you are the director, aren’t you? So maybe it’s time you start directing.
Krusty: You’re right, Marge. I’m gonna turn this thing around and make the best movie “The Sands of Space” can be! Right after my medically induced nap. Call in Doctor Nick!
Make Marge Give Krusty a Pep Talk- 4hrs
Make Krusty Call Dr. Nick Back In- 4hrs
Collect Ray Guns- x145. 4hrs.
Krusty: Everyone, I’ve got a big announcement to make. As many of you know, there’s been a lot of changes to the script recently…
Homer: There’s a script for this junkpile?
Krusty: But as of today, I am happy to announce—
Polystar Executive: I’ll take it from here. Krusty is happy to announce that Chinnos will be joining our cast!
Chinnos: Hi, everyone.
Krusty: What?!
Polystar Executive: The movie could use another supervillain. Let’s face it, yours left a little to be desired.
Hans Mechman: Hans Mechman has been upstaged again.
Krusty: *faints*
Chinnos: Amazing, I know people get starstruck meeting me, but I’ve never had the director faint before.

Crossover Chaos Pt. 5

Krusty: What happened? Where am I?
Marge: We’re in your trailer. You fainted during the meeting.
Homer: Then someone ate your condor egg omelet. NO witnesses.
Krusty: *sighs* Who am I kidding. This film’s out of control and I’m not the clown to fix it.
Marge: So you’re just giving up? Who will direct the movie?
Krusty: There’s only one man who has the killer instinct to see this movie to “the end” credit. I’m calling in that man.
Homer: Shall I order him up a condor egg omelet?!
Make Krusty Call in Backup- 4hrs
Make Homer Look for Another Omelet- 4hrs
Collect Ray Guns- x185. 4hrs.
Krusty: I appreciate you agreeing to help me out of this mess, Sideshow Bob.
Sideshow Bob:  I’m not being completely altruistic. This does fulfill my obligation for community service.
Bart: You’re bringing Sideshow Bob on board? That dude has tried to kill me!
Sideshow Bob:  Only once or twice or thirteen times.
Krusty: He’s the only one I know with any Hollywood experience. And we’re lucky to catch him while he’s out on parole.
Bart: He’s gonna try to kill me again!
Krusty: Tell ya what…if he does, he loses his parking space. I’ll put it in his contract.

And that’s it my friends, the full Act 3 dialogue for Showbiz Showdown!  Ready for what Act 4 has in store?

Thoughts on the questline? Event? Storyline?   Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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