For All Rich Mankind: Ends Soon

regular splash screen

This Shiver Me Barnacles event  ( oops, copy n paste mix-up )

Nope, it’s the For All Rich Mankind mini event ends tomorrow, Wednesday May 31st at 15:00 UTC

15:00 UTC is US 11 am EDT or UK 4 pm BST

If you’re behind on your tapping try and at least start part 5, if you get the dialog you will be able to complete it after the timer ends.

If you want anything from the store now is the time to make your mind up and go get it, they will vanish when the timer runs out.

Go. Go tap. Hurry !!

16 responses to “For All Rich Mankind: Ends Soon

  1. After this event ended, every time I open the game it downloads a small update (7 parts, then an additional like 9 parts), then says I need to sign back in, then says I need to download the entire 2649.9 MB game file. I’ve deleted the game, reinstalled it four times, restarted my phone (iPhone 14 Pro) and it still does it every time I reopen the game. Submitted a ticket with EA but it was literally no help and closed the ticket as resolved. Incredibly lame and frustrating.

    • It has something to do with the amount of available storage on your device….others could explain it better than I, no doubt.

    • EA don’t make iOS, Apple did that
      They created it to delete your files.
      Go shout at Apple !!
      … then read my reply to raimiek

  2. I’ve been having a lot of updates lately. I needed to log back in several times. Is everyone experiencing this, too?

  3. moecyslack905

    Is anyone else unable to play the game? For the last three days i have had the ‘can’t connect to server’ message.

  4. Glad EA or whoever gives you lots of time. HOWEVER! Finished this a week ago
    ) Read extraneous/useless/unimaginative/lazy!

    • The Devs think about those newer players with fewer characters to use and all those level quests to get on with. They do this so even a player who has only just started might manage it all.

      That seemed good to me.
      Not great perhaps but not bad

      Sometimes they might figure better prizes, but they try to plan these things through before creating the update so there’s a story and a connection in what you get, or at least that’s how I see it.

      Imagine if those buyable Gold Bars were the final prize, Alissa might not be so mad about the Hot Dog Cooker Bot !!

      … and remember when the updates dried up for a while ??
      Something to do for a bit is a whole lot better than nothing new to do at all

    • Maybe you should take Chuck Berger’s advice. He sings such a funny song. Be thankful Billy..this is such a great provides you with such joy. Go say sorry to your mommy.

  5. Maybe the problem here is that your opening paragraph states “Shiver Me Barnacles” event ends tomorrow when, in fact, the “For All Rich Mankind” event actually ends tomorrow…

  6. This event never showed up for me. Day one I downloaded it and it would never finish nor log on. Tried again and it still would not finish. Now tomorrow is the last day and today the game finally logged on and none of this event is present. I checked and my app is apparently up to date yet none of the tasks show, nothing in the shop to purchase either. No additions to the donuts either (like King Homer) The only thing that shows up is the option to invest in the Beloved Billionaires Club, which I’m doing. But no other quest trail for this mini event as described on here. I don’t know what is going with it.

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