Tragic Magic Premium Dialogue Princess Opal

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It is update time in Springfield my friends!  Of course, an all-new event means all-new premium content in our stores, just tempting us to drop those pink sprinkles!

Arriving with this mini-event, Princess Opal is an all-new premium character to help navigate the event.  Not only will Opal help earn event currency, but she also comes with a short questline.

So let’s take a look at the questline for Opal, here’s the full dialogue for Moving in Hex-Filled Circles…

More details on Princess Opal can be found here…

Moving In Hex-Filled Circles, Pt. 1
Princess Opal starts

Princess Opal: Phew. That’s the last box of crystal balls…Now I’m all moved in! Just need to put blackout curtains on every window, and plug-in my neon “PSYCHIC” sign! Oh, there’s one last box…*opens a box* Ahh, potions. My best seller. Wait, where are the labels? The movers probably dropped this box; the labels are all over the place!  I really need to stop making every single one the same color. *sigh* The only way to tell what they do now is to taste each one.
You’d think I’d have a better system than this…
Make Princess Opal Taste Mislabeled Potions- 4hrs
Princess Opal: Whew. I need a better system for identifying what those do. Especially since now I think my face is frozen like this. You know what? I’m going to go to that delivery company and complain about them breaking all my stuff!

Moving In Hex-Filled Circles, Pt. 2
Princess Opal starts

Princess Opal: Hello? I’m here to file a complaint with the team who moved my items.
Fat Tony: A complaint, you say. Well, well, well. You’ve come to the wrong place. If I were you, I’d move along.
Princess Opal: The lugs you had moving my stuff managed to break my crystal ball, shake up all my potions, and break my only fax machine.
Fat Tony: Who uses a fax machine anymore?
Princess Opal: Me! I use a fax machine!
Fat Tony: Okay, okay… Boys? What do you have to say about this teller of fortunes’ claims?
Legs: That crystal ball was broken when we got there, boss.
Louie: And the potions were probably just shook up by the drive over.
Frankie The Squealer: And I broke her fax machine, just like you told me to.
Fat Tony:
Frankie The Squealer: Oh, I mean…it was like that when I found it?
Fat Tony: Boys, please take Frankie outside and have a chat with him.
Make Princess Opal Wonder What She’s Gotten Herself Into- 4hrs
Make Fat Tony Wonder Why He Keeps Trusting Frankie- 4hrs
Make Legs Take Frankie the Squealer Outside- 4hrs
Make Louie Take Frankie the Squealer Outside- 4hrs
Make Frankie The Squealer Prepare for “Education”- 4hrs
Fat Tony: Now, Miss Calabresi, you were saying?
Princess Opal: Calabresi? My name isn’t Calabresi.
Fat Tony: Hmm…
Frankie The Squealer: It’s true, boss. She’s not.
Fat Tony: What was that, Frankie?
Frankie The Squealer: She’s not the Calabresi dame. Just a fortune teller who runs a store.
Fat Tony:
Princess Opal: Is this a bad time? I can come back later…

Moving In Hex-Filled Circles, Pt. 3
Princess Opal starts

Fat Tony: I would like to offer you my most sincere apology, Miss Opal. It appears that we received some bad information from an informant. Who I will need to track down and demand restitution for your losses.
Princess Opal: Do you need help finding them?
Fat Tony: …what are you offering?
Princess Opal: I don’t just offer Tarot readings as a scam. If it’ll help me get paid faster, I’m more than happy to help track someone down.
Fat Tony: What do you need?
Make Princess Opal Read Tarot Cards- 4hrs
Make Fat Tony Think of Future Opportunities- 4hrs
Princess Opal: Okay here are the cards. Here’s Justice, and the Eight of Swords…this man is in prison.
Fat Tony: …anything else?
Princess Opal: The Sun, reversed…he is vain, concerned with outward appearances.
Legs: Snake.
Louie: Definitely Snake.
Fat Tony: Thank you for your assistance, Miss Opal. We will have payment for your belongings shortly.

Moving In Hex-Filled Circles, Pt. 4
Princess Opal starts

Princess Opal: So, I may have sent the mafia after a criminal. I should probably be more worried about that, but it’s what I get for choosing “Mafia Movers”, I suppose.
Snake: Ho, fortune-teller lady!
Princess Opal: Oh! You’re…here!
Snake: Someone is after me, and I need something that’ll help me escape!
Princess Opal: For a rush service like that, I’ll require cash up front.
Snake: *produces a large bag of money*
Make Princess Opal Find a Potion That’ll “Help”- 4hrs
Make Snake Wonder What the Fax Machine is- 4hrs
Princess Opal: Here you go. One potion of invisibility.
Snake: Invisibility? Lady, I wasn’t born yesterday.
Princess Opal: Results are guaranteed! One drop and you’ll be completely invisible, and no one will be able to find you.
Snake: All right… *takes a drop of the potion* Whoa! That’s some gnarly potion.
Princess Opal: Enjoy!
Snake: Ta-ta, magic lady. *door opens and closes*
Princess Opal: I wonder if I should have told him that it’ll only last about five minutes…

