Reminder: Christmas Peril Act 3 Starts Sunday!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Some of you had mentioned you’d like a separate reminder post for when the next Act of events will start.  So here’s that separate reminder post…

Act 3 of the Christmas Peril Event starts in TWO days, SUNDAY, December 25th, at 11 am ET! 

Act 1 and Act 2 of the event won’t be going anywhere, so if you haven’t finished them you have plenty of time to do so. But Act 3 will be starting up with its own prize track, questline, and premium character(s)!


As a reminder, you can see full Act 3 Spoilers (as well as Act 4) here.

And that’s it, all you need to know to start up Act 3 on Sunday!

8 responses to “Reminder: Christmas Peril Act 3 Starts Sunday!

  1. There hasn’t really been mention of the fact that if you log in today (Dec 25), you’ll be rewarded with an ice rink.

  2. Anyone else having trouble with logging in – in the UK? Been going on for 24 hours now – login failure – wont accept the code supplied – now says login failure, try again!


    Is it a coincidence that Springfield has a blizzard and now the worse blizzard I have seen hit the usa, forward thinking by the programers. Take care usa 🇺🇸


    More snow

  5. I thought it started at 9am? The other two Acts started at 9am. Could 11am be a typo?

  6. Thanks for the reminder…at least now I’ll have something to do on Christmas…lol

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