THOH XXXIII Act 3 Wrap Up: Everything Contained in Act 3

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

In an effort to save time and energy for myself, I think these wrap-up posts might be here for a bit.  I’ll try to get them up earlier, like this one, but I do think they’ll be here for the foreseeable future.  So, here’s the full round-up of everything you’ll need for Act 3.

This post will cover everything from the questlines, to character tasks, to prize breakdowns, and everything in-between.  So here. we. go…

Let’s kick off with a quick premium breakdown…

The Act 3 combo is H.P. Lovecraft and Fogbury Port

Building/Decoration: Fogbury Port (and Sign)
Character: H.P. Lovecraft
Donut Cost: 150 Donuts
Port: 6×16 Sign 2×4
$500, 45xp/24hrs
Port Consumerism +20, Sign Socialism +10
Can Be Placed:
Port: Water Only Sign: Grass| Pavement| Boardwalk| Pier| Dirt

The Rundown:
-Standard price for a character/building combo
-Helps earn event currency at a premium rate
-Not Voiced
-Comes with questline
-Visual Tasks are 8 and 12hrs
-Sea Captain has a 6hr task at the Port (Get Lost in the Fog)

H.P. Lovecraft’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Read About Himself Online 1hr $105, 26xp Springfield Library
Try to get Woke 4hrs $260, 70xp Springfield Library
Pitch Already Done Ideas 8hrs $420, 105 Outside/Visual
Try to Get New Ideas 12hrs $600, 150xp Outside/Visual
Collect Cthulhu Plushies 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Stores in Springfield

Full dialogue questline…

The Greed-Quest of Well-Known Kadath Pt. 1

Polystar Executive: H.P.! Thanks for coming in, babe.
H P Lovecraft: I only came because I’ve heard the movie business is insane and full of lunatics.
Polystar Executive: I love it! Or should I say, I Lovecraft it!
H P Lovecraft: No, don’t say that.
Polystar Executive: H.P., you’re one of the great, twisted minds in entertainment. The movie business needs you!
H P Lovecraft: I detest moving pictures. Print is my preferred medium. Besides, my works are all in the public domain. There’s nothing stopping you from making “Call of Cthulhu 2: Redial”.
Polystar Executive: Wait, wait! Let me write that down. What was that again?Make Polystar Executive Pitch Lovecraft on Pitching- 4hrs
Make Lovecraft Get Pitched on Pitching-4hrs

The Greed-Quest of Well-Known Kadath Pt. 2

H P Lovecraft: You’re right. I AM a creative genius, and I need to share my gift with the world!
Polystar Executive: Remember, it takes an executive’s meddling for creativity to truly become genius.
H P Lovecraft: Get this: an amateur astronomer observes the night sky when he sees…strangely colored lights!
Polystar Executive: Uh-huh. And?
H P Lovecraft: And he goes insane!
Polystar Executive: That’s not a story! There’s no hero’s journey, no romance, no villain…
H P Lovecraft: Uh…the astronomer turns from the stars, travels to Polystar Pictures, makes love to the film executive’s fiancée, and then runs over the executive using the Polystar tram.
Polystar Executive: Now we’ve got a story!
Make Lovecraft Pitch Already-Done Ideas- 4hrs
Make Polystar Executive Shoot Down Already-Done Ideas-4hrs
H P Lovecraft: A small, New England town is terrorized by…a shark!
Polystar Executive: That’s Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws”.
H P Lovecraft: What if it was a Mid-Atlantic town?
Polystar Executive: I’m listening…
H P Lovecraft:And the shark—
Polystar Executive: Has a flame thrower! And the flame-throwing shark battles a giant ape who has a really hot girlfriend!
H P Lovecraft:Um, okay. I guess so?
Polystar Executive: Money!
H P Lovecraft: Ugh, what have I become?

