Road to Riches part 4: Gold Road Tiles

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Here we are with a look at what’s what with these new Gold Road tiles.
After reading a few questions over the last few days I started writing a post to try and explain everything, but the more I tried to cover it all the less it made sense, so I’ve shelved that for now and I’ll deal with questions as needed.

Before I get started, if anyone hasn’t done any of the Road to Riches tasks in the last 6 years I strongly recommend you read Alissa’s original write-up on that.
You can find that here.
In this post:
• The basics
• The tasks
• The pitfalls
• The costs

The Basics:

You need to get the Beloved Billionaires Club before you can make any Gold Road tiles, you can read about that in this linked post.
( I’ve fixed the link to Alissa’s article in that post too, sorry ’bout that )

I’m just going to call that the Club for the rest of this and any mention of money is those in-game $$s not real world money.

Once you place it you’ll see this “explainer panel” –
Gold Road explainer panel
Thanks for emailing this in Paul

There’s 3 floating icons you may see over the Club, or none:

– If there’s nothing there it’s not ready and like any building if you tap it you can see the timer showing how long is left until it pays out or how long is left if you have a Gold Road task on the go.

– If there’s a yellow dollar sign it’s ready to tap for $$s and XP

– If there’s a Gold Road icon one of those is ready to collect

– If there’s a Pink Pig icon you’re free to start a Gold Road task

The tasks:

When you see that Pink Pig tap the building and tap the Purchase Button to see a list of who’s free.

While you can choose from Mr. Burns, Aristotle Amadopolis, The Rich Texan, Artie Ziff, Augustus Redfield and Arthur Fortune you can only send one on the task.

The task takes 24 hours and can’t be rushed, and will cost you money.

The pitfalls:

For the unaware any job with a Green Button next to it will cost you what it says on the button.
There is no Confirm or Cancel, tap one of those and it takes your money.


You will only see characters who are available for the Gold Road task, if they’re all busy there won’t be any names in the list.

Like with the SH Currencies or New Frontier Deeds jobs you have to tap the building to start these jobs, they don’t show in the tasks list for a character and are ignored by the Unemployment Office.

If you use the UO it’ll send everyone on regular jobs so remember to start those special currencies tasks first.


Do not start a tile task and then store the Club, you’ll lose your money.
Thanks to Charlesthefirst1 for reminding me of that

The costs:

I know some of you have seen these start at 100 million a pop, but the price goes up and it goes up fast.
If you rushed the club and been making a tile a day and you’re reading this late you’ve likely just had a nasty shock.

There’s 4 pricing levels:

Cost Level 1: The first 6 tiles
No.s 1 to 6 cost 100 million $$s each

Cost Level 2: The next 8 tiles
No.s 7 to 14 cost 250 million $$s each

Cost Level 3: The next 6 tiles
No.s 15 to 20 cost 500 million $$s each

Cost Level 4: After 20
Any more after the first 20 will cost 750 million $$s each

There doesn’t seem to be an upper limit, so apart from the practicalities of time and paying for ’em, and the item limits cap, make as many as you want.

That said even the biggest towns with the biggest bonus will struggle to get more that 1 or 2 a week after the 5.6 billion it takes to get 20 !!


That’s the simple version !! Imagine my frazzled brain trying to make sense of the covers-any-possible-question post ?!?

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  1. 2 times now I’ve lost 100 million.. I can5 send all my characters on jobs at the same time..wondering if it’s all to do with new update

    • Like it says in the post here – tap on any green button and it will take however many $$s it says on the button.
      Use the blue buttons for jobs to make you money

  2. I have the Billionaires Club and it has a pink pig floating above it. But, when I click Purchase, I get this:

    Reading the post above, I think the problem may be that I never got the task to make the first tile?

    Any clue as to what I’m missing/what I should do? I really want to make those gold tiles!!

