Tragic Magic Prize Guide: The Great Simpsina

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It is update time in Springfield my friends! How will the magic play out?  You’ve got to play the update to find out.

Remember, this event is designed to follow a series of tasks via the questline to unlock prizes.  For each of the parts of The Greatest Trick Ever Performed  questline, you’ll have to earn via various character tasks in order to unlock the prize for that part.

So let’s take a look at the brand costume on this prize track, the great Simpsina….

The Great Simpsina is a  brand new costume for Lisa and part of the Tragic Magic Character Collection:

How You Unlock it:
The Greatest Trick Ever Performed Pt. 1
Make Lida Summon the Lard-Beast of Donuth- 4hrs
Make Maggie Banish the Beast- 4hrs
Make Hudson Watch and Be Amazed- 4hrs
Make Marge Grumble About Courtney’s Presence- 4hrs
Collect Magic Wands- x185. 4hrs

Once achieved you’ll unlock the Great Simpsina…

The Great Simpsina does come with a full questline, here’s a look at that questline:

The Grand Return, Pt. 1
The Great Simpsina starts

The Great Simpsina: And that’s the end of the show! Goodnight Springfield! Wow, I really missed the buzz you get when you perform!
The Great Raymondo: And I really missed the buzz you get seeing someone great perform!
The Great Simpsina: Raymondo! I thought you retired in Florida!
The Great Raymondo: You know, being the Orlando Magic’s halftime magician wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. How have you been, Lisa?
The Great Simpsina: Oh, you know. Surviving the never-ending pandemic, potential recession, democracy hanging by a thread — the usual.
The Great Raymondo: Well, at least you weren’t in Florida during all that…
The Great Simpsina: I have been keeping up with my magic at least.
The Great Raymondo: I can see that! I’m glad you found your way back to the stage.And speaking of that, would you humor this old magician by showing me the nuts and bolts of your act?
The Great Simpsina: But a magician never reveals the secrets of a trick.
The Great Raymondo: Who the heck taught you that?
The Great Simpsina: You! *big laughs*
The Great Raymondo: But seriously, you’ll show me, right?
The Great Simpsina: Of course!
Make The Great Simpsina Perform for Raymondo- 4hrs
Make The Great Raymondo Watch Proudly- 4hrs
The Great Simpsina: *puff of smoke* Ta-da!
The Great Raymondo: Very good, Lisa. You are truly a wonder!
The Great Simpsina: Aww, thank you, Raymondo.
The Great Raymondo: I do have a few notes though…
The Great Simpsina: Okay, give ’em to me. I can take it.
The Great Raymondo: I think you’ll need a pen and paper.
The Great Simpsina: *grabs pen*
The Great Raymondo: Not that pen. It only writes with disappearing ink.
The Great Simpsina: I’ll just type everything onto my phone…

The Grand Return, Pt. 2
The Great Simpsina starts

The Great Simpsina: Okay. Time to finally show off what the Great Raymondo has taught me.
Maggie:: *suck suck*
The Great Simpsina: I should probably practice a bit before I go outside, though.
Maggie: *suck suck*
The Great Simpsina: Maggie! Would you like to help me out and be my audience for a bit?
Maggie: *excited giggle*
Make The Great Simpsina Practice Magic “Conjuring”- 4hrs
Make Maggie Be Amazed By Her Sister- 4hrs
Maggie: *suck suck*
The Great Simpsina: Did you enjoy that?
Maggie: *excited clapping*
The Great Simpsina: Do you think I’m ready for a public performance?
Maggie: *suck suck*