The Greed-Quest of Well-Known Kadath Pt. 3

H P Lovecraft: I have to get away from that studio fool. Being around him has made me a shell of my creative self! “Shell”…hmm. Maybe a giant crab…fights crime…and has a hot girlfriend! Argh, that’s terrible! That exec has given me horror writer’s block!
Make Lovecraft Try to Get New Ideas- 4hrs
H P Lovecraft My walk around Springfield gave me a great new idea: a hapless dolt is irradiated in an accident, and turned into—
Polystar Executive: Put a pin in it, H.P. I’m watching this breaking news story.
Kent Brockman: We take you live to the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, where Homer Simpson has been irradiated into a glowing monstrosity.
Radioactive Homer: RAAAARH!
Polystar Executive: Wow, that’s crazy! Anyway, you were saying?
H P Lovecraft: Never mind. A real hapless dolt just stole my idea.

Ok let’s talk prizes…

Here’s the Act 2 prize track…

Father Ben (Character)- The Conjurationing Pt. 1 and 115
Crate and Burial (Building)-
The Conjurationing Pt. 2 and 115
Springfield Forever Cemetery (Decoration)-
The Conjurationing Pt. 3 and 145
Ghost Cemetery (Decoration)-
The Conjurationing Pt. 4 and 145
Luxury Crypt (Building)-
The Conjurationing Pt. 5 and 185

Let’s break them down…

Father Ben is an un-voiced Character for Springfield. Comes with a full set of tasks and questline.

Father Ben’s Permanent Tasks

Task Length Earns Location
Pack His Exorcising Bag 1hr $70, 17xp St. Pauls/St. Basils/Westminster Abbey/Homes in Springfield
Polish his Fancy Cross Collection 4hrs $175, 45xp St. Pauls/St. Basils/Westminster Abbey/Homes in Springfield
Grab a Confessional Booth Nap 8hrs $275, 70xp St. Pauls/St. Basils/Westminster Abbey/Homes in Springfield
Try to Exorcise a Demon 12hrs $420, 100xp Outside/Visual
Get Some Exorcise 24hrs $600, 150xp Outside/Visual

And here’s the questline…

Is There an Exorcist in the House? Pt. 1

Father Ben: Halloween is over and yet there are still vampires and werewolves wandering the streets. What a fun town!
Helen Lovejoy: Fun?! Every Halloween more devils and demons arrive, and then they stay!
Father Ben: Why hasn’t anyone done anything about these demons?
Helen Lovejoy: We’re Protestants. Our job is to blame everything on video games and Hollywood. You’re the Catholic. Do something!
Father Ben: Sweet Jebus, this sounds like a lot of work. I better make sure I’m in shape!
Make Father Ben Get Some Exorcise4hrs

Is There an Exorcist in the House? Pt. 2

Father Ben: Pardon me, ma’am, but have you seen any demons lately?
Beatrice: No, sir.
Father Ben: How about you? Have you seen any demons?
Old Scratch: Nope! Not a one.
Father Ben: I remember a day when asking around town would turn up a River Styx boatload of Satan’s minions.
The Devil: I’m with ya! They musta unionized and now hide from work. Hey, wait, look! There’s one now. Get him!
Grampa: Dee-deedle-dum-dee-dum-deedle— Huh?!
Make Father Ben Try to Exorcise Abe Simpson- 4hrs
Make Lisa Try to Save Grampa from Father Ben – 4hrs
Make Grampa Try to Enjoy a Toaster Tart- 4hrs
Make The Devil Try to Get Friends to Work for Pizza- 4hrs
Lisa: Grampa’s not possessed, that’s just his Halloween sugar rush!
Father Ben: Gosh, I’m sorry! Sugar and possession run in very similar families.
Lisa: The toaster tarts at the Retirement Castle are loaded with sugar.
Grampa: Round there we pass ’em around like prison money.

