Fore!: Act 1 Rundown

Fore splashscreen
I hope you’ve all headed to your app store to go and update your games. If you have here’s a quick look at what’s new for this event. In case you scroll a little too fast here’s what’s included in this post:
• What EA said
• Prize items
• Premium combo
• Cash offering
• Intro tasks
• Currency jobs

Before I get started and before you ask …

It looks like a lot of these prizes will let you buy more once you unlock them and it gets better.
It looks like some if not all will cost $$s not Donuts – woohoo !!
I need to research further and will cover that in the relevant prize posts.

Now on with the Rundown …

What EA Said:

With Springfield Glen open for business, Mayor Quimby arrives to play a round of golf, only to discover that his membership has lapsed due to not paying dues for the last decade. He tries to argue that since the building only just returned, dues should have been suspended, but the Blue-Haired Lawyer counters with Quimby’s insistence on properties paying back taxes for the same period. He finally manages to scrounge together the money to pay, except he is turned away since Springfield Glen has become so popular that they’re no longer accepting new members. Meanwhile, Montgomery Burns shows up to his standard Thursday morning tee time to find that, due to demand, another golfer has been paired with him. Smithers immediately starts to raise a fuss. Burns attempts to calm him by asserting that he is more than capable of playing with anyone…only for the other golfer to be revealed as Aristotle Amadopolis, his arch-rival from Shelbyville.


Prize Items: Tee’s Up

Prize 1:
( Tee’s Up part 1 and 100 Golf Tees Golf Tees Icon )
Golf Course Fountain
• Name: Golf Course Fountain
• Type: Decoration
Added: Needs to be placed on River Tiles

Prize 2:
( Tee’s Up part 2 and 125 Golf Tees Golf Tees Icon )
• Name: Susan
• Type: Character
Earns event currency, unusual but good

Prize 3:
( Tee’s Up part 3 and 100 Golf Tees Golf Tees Icon )
Mystery Box Token
Yay, I hear you cry, a Mystery Box Token.
There’s a store guide post to come, with details of what’s back in store and what’s in the mystery box.

Prize 4:
( Tee’s Up part 4 and 115 Golf Tees Golf Tees Icon )
Springfield Glen Entrance
• Name: Springfield Glen Entrance
• Type: Decoration

Prize 5:
( Tee’s Up part 5 and 165 Golf Tees Golf Tees Icon )
Burns' Hounds' Quarters
• Name: Burns’ Hounds’ Quarters
• Type: Building


Premium Combo: Costs 150 Donuts
Evelyn Peters
• Name: Evelyn Peters
• Type: Character
Note: Earns event currency for acts 1 to 4

Bundled with:
Springfield Glen Country Club
• Name: Springfield Glen Country Club
• Type: Building


Cash Offering: In-app purchase

Golfing Dr. Hibbert Golfing Dr. Nick
This one’s a bit different, it isn’t in with one of the regular packs.
It has an RRP of $11.99 USD and gives you:

• 165 Donuts
• Golfing Dr. Hibbert skin
• Golfing Dr. Nick skin

So it costs 20% more than 132 Ds but comes with 25% more sprinkles and 2 skins that also earn event currency.
I don’t usually buy these and I’m not a fan of skins, but I’m tempted.


Intro Tasks: The Warm Days of Summer

• Make Homer Run Outside to See – 6 seconds
• Make Barflies Run Outside to See – x 3, 6 seconds
• Make Moe Get His Shotgun – 6 seconds


Currency Jobs:

You’re collecting Golf Tees with the following:

• Make Homemade Tees – 4 hours, earns 5 Golf Tees Icon
Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, Quimby, Mr. Burns, Smithers, Susan

• Purchase Tees – 4 hours, earns 7 Golf Tees Icon
Aristotle Amadopolis

• Purchase Space-Age Super Tees – 4 hours, earns 8 Golf Tees Icon
Evelyn Peters, Golfing Dr. Hibbert, Golfing Dr. Nick


Now you’re all set to tee off, back tomorrow with the Turbo Tappin’

24 responses to “Fore!: Act 1 Rundown

  1. I bought SO many fountains, just placed them around one of my Casinos willy-nilly. Want to see if I can make something neat with them, anyway they are beautiful on their own.

  2. I bought the golfing doctors skins. I haven’t spent money on the game in a long time, but I realize I probably need to if I want the game to continue, and I definitely want the game to continue. The billionaires club and gold tiles are giving me beginner vibes. It’s making me remember how fun it was to actually wait for things and log on frequently. I like it!

    • I’m generally broke but buy what I can – usually Black Friday tokens – so the game gets a little cash in the pot.
      I also started a 3rd town this January and had way more fun working on that than raking it in with the 2 older towns until that Road to Riches dropped and I needed to go earn big again.
      Doubt I’ll start a 4th town but the new one is already level 640 odd …

  3. This is weird. The day after PGA merger we get this update.

  4. Timothy Black

    Bro. The gold tiles at the Billionaire club jumped from $100M to $250M each!!!

  5. Tim McKinstry

    This event looks great! Missing many great events of the past, I actually like the mystery tokens.

  6. I am missing buildings as well.

  7. Just here to see if the Golden Goose Realty is coming back… #crying

  8. Any hints about how to place the Golfcourse Fountain? It doesn’t want to post on land, sand, water, or concrete.

  9. The first prize golf course fountain cannot be placed anywhere does anyone have a solution?

    • Place on river tiles only –
      but you could delete the river after or use the ground tiles tweak to swap to something else

  10. Judy Lynn Turner

    After this update, I’m missing buildings. They are there, but only if I scroll around. I looked at the EA Forum. There is only 3 of us so far that have noticed this. Anyone else have this isdue?

    • Yesss I have this. And the “best deal” for Mystery Tokens are 1 for 70, 5 for 350? Am I going mad or is that not a discount at all?

    • If you are talking about buildings not showing but if you scroll down a bit they show up.. this is just the graphics adjusting to your screen. The building are there all the time. You will see this more often if you are zoomed in
      I’ve seen this on my phone for years… and usually the tall buildings are the ones affected.
      Not a glitch.. just graphic readjustment based on your device

      • I’ve seen screenshots – mountains gone and the grass on show, a plain tile where the Gorge Bridge should be and a spooky one for the playdoh factory with the Where’s Maggie icon floating over empty land !?!

        They were centre-screen too, so it’s not an edge-of-screen not caught up yet thing

        • They are my screenshots. I can assure anyone asking, it is not because the game graphics hasn’t caught up. I logged in last night and my buildings were visible and then remembered the update. Logged out and updated the game, relogged in and the mountain range, bridge to frontier land, and hundreds of other buildings were no longer visible.

          • Prompted me to put up a glitch post, but one forum member said they checked a device they hadn’t yet updated when they saw it in their town and that looked OK, so they did the update on the other device and it glitched.
            I still think a rollback might help – people have said a re-install didn’t but it has to be either the files or the data have gone wonky or a lot more people would have the problem.
            A re-install should fix any faulty files and a rollback should fix any broken data

            Out of interest what device and is it Android or iOS, and what OS version ??
            Perhaps finding that out from anyone affected would help the devs to sort this

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