    • Oh, Sandra – not you as well. You disappoint me 🤪
      Read the Pitfalls bit in the Tiles post …
      Only shows who is free, no names means they’re all busy

      • I made sure to read this post thoroughly before asking… didn’t notice the other post. I actually don’t always read the posts themselves…I tend to read the comments mostly, since I hate spoilers, am not into recaps, and generally know how the game is played. I’m a bit surprised I didn’t read that post, though, although I think it’s probably because I want at that point in the game when it came out. (I didn’t rush the building of the Billionaires Club, so it took me about a week of 24-hour tasks to get it.) But I’m really sorry to have disappointed you! 😔

        So I guess I’ll have to wait until after this act is over (assuming I finish it early, as usual) to start making those tiles

        • Start the event jobs then before sending anyone on any other jobs go find another billionaire – there’s a few to choose from once they’re free from other tasks.

          Didn’t notice you’d commented in the post with all the info – it’s got everything you need just above these comments !!
          I’ve done it before, asking about something that’s already been answered 🤣

          • Sent someone in the task today! Interestingly, I’ve noticed that, when I hit reply on a comment via email, it takes me to a new comment box at the bottom of the page, but often won’t let me scroll up to read stuff way above it… I’ll start to scroll and then it will jump back to the comment box! (This is on Safari on an ipad, at least.)

            But, in this case, I wasn’t feeling to an emailed comment and thought I had read the article before posting, but guess I did a lousy job at that (kinda uncharacteristically). I hate having been one of “those” people! 🤦‍♀️

            • For a short while a long time back any Reply I tried ended up posted as a new comment and Alissa had no clue why, so being a clever little ( ) and on a laptop I found if I did a right-click on the button to reply and force it to open as a new browser page then I could see or fix the WP ID of the comment I wanted to reply to …

            • Prompted a minor edit to make that info easier to spot, so that’s good 😊

        • For anyone who isn’t sure – my tone is pure banter and daftness
          I’ve known Sandra for quite some time online, both here and over on TOUK, and I know she knows this game extremely well ( and my bonkers humour too, I hope ) but after all the questions on placing the Fountain – Sandra didn’t need to ask – I couldn’t resist replying as I did.
          It’s all tongue-in-cheek

          • I concur…it’s all good! Graham is a sweetheart and, from what I can tell, is pretty much singlehandedly saving this site from extinction! 😘

  3. Is there any benefit to buying to gold roads or is it just a money sink and looks pretty?

    • Yep
      20 will cost 5.6 billion and take almost 3 weeks if you can spend that fast and then it gets really expensive if you like ’em enough to want more

  4. Thanks for the post it helped to clarify how all this works. Got the club and now getting the tiles.
    I am at and have been for a long time level 939.
    My bonus is around 1,000, since I chose to store what I do not t want in my town. Currently and thankfully I do not lack for land. My town gives me enough doughnuts to get most of the premium content without much problem. I like to send my many characters on daily tasks and always have the collider on. I do not see a need to just get more doughnuts than I need.
    Thanks for the site always appreciate the info.

  5. Here I thought I had a huge ton of cash, only to find out that I’ll have to wait to even get the Club (I had about $1.6 billion before I started the quest, halfway there now). I guess this really isn’t meant for me.

  6. willielikesthat

    Finally something new/shiny/expensive for the Lv 939 players.
    Curious; what’s the highest Money/XP bonus percentage that you’ve seen?
    I’m only around 2,650%. I already see that someone on this thread is at like 8,000%(?!). nice

    • I was over 16,000 before I nuked my A town and know of another who was over 25,000
      My A town …
      My B town is around 8,000 but with the collider off – so it’s like 1,500% with the collider for the XP it gets and that’ll do unless I decide to go do a few trucks to build my sprinkle stash back up.

      • Wow, I thought I was doing good with around 6000%. I need to stockpile more Minaiture Nuclear Warheads next time they are available in my Vault.

        • Depends how you’re doing for D’s and $$s – go mad with the bonus and it takes a lot longer to tap as it drip-feeds the counters, or Bart hits while it’s trying to catch up and zaps all the XP
          That said my A town is back over 13,000% because I’d cleared out my cash previously and I’m just now able to pay for the billionaires club – by the time I finish sending Cecil I’ll have money for some Gold Road too.
          I had dropped that to 4,000%, and the collider is still off in both main towns.

        • Timothy Black

          there is an easier way. it involves the Mystery Box

          • Using the Burns Mystery Box method is also the most cost-efficient way to get XP-earning items, since it follows a predictable sequence that also earns donuts along the way, which you can reinvest into getting more boxes.

