June 2023 Event SPOILERS!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Who’s ready for what’s next in our pocket-sized towns?  Well, you’re in luck because we’ve received our info packet from EA and we’re FINALLY allowed to share the details with you!  Curious about what’s included in the next event?  When does it start? How many donuts do you need?  Who should you keep free?  Want some major event spoilers?!  Well look no further…we answer all of that and more here…

Just a reminder for our hearing-impaired readers, or those who check the site at work.  You can totally watch this video without sound.  Aside from the subtitles, I have TONS of detailed graphics on this video that will outline all the event details.  

Thoughts? Excitement? Are you ready for it?!  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

19 responses to “June 2023 Event SPOILERS!

  1. Tcjtstoaddicts1027

    So how many golf courses are there? We had SF CC. We just got SF Glen CC. Then we got SF Muni, and next we’re getting SF Juniper?? Do they all have their own course?

  2. WanganMidnight

    Nice to see Patric back,was hoping he would lend a word to this event the second I saw the info for it 🙂

  3. Uhm…so…yeah…there is a certain “CrankyOldGuy” who is VERY excited about this news! I can really upgrade the nine hole course I built years ago.

    I may even be moved to write a post about what I end up doing with all of the goodies!

    Still playing. Still enjoying the Addicts. All wedged between playing a lot of REAL golf, now that I am retired!

  4. If superheroes are in the mystery box maybe I can finally get Hot Flash for a token, that would be really cool.
    Hopefully a lot of the decorations will have more available for purchase later. My big wish for a long time was just a ball cup and flag, with a small foot print, you could place around. Let’s see if there’s ones available for purchase.
    Actually considering the donut promo, Hibbert looks really cute. If they have good animations and questlines, I’ll probably go for it.

  5. Love all the decorations with this event! We’ve been getting too many buildings in events, and not enough decorations.

    Not a fan of skins, but hey, maybe they’ll go all our with the next big event!

  6. Thank you, I’ve already got a little idea of how to decorate it. Can’t wait to get started!

  7. Any idea when there is gonna be a land expansion?

    • … and can you tell me what next week’s lottery numbers will be ?!?

      Nothing mentioned, not a scooby

    • I would also like more land…and I’d be willing to spend real cash for it. I know some don’t care for that, but hey..they don’t HAVE to buy any. I would like the option…

  8. Also, i love msyter box tokens

  9. Absolutely Love This Event Theme. I’ve not loved every event this year pretty much, but i just group stored my “Springfield Country Club” cause I cant make it fit or look nice….but now it will!

  10. Thanks to you both!

  11. Looks like a cool event..especially at the start of summer. Love golf…but too expensive to play for me. I wish we had more land to create a golf course…along with the new buildings, which may be on the larger side. I’m looking forward to it!

    Safi…do you work for the Toronto Blue Jays?….just curious. Not much hope for my Sox this season..and the next..looks like Sale is done..again. And like Maudlin..my first thought went to that map..lol

  12. Great run through thanks! Surprised that wiggum and burns and those mentioned in the synopsis weren’t on the prize track as if they had forgotten them, and so relived the country club is there as well was wandering where to put everything without it.

  13. Yes 🙌!!! I like this one. You can make your own courses!!! I’m curious about Barneys handicap

  14. ooh these look exciting. my map was based off of the layout that someone made years ago for springfield and can be found on the internet so I have a huge golf area already with the country club laid out with basic grass. I have S. country club, Pro shop, a tennis course, a golf course, polo grounds, polo field house and 2 resort hotels on it. Excited to move things around. If I get all those buildings for S. Glen Country Club maybe i’ll move S. Country Club elsewhere and put these new buildings in this area since the map plotted it as S. Glen CC and not S. Country Club.


  15. Safi, what is that map behind you depicting? I see certain locations coloured in including Australia & several counties in Europe and Asia in teal. The States in blue, and part of Canada in grey. Then there appears to be flags of certain countries underneath the map.
    My first thought was a personal map of places you’ve been to. 😅

    • That is correct. It’s a scratch off map of the 55 countries I’ve been to. As well, it has individual scratch offs to depict I’ve been to all 10 Canadian provinces and to 32 US states.

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