Heaven Won’t Wait: Act 4 Rundown

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It’s a shiny new act today, so it’s time for a shiny new Rundown.

In case you scroll a little too fast here’s what’s included in this post:
• Yahweh Reminder
• What EA said
• Prize items
• Premium combo
• Currency jobs

Yahweh Reminder:

Looking into this it seems you need to complete the event including the outro quest before you can get Yahweh.
Sorry ’bout that, I only saw the limited dates and nothing to indicate the need for the Gates of Wrath quest – deep joy !!

If you recall from the store guide post God was only available until Act 2 started and Yahweh is now available in store during this act.
He’ll cost 250 Donuts but complete a task cycle to earn 7 donuts a time, here’s the old Should I Buy.

What EA Said:

Desperate to win God’s favor back, the people of Springfield finally come together to express their shared humanity the only way they know how: by holding a big variety show! The show actually turns out to be pretty good, and they begin to win God over, especially when Krusty devotes his standup routine to skewering Jesus. At the last minute, Homer barges his way on stage and trips and gets his head stuck in a tuba, which God finds even more entertaining. He decides to forgive humanity and put everything back to where it was, until Mr. Burns points out that God put His new Garden of Eden on land Burns owns and demands a hefty rental payment. God loses it again and is about to destroy Springfield when Marge points out that Homer already did that. Does that mean Homer is God? Everyone is puzzled by the theological implications while Yahweh shows up and takes God golfing so he can finally relax.

Prize Items:

Prize 1:
Vacant Cloud
• Name: Vacant Cloud
• Type: Decoration
A Heavenly Chorus Line pt. 1 and 155 Act 4 Heavenly Clouds

Prize 2:
Heavenly Showroom
• Name: Heavenly Showroom
• Type: Buidling
A Heavenly Chorus Line pt. 2 and 155 Act 4 Heavenly Clouds

Prize 3:
Gates of Heaven Heaven Fence
• Name: Gates of Heaven bundle
• Type: Decoration
A Heavenly Chorus Line pt. 3 and 155 Act 4 Heavenly Clouds
bundle includes Gates of Heaven and 14 Heavenly Fences
You can buy more fences once unlocked

Prize 4:
Celebrity Heaven
• Name: Celebrity Heaven
• Type: Building
A Heavenly Chorus Line pt. 4 and 115 Act 4 Heavenly Clouds

Prize 5:
Hindu Heaven
• Name: Hindu Heaven
• Type: Building
A Heavenly Chorus Line pt. 5 and 195 Act 4 Heavenly Clouds

Premium Combo: Costs 150 Donuts
• Name: Beethoven
• Type: Character
Note: Earns event currency for act 4
Bundled with:
Heavenly Deaf Jam
• Name: Heavenly Deaf Jam
• Type: Decoration

Currency Jobs:
You’re collecting Heavenly Clouds with the following tasks

• Chase Down Heavenly Clouds – 4 hours, earns 5 Act 4 Heavenly Clouds
Homer, Lisa, Ned, Bart, Wiggum, Rev. Lovejoy, Quimby

• Steal Heavenly Clouds From Dad’s House – 4 hours, earns 7 Act 4 Heavenly Clouds
Jesus Christ

• Bring Heavenly Clouds – 4 hours, earns 8 Act 4 Heavenly Clouds
Eve, Shakespeare, St. Peter, Beethoven


Right you are, that should do to get you going, back tomorrow with the Turbo Tappin’

25 responses to “Heaven Won’t Wait: Act 4 Rundown

  1. I completed the event and still don’t see Yahweh.

    • Did you complete the Gates of Wrath tasks too – that’s when He should show up

      • I finished the task at the end of the event. I have no task showing. Could it be because I don’t have God?

        • It needed it to be Act 4, event completed and you not already own the Jewish Walk of Fame with Yahweh, nothing else will affect it

  2. Thanks for the info. 👍

  3. I don’t see Yah– ….just kidding. I actually read the comments.

    Do you know if the heavenly gates will be available for cash or will it be donuts? I’m guessing donuts..

    Cheers Mate.

    • Sprinkles – expect a prize post Friday
      I take it you meant the Fences BTW, the Gates are unique

  4. I still haven’t gotten God back after he disappeared when Act 2 started (I had just sent him on his first quest). EA requires proof of purchase but I saved up all those donuts for a long time.

    • That’s right, He was only in store for those first 9 days.
      I did post warnings about that.

      If you did actually go spend those sprinkles on Him in time and He’s since vanished from your game contact EA Help during UK or US business hours and select Live Chat or Phone options to talk directly with an Advisor, and ask them to check the backup game data.
      If you can’t recall when you got Him or when He vanished try from just before the end of Act 1, April 21st before 15:00 UTC.
      They should be able to restore Him for you if they can confirm He was in your game.

      • ^^ If there’s a backup just before and just after they should be able to see the drop in your Donut count and if you paid for Donuts to get Him then check your App Store receipts to show you bought them.

  5. I love all the comments on YahWeh… I have him, donut mech, lard lad donut factory and CostMo… and they helped me a lot… but even all together they can’t compete with God once you get you’re bonus % up. God does need a little efford to exchange the money for donuts (rat trap trucks).. but he now gives me 10 times the donuts the other stuff gives me combined. If you don’t have god yet.. get him as soon as you can..

  6. I have Yahweh…but can you remind me again how to get him?

  7. Do we know what is in the shattered dreams box after the event yet? I’ve been waiting 4 acts just to get to it and get some better prizes.

    • Only just found the files for those
      It’s themed World Travel if that helps but it’ll be a while before I can make sense of what I’m reading so I can post, sorry.
      ( about 80% of 641 lines needs zapped and the rest made readable !! )

  8. I have not found Yahweh yet.

  9. Idem for me I’m waiting for yahwe

  10. PureRomanceQueen

    I’ve beeb looking for Praiseland bonus. Haven’t seen it available.

  11. David Larangeira

    Hello, so I’ve been saving donuts for yahweh. Act 4 has started, but I dint see him. I looked in the section where Peter and the other event stuff are, and I don’t see him. Could it be he’s coming but not yet? Or am I miss ing him somewhere?

  12. Is Yahweh available? I don’t see him in my store yet. Thanks.

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