            I had long ago stopped actively working to increase my multiplier (other than by doing thing like launching the rocket and sending Lisa to do The Exterminator), because I was maxed out on cash, had more than enough donuts for whatever I wanted, and didn’t want to go through more bonut (bonus donut) rounds during collection. But now that my cash has been decimated (more than halved, actually) and I want to get many more gold tiles, I’ve started hoping my percentage again and just taking however many bonus I get on the first try, to speed that part up and to avoid paying cash for subsequent tries.

    • Timothy Black

      I’m over 10,000% but I’ve been around long enough for the tennis court glitch and got around 100 and then the Spooky Wall glitch where you could buy them for like $2000 instead of for donuts so I bought a TON of those before they caught the error. And with the XP Collider always on to 5X the XP, the donuts come quickly. I can tell you a great way to get a ton more XP percentage if you’d like fairly easily if interested, Just a matter of having room for lots of billboards and jet bikes

      • Best way is Burns Mystery Boxes, so you need room for billboards and news vans, rather than jet bikes (although jet bikes are the best return for donuts if you’re not buying Mystery Boxes, IIRC, and are easier to hide than the news vans, because they don’t stick up anywhere, so you can hide them even behind short buildings).

        • Snowcats ( if they’re back in the Christmas Events ) are 20 Ds for 2% and only 1×1 footprint so it’s easy to have lots if the item limits aren’t an issue – got over 6,000 between 2 towns and plan to add more !!

  7. Emanuel Maisonet

    Was reading through the other comments to see if I’m missing something before writing but I do have a problem as I finished the quest line and placed everything but now I don’t see any of the rewards. I searched through the whole inventory and I’m missing the beloved millionaires club and searching my town found out I’m missing the whole events rewards even the golden letters. Anyone else with this issue?

  8. Hmmm. Well. When EA jacked up and put the Wailing Walls for in game cash I made a killing on them. Still have around 3500 that I can’t place due to space but my XP is 8000+ as I put more up to make up the money I’m gonna need to do the one a day gold tile. If u have Wailing Walls. Put them up. Good XP and cash boost. Also. EA should do a 1.5 Billion for two gold tiles option. That would be sweet. Cuz this one a day is not as fun as they think it is.

    • As I see it the whole thing is a response to players asking for something crazy expensive and it’s meant to take time

  9. Guess I won’t rush. I barely had $2B to begin with.

  10. Thanks for the note on the escalating prices for gold tiles, I guess that’ll have me collect the first 20 and then max my money again.

  11. I have managed to buy three good tiles so far. Very pretty.

  12. It is not showing up in my tasks list for some reason?? Anyone else have this issue?

    • Read the post !!
      It’s not in the tasks lists !!
      You need to tap the building once you finish paying for that
      ( oh well, I tried 😂 )

      • I found it. I read the post sooooo many times, I even went back to the original 2017 post, but apparently my brain didn’t want to compute today. 🤪

        • I was smiling as I replied !!
          Having tried to figure every possible question and write a mess of a post that caused more confusion than it solved I figured to keep it simple and knew there would be questions … even ones I did answer !!
          It’s all good.

      • Hey Graham.. your post is spot on.. and exactly how it goes.. I got my building this afternoon. and I have the pink pig now floating over my building.
        Ya.. 100m for 1 gold tile is quite pricey and have to build up my cash… I’ll most likely start buying one or two next week when I am back up to 4B in cash.

  13. Finally something to waste money on besides the stupid money pile

  14. The “Beloved Billionaire’s Club” – where would that be if it were in storage? I’m pretty sure it’s not in my town (darn the lack of a useful search function), and going through the buildings tab (and a few others) has yielded no hits. HALP!

    • First step, check the Road to Riches prize track and see if you’ve finished paying for it yet, see the post from last Wednesday for more on that.
      If you have stored it open your inventory to the main page, not a sub-section, and check the first few items there.
      New things are usually fairly near the start unlike returning items that could be right at the other end !!

      • Thanks! I missed the most critical part of the article, that this was a NEW item. Sheesh. I was assuming this was an old item I’d stored and forgotten about. Never mind! I suppose I’ll start throwing $$ into that pit and see how long it takes….

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