The Grand Return, Pt. 3
The Great Simpsina starts

The Great Simpsina: People of Springfield! I, The Great Simpsina, am here to dazzle and delight you with magical feats of impossibility and wonder! But first, I want to introduce my opening act, Krusty the Clown!
Krusty: What? Opening act?
Ron Rabinowitz: Krusty, you gotta do this gig. You’re in serious financial trouble.
Krusty: How bad?
Ron Rabinowitz: Quibi bad. Your creditors are repossessing everything they can. They’re even taking Sideshow Mel’s hair bone as we speak.
Sideshow Mel: That bone doesn’t belong to Krusty! I stole it from the Natural History Museum in the 1980s.
Krusty: *moans* Fine, I’ll open for the little magician…
Make The Great Simpsina Show Off Magic- 4hrs
Make Krusty Perform as an Opening Act- 4hrs
Make Springfielders Watch the Show- x5. 4hrs
The Great Simpsina: *huge puff of smoke* Ta-da! And that’s our show!
Krusty: Man, that girl’s pretty good. She’s even getting a standing ovation!
Ron Rabinowitz: I’ve got good news, Krusty. The IRS are preparing to raid your house tomorrow morning.
Krusty: How is that good news?
Ron Rabinowitz: Because now that we know about it in advance, I’ve booked you on a six-month long comedy cruise ship.
Krusty: What?
Ron Rabinowitz: And by the time the ship returns to shore, the IRS will move on to some other bankrupt C-list celebrity — no offense.
Krusty: None taken.
Ron Rabinowitz: So what do you say?
Krusty: Can I bring Mr. Teeny?
Ron Rabinowitz: I forgot to tell you: Mr. Teeny got repossessed. He’s in the circus now.
Krusty: Why’d I have to invest in Netflix at the most inopportune time?!
Ron Rabinowitz: Come on, Krusty, we don’t want you to miss the boat.
Krusty: I should know. Not wanting to miss the boat was my investment strategy!

The Grand Return, Pt. 4
The Great Simpsina starts

The Great Simpsina: That went really well! I don’t know why I was so nervous.
Angelica Button: That was quite an interesting performance, Lisa!
The Great Simpsina: Thank you, Angelica Button.
Angelica Button: I just don’t quite understand what you were trying to achieve and how you did it.
The Great Simpsina: Well, it’s just pretty standard stage magic.
Angelica Button: But it wasn’t magic at all.
The Great Simpsina: No, I guess it really wasn’t. It’s a mix of illusions, sleight-of-hand, and some general showmanship.
Angelica Button: So, it’s sort of like professional wrestling on American TV? Fake blood, scripted storylines, pyrotechnics?
The Great Simpsina: Well, not exactly…
Make The Great Simpsina Explain Stage Magic to a Wizard- 4hrs
Make Angelica Button Try To Understand- 4hrs
The Great Simpsina: It’s not about doing real magic. There’s enough of that in Springfield already.
Angelica Button: Especially now that I’m here.
The Great Simpsina: Stage magic is about performing something that the audience knows is a trick. They go into it knowing that the whole thing is an illusion.
Angelica Button: Then why do they watch?
The Great Simpsina: Because, when done well, it still looks like magic. It still feels like magic. It’s something they know can be explained, while still being fantastic. It allows them to wonder and dream.
The Great Raymondo: Very true, my dear.
Angelica Button: Aah! Where’d you come from?
The Great Raymondo: *stepping out of nearby coffin* And the fact that it isn’t magic makes it all the more magical, in the end.
Angelica Button: Wow, that’s really nice actually. Maybe I should try doing one of these magic shows.
The Great Simpsina: No way!
The Great Raymondo: You have actual magic powers. There’s so much good you could be doing in the world right now.
The Great Simpsina: You could reverse climate change with one spell, stop hunger with a flick of your wrist…
Angelica Button: Fine, fine, I’ll try to make a difference or whatever…

The Great Simpsina’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Reshuffle Trick Decks 1hr $70, 17xp Simpson House
Practice Magic Conjuring 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Show Off Magic 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside/Visual
Study New Illusions 12hrs $420, 100xp Magic Shop
Shop for New Stage Attire 24hrs $600, 150xp Magic Shop

And that’s it my friends, the details on The Great Simpsina!

Up Next? The rest of this mini-event prize track!

Thoughts on the Great Simpsina? Questline?  Tasks? Event? Sound off below.

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