Heaven Won’t Wait: Act 4 starts tomorrow

Heaven Won't Wait Splash
Short and sweet, a reminder the final act of this event starts tomorrow.

Act 4: Tuesday May 9th, 15:01 UTC
Event ends: Wednesday May 17th, 15:00 UTC

15:00 UTC is US 11 am EDT or UK 16:00 BST

If you’re behind with your taping you can still work on those earlier acts, but if you don’t think you can catch up try and get the dialog to show for Part 5 of each prize track. Once those quests are in your taskbook you will be able to finish them after the timer runs out.

I’m off to go work on the Rundown, TTFN

6 responses to “Heaven Won’t Wait: Act 4 starts tomorrow

  1. Still not sure what to do with all the heaven items… I have them bundeld in one place at the moment… but maybe it would look nice just placing them between everything else to create a larger heaven above Springfield. Another show off would be nice when it’s all done to see what you guys did with it!

    • I like that idea as well. Never really thought of it like that…I like it. Like an “air garage”…hovering near one that is surrounded by fire..or other similar “up in air items” near other burning / (?) locations. Gonna have to look into this idea while reviewing my town. These “up in air” things have not been my favorite, so thanks for a new idea!

    • I forgot to mention that a garage is also known as a “car hold”.

    • Tim McKinstry

      Same. I’d love some cloud walkways paths to space them out and link them. I’ll probably just place it close to Krustyland as another theme park.

  2. Just what I was looking for, thanks!

  3. Thanks for the update!

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