Is There an Exorcist in the House? Pt. 3

Helen Lovejoy: Father Ben! There are still demons roaming the streets of Springfield.
Father Ben: I’ve seen a mummy or two, but you know, as I search for evil, Springfield actually seems like a pretty nice place! Maybe we could focus on the good in this town instead of looking for evil around every corner?
Helen Lovejoy: That’s crazy talk! Now are you going to do something about these demons, or not?
Father Ben: *sigh* Fine! I’ll exorcise the first demon I see.
Make Father Ben Try to Exorcise a Demon4hrs

Is There an Exorcist in the House? Pt. 4

Demon Technician: Whoa, dude, you didn’t scare the devil out of that kid, you scared the heaven!
Father Ben: Yeah. Turns out I’m not a very good exorcism priest.
Demon Technician: Tell ya what. How ’bout I help you get a win?
Father Ben: You’d do that for me?
Demon Technician: Of course! Good and Evil have a Yin and Yang relationship, right?
Make Father Ben Pretend to Exorcise a Demon4hrs
Make Demon Technician Pretend to Be Exorcised- 4hrs
Father Ben: Begone, foul spawn of Lucifer! The power of Christ compels thee!
Demon Technician: *idle whistling*
Father Ben: What are you doing?
Demon Technician: I was waiting to hear what I’m compelled to do.
Father Ben: You’re compelled to begone!
Demon Technician: Ohhhh. Then begone it is…to the wine bar where the first glass is on me!
Father Ben: Sounds good! I declare this place demon free!
Helen Lovejoy: Wonderful! Now how ’bout exorcizing questionable books out of the public library?
Father Ben: It never ends with these people. *sigh*


Crate and BurialNew Building for Springfield

Size: 4×6
Build Time: 4hrs
Earns: $75, 7xp/3hrs
Conform: Consumerism +10
Task: Willie has a 6hr task there, Comparison Shop Caskets

Springfield Forever Cemetery, decoration for Springfield

Size: 12×12
Conform: Righteousness+10
Other: Animated when tapped, movie plays on screen

Ghost Cemetery. Decoration for Springfield

Size: 3×3
Conform: Righteousness+10
Other: Animated when tapped


Luxury Crypt. New building for Springfield

Size: 5×4
Build Time: 4hrs
Earns: $90,10xp/4hrs
Conform: Obedience +10
Task: Burns has a 6hr task there, Visit Old Friends

And finally here’s the full dialogue version of the Act 3 main questline…

The Conjurationing Pt. 1

Lisa: So it’s Mopey Mary…fine. I’m just glad you’re teaching Springfield what macabre really is, Mr. Poe.
Edgar Allan Poe: Mopey Mary, if you would be so kind as to terrorize the oafish denizens of this forlorn municipality…
Mopey Mary: I’m on it! Springfield, prepare to have your souls plunged into darkness, despair, and— Wait, is that a pumpkin bouncy house?
Bart: You betcha.
1Make Lisa Try to Convince Mary to Be Scary- 4hrs
Make Poe Be Disappointed in His Summoning-
Make Mopey Mary Play in the Bouncy House-
Collect Tombstones- x115
Edgar Allan Poe: But…I don’t understand. I was sure Mopey Mary would terrify your entire city!
Lisa: Things not working out…you’ll get used to it with this town.

The Conjurationing Pt. 2

Helen Lovejoy: Father Ben, come quick! We need an exorcism on this monstrous child!
Mopey Mary: Jeez, lady. Take a chill pill.
Lewis Clark: Mopey Mary is our friend.
Father Ben: Well then which one is the possessed child?
Helen Lovejoy: The demonic-looking one!
Father Ben: You’ll have to be more specific. All children have a little devil in them.
Make Helen Lovejoy Demand a Child Exorcism- 4hrs
Make Father Ben Try to Figure Out Who to Exorcise-
Make Mopey Mary Run Off-
Make Lisa Avoid Being Exorcised- 4hrs
Collect Tombstones- x115
Father Ben: All right, spikey-headed demon! Prepare to vacate this innocent child’s body!
Lisa: I’m not possessed! And FYI, the spikes are my chosen hairstyle!
Father Ben:Then where is the child I’m to be exorcising?

