Update Alert: Fore!

Fore splashscreen

We interrupt your regularly scheduled tapping to bring you the following announcement…

App store update, Fore!

There’s an update circulating to get your games ready for a new 4 act event.

Starts tomorrow, Wednesday June 7th at 15:01 UTC.
15:00 UTC is UK 4pm BST and US 11am EDT

ADDED: I’ve seen a few reports of it getting stuck at the in-game Downloading.. bit where it adds the new images and stuff.
Seems to affect some but not others, I managed to update 4 devices without issue, and isn’t just Android OR iOS.
One online friend just turned their iPad off and on again and it worked afterwards.
If you’re stuck try rebooting your device !!


I’ve been checking the websites and found the update showing for the following app stores. These links might be handy if it’s not showing for you, but these are from a UK search so may not be the version for your country . .

• Android, Google Play: Found here
• iOS, Apple App Store: Found here
• Kindle, Amazon App Store: Not yet shown It’s on here now

What EA Said: Overview

As a mild summer settles into Springfield, the residents of the city find themselves looking for something to do. To help them out, Sky Finger pulls the Springfield Glen Country Club out of the void. However, Mayor Quimby finds himself excluded from the membership of the Country Club and vows revenge, opening a rival course. And if that wasn’t enough, Mr. Burns finds that his rival, Aristotle Amadopolis, is trying to steal his tee time and challenges him to a match to determine who gets to keep it. What will happen? We’re not sure, but keep your head down. Springfielders are lousy shots.

Who you’ll need:

Intro: Homer, Moe, 3 Barflies – 6 seconds

Part 1: Quimby, Squeaky Voice Teen, 5 Springfielders – 4 hours

Currency: Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, Quimby, Mr. Burns, Smithers, Aristotle Amadopolis

As well as the new premium character the real-money skins and the prize-track character also earn event currency …
unusual that, but good – unless they’ve set huge targets !!


Back with the Rundown once it’s live

30 responses to “Update Alert: Fore!

  1. I’m still stuck with th me graphic, disappearing buildings. I’m on Android, was anyone else’s fixed?

  2. 🌠If still in connection / on good term with ‘Cranky Old Guy’ Patric Miller, this is a golden opportunity for a nice guest appearance q&a with his golf⛳️ appetite👌😎

  3. I’m getting the verification code not being correct glitch. Anyone else catching this?

    • Head to your EA account and …

      Check your email is verified
      Check your other info is correct
      Head to the Security tab and change your password – even if the new one is the same as the old one it helps

      You could add a mobile number. Not only will that help recover your account if you ever lose access to your email, you can also tap Phone at log-in and enter the registered numbers to get codes via SMS – and that can help with the invalid codes message too

      Don’t forget to hit Update to save the changes


  4. I’m in Italy (if that makes a difference), no update in the app store (Android, Google Play), just the spinning doughnut of death on the (new) splash screen. Any ideas?

    • Ignore previous post, finally got the in-game update and allowed into the game. Freeing up characters ready for a round of golf later!

  5. Snowball XIII

    Hi everyone . Since my game on my iPad mini refuse to let me login I waited for the update for the next event , now it’s up , nothing more happen to me … so I just tried on my iPhone , I never installed the game on it before and I have the same issue when I press the EA connect button on the splash screen , the game simply shutdown … it’s a clearly a server issue . EA doesn’t respond to my ticket , so I need to wait a fix for enjoy my town again . I tried all the tricks and tips I read here on the comments … hope they find a fix quickly so I can play cause I waited for long time an golf event for my town :”””( Have fun for the lucky who can play and pray for us 😉

  6. IOS issue, just remove and reinstall the game. Problem was the in-app update didn’t start.
    This worked for me. 🇳🇱

  7. Mine didn’t give me any issues when I tried to update, but when I logged in, all of my mountains between Springfield and Springfield Heights are gone, and I’m missing most of my money…

  8. I have massive graphic issues, only a few buildings are shown, for the others, you only see the symbol to catch the money of the building. Anyone else? Playing on an android device.

  9. Thanks for the info. Really appreciate these posts. Mean’s I don’t have to constantly be checking the app store. Update downloaded, am waiting for tomorrow. ^^

  10. Spinning donut of death here, too. iPad restart does nothing. Tried several times a few hours apart. Anybody have any luck with this without doing a full uninstall/reinstall? With all of the timeouts redownloading, I’d prefer not to waste over an hour if I don’t have to.

  11. Daniel Morales

    no luck in my android, updated did not work; delete data and try to download the complete package again and got stuck in spining donut again… will wait then.

  12. I attempted to update but I have had the “donut swirl of death”
    for more than an hour. My icon on the iPad is the new splash screen, but no connection. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Read and try the tips in Hagenees1978’s thread below

      • I deleted and reinstalled on my iPhone per suggestion below. Also turned my phone off and on. Still getting endless donut circles. Any other suggestions for IOS?

        • Try these and check again after each

          switch between using wifi and mobile data if it’s an option – the stuck download isn’t that big

          turn off all internet access and start the game then turn internet access back on – you should be able to do that using the phone’s drop-down menu – before hitting Retry on that alternate Can’t Connect message

          go into wifi and disconnect / forget network from the wifi in use and then re-connect and re-enter the network password to reset it

    • Denise L Hart

      Wonder if we’ll be getting some free donuts again… even after restart all I get is a spinning donut.

  13. Just updated on Android, can’t log in atm anymore.. Doesn’t seem to download the ingame updates and just shows a spinning donut..

    • Quit and restart it
      Think the servers are busy, happened to a few others but my 2 games worked OK

    • I have the same problem on Android too, even after restart.

      • If closing it didn’t help – so it isn’t on Recent Apps – then …
        Retry after each ..

        Find in Settings, Force Close and Clear Cache

        Find in settings, Force Close and Clear All Data ( Android – no clue for iOS )
        You will have to repeat the mahoosive download and log in again

        iOS – Suppose for above try a complete uninstall and reinstall

    • Italian Beauty

      Stalled on my iPad (with lots of free space), but my “mini iPad” (Samsung device with Android with almost no free space left) will load it just fine. Guess iOS doesn’t want to play nice at the moment.

      • One online friend just turned their iPad off and on again and it worked

      • Italian Beauty

        Seems iOS decided to work again. Just tried to open the app and it loaded just fine. Yay! Hope it’s working again for everyone else who were having trouble with it.

  14. Thanks for the alert!

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