Moving In Hex-Filled Circles, Pt. 5
Princess Opal starts

Princess Opal: Fat Tony. Did you manage to find the man who sent you after me?
Fat Tony: We did. And we were able to get money from him to cover your expenses. He did, however, tell us that you set him up.
Princess Opal: Me? Set him up? How would a humble fortune teller such as myself pull that off?
Fat Tony: He said that he came in here to buy a potion that would help him get away. And then he said that it only lasted five minutes before it wore off…taking his hair with it. I greatly admire your work, Miss Opal.
Princess Opal: Why thank you, Anthony. May I call you Anthony?
Fat Tony: Perhaps we should discuss over dinner tonight.
Make Princess Opal Have Dinner With Fat Tony- 4hrs
Make Fat Tony Be a Perfect Gentleman- 4hrs
Fat Tony: Thank you, Miss Opal, for the wonderful evening tonight.
Princess Opal: Oh, Anthony. It was my pleasure. Just be sure to call me if you need anyone else tracked down. You’ll find my rates most affordable. Now, the only thing that’s left is seeing if anyone in this city knows how to fix a fax machine…

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20 responses to “Tragic Magic Premium Dialogue Princess Opal

  1. I am still stuck on this task with Princess Opal. Does anyone have any idea when this will be fixed?

  2. I have downloaded it on my Android tablet, as well as, on my iPad and can’t complete the task😥

  3. Same problem. Didn’t store the table. Don’t have the fortune teller, doesn’t tell me I need her. Task not completed, redlined out, not yellow in list. Did Fat Tony, shows he completed it. Glitch needs fixed.

  4. I have exactly the same problem, and I did not store the table but placed it right away. Guess we have to wait for EA to fix it 🙁

    • I wonder what the variable is that makes the difference as to whether one can finish that task. Maybe if folks posted what they did/have and whether they were able to complete that task, we could isolate it.

      To that end, I was, fortunately, able to complete the task. I play on an iPad and had all event items, including the tarot table, placed as soon as I got it and left out. I sent her on the task at a time when I had all characters free (only sending the other on tasks after I sent her on her Part 3 task). I don’t know whether any of those things were the key, or whether it was something else I haven’t thought of, or whether it’s just random (which seems unlikely, programmatically, but….).

  5. If you stored the Tarot table and only took it out when the questline required it, you apparently get stuck on the Read Tarot Cards task. It’s a glitch that will require a fix from EA. Only people that left the Tarot table out can apparently advance on the questline. That’s the downside of too many items – unless it’s a character or bonus item, I store everything so I don’t hit the item limit. Hopefully it will rectify mid-October (?) when the Halloween event starts.

    • I didn’t store the table, I placed it immediately and I’ve got the glitch, so storing the table doesn’t seem to be what’s causing the problem. Just have to hope EA fixes it quickly.

    • I had every non-character from the event stored and only took out the Tarot table when needed. I have the Fortune Teller, so it used her when needed. Only characters I had on jobs were Yahweh (on one of the numbered tasks to his last 24hr for 7 donuts) and all the characters recycling metal, plastic & glass for the Rail Yard tasks. May or may not have had Cookie working at the Prospector Shack on his 8hr task, I don’t remember. So not much to cause an issue. (Also had the XP Multiplier running on 10 days charge.)

      • I have left my tarot table out as soon as I got it and like everyone else is saying, it’s stuck with the red line through it. My character is free and I’ve let her do the job several times🤷

        • What I don’t understand it’s why I WAS able to complete that task….was anyone else able to? If so, maybe we could figure out what we have in common. (I tried to get at that in my earlier comment, above.) Is this an iOS vs Android thing, maybe? I play on an ipad, if that helps. Also, has anyone checked EA’s TSTO forum to see what folks over there have maybe figured out?

  6. Mine is supposed to the tarot reading quest. The quest is not highlighted when i click on her. I do the tarot reading but the quest stays undone.

  7. I was stuck too because I was confused by the Fortune Teller. It’s not the machine, it’s the character. She needs to be available.

  8. I am stuck too… People keep going to the casino after they have been clicked on… Can’t store it to get them to stop.

  9. My Princess Opal is also stuck at Quest 3. I’ve sent her to do the tarot reading several times but her quest still has a red strike through it. I’m guessing there’s a bug since others are having this issue as well?

  10. Still stuck in the middle of Pt. 3. “Read Tarot Cards” is not highlighted in yellow, so it doesn’t matter how many times the task is assigned, it won’t complete.

  11. My Princess Opal can’t get past quest 3. She is stuck on left side with a red line. I’ve tried storing her shop and her but doesn’t make any difference. Any ideas on how to fix? Not happy as I paid to get her.

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