Lisa: Mopey Mary ran off.
Father Ben: I suppose I should get after her then. A little exercise before exorcising never hurt anyone, right?
Lisa: Less hilarity, more holy water, Father.

The Conjurationing Pt. 3

Bart: Lisa, your dusty old dude is so lame!
Lisa: And what have YOU done to make Halloween scarier?
Bart: Allow me to summon the TRUE fossil of fear!
Edgar Allan Poe: Who are you summoning, young man?
Bart: Gimme some room and you’ll see…MAGIC! *waves hands magically*
Lisa: Was that supposed to do something? Because it didn’t.
Bart: Those were “spirit fingers”. And again — KABOOM! *waves hands magically*
Edgar Allan Poe: I’m not seeing the kaboom, boy.
Make Bart Wave His “Magic Hands” Harder- 4hrs
Make Lisa Wonder Who Bart Is Trying to Summon-
Make Poe Wonder Who This “Real Master of Horror” Is-
Collect Tombstones- x145
Bart: I don’t get it, my hands used to be jammed full of magic!
Lisa: Bart, you don’t need magic to summon someone to Springfield. Just ask Sky Finger.
Edgar Allan Poe: Pray tell, who is this “Sky Finger”?
Bart: A very smart and attractive person who loves donuts…trays of donuts…truckloads…I’m talking Montana-size!
Lisa: We really have no shame.

The Conjurationing Pt. 4

Bart: Thanks to the mighty Sky Finger, I now present you with…the TRUE Master of Horror…
Lisa: H.P. Lovecraft!
Edgar Allan Poe: Who in blazes is H.P. Lovecraft?
H P Lovecraft: A REAL author who read your quaint stories and realized that horror should actually scare people!
Edgar Allan Poe: And if I had lived to read anything you’d written, rest assured I would be mocking it as well!
Bart: Oooh, this is good — lame dead guys fighting!
Make Lovecraft Compare Poe’s Mother to Nyarlathotep- 4hrs
Make Poe Read Lovecraft’s Work So He Can Mock It-
Make Lisa Feel Embarrassed for Them Both-
Make Bart Laugh at Their Lame Insults- 4hrs
Collect Tombstones- x145
Edgar Allan Poe: “Non-Euclidian geometry” is the root of your horror? That just means you’re frightened of curved surfaces.
H P Lovecraft: Don’t say curved! Walls should be straight!
Lisa: And this is what the “Masters of Horror” have reduced Halloween to.
Bart: At least with these two lamewads we’re not running for our lives.

The Conjurationing Pt. 5

Mopey Mary: Hey, check it out — there’s a zombie outbreak happening at the cemetery on the edge of town.
Lisa: Real zombies?
Mopey Mary: Totes. They’re eating people’s brains too! Or trying to. Not sure they’re finding much brain meat in Springfield.
Lisa: I have a brain, so I get that!
Edgar Allan Poe: Flesh-eating zombies?! This is terrible!
H P Lovecraft: My brain is too superior to be eaten!
Bart: Relax, guys. This happens every couple of years. Someone will stop them.
Edgar Allan Poe: And that someone is Edgar Allan Poe! I know just what to summon to thwart this zombie infestation!
H P Lovecraft: Not if I summon my vastly superior solution first!
Lisa: I’m thinking a healthy horror writers’ competition is a good thing, right?
Make Poe Try to Summon His Raven- 4hrs
Make Lovecraft Try to Summon Cthulhu-
Make Lisa Wonder About Summoning Better Authors-
Make Bart Wish He’d Read More Books- 4hrs
Collect Tombstones- x185
Edgar Allan Poe: Where is my infernal raven! Pecking zombies to death would have been so righteous!
Lisa: The raven is already in the game…I mean in Springfield.
H P Lovecraft: And why isn’t my mighty Cthulhu answering my call?
Bart: He’s already here, too.
Mopey Mary: And he’s totally hogging the bouncy house, so if you could tell him to get his big butt out of there, that would be swell.
H P Lovecraft: Ugh. Having all your stories in the public domain is the worst.
Edgar Allan Poe: Agreed. It’s so hard to control anything from the grave.

Gil Deal

Spooky Dark Plunger Bundle (Decoration (plunger will toggle all Halloween Facades on/off) + 4 NEW Halloween Facades)- 150

No real benefit to this combo.  If you like the Halloween decor for your houses in Springfield pick it up.  If not pass.  The plunger does offer a 4% bonus on all cash and XP.

And there you have it my friends, the full wrap up of Act 2 of THOH XXXIII.  Honestly, the way things are going, you’ll likely see this again for Act 3.  (although I’ll try to have a rundown post up as well…)

Thoughts on Act 2? Ready for Act 3 to start Sunday? Sound off below…

16 responses to “THOH XXXIII Act 3 Wrap Up: Everything Contained in Act 3

  1. I miss the trick or treaters. That task should be turned on for every kid once the Halloween event starts.

  2. I’ve just realized that during this last act, I picked up characters #599 and #600. That’s a lot of people wandering around Springfield.

  3. I recently signed back on and realized I was missing over 500 donuts. I’ve sent tickets to EA and they have been non committal with no help. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

  4. By the way, since they haven’t gotten around to it, in terms of whether Frankenscratchy is worth it. The quest line is fairly short. They do have a complete set of character tasks, which is good, but I would say pass, because the character, just like Lenny, makes an ungodly guttural shriek every single time they finish a task so for the rest of the time you are you using that character in your Springfield, you are going to have a nasal shriek every single time that character finishes a task. For me, that’s the kind of thing that if I had known how annoying the task completion noise was for this character I probably would not have bought them. That’s my two cents. The actual dialogue is exactly what you expect from an itchy and scratchy character. I hope that helps. I’m sorry I don’t know which ones are visual. I honestly can’t remember.

  5. Since tsto addicts has an “in” with EA, do you know if anything will happen to the decor of Spine Chills when the event is over—like the Carnaby St Christmas decor vanishes after the holidays?Will it disappear? Thinking that Christmas decor will appear on the two houses

    • Unfortunately I’m not very “in” with them. I’m more like your name sake Anthony Edwards character in Top Gun Maverick, I’m dead to them.

      Didn’t mention anything about it in the splitter packet prior to the event.

  6. Most lame even ever

  7. The Springfield Forever Cemetery looks like you should be able to put a road or something in the open area, but I have not been able to get anything to work with it. Tried placing it over existing road or cobblestones, and also tried adding the road after placing the cemetery. has anybody found a way to work with that open area?

  8. I’ve completed Father Ben’s questline but his 12-hour-job is still locked. If I put Demon Technician in storage, it suddenly becomes available, but as soon as a get him out, the job is locked again. So, I can start the job but having to always store a character/building prior to that is somewhat impractical. Anyone else having this glitch?

    • I am having the same issue.

    • Same issue here, too.

      • Figured it out by playing around a bit, and it’s the opposite of what some folks thought… I had to STORE the Demon Technician to get Father Ben’s 12-hour task to become available. I think maybe it’s because there’s (another?) blue Demon Technician in that task’s animation, and maybe they didn’t want both showing in the town at the same time? However, you can store the Demon, start Fr. Ben’s task, then put the Demon back in town. But, if you store Ben to release him from his task and put him back into the town, the task is locked again. Maybe they’ll fix this mess in the new update?

  9. Has anyone else been missing Fogbury pier and lighthouse for 80 donuts? It’s available in my b game but not my account game. I didn’t buy it as it’s not in inventory either. I’ve contacted ea days ago, but haven’t gotten a reply.

  10. It’s almost over.

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