Fore!: Evelyn Peters Walkthrough

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Right then, you’ve got your Rundown, Turbo Tappin’ and Calendar up so lets take a look at the premium offering for this act –
Evelyn Peters and the Springfield Glen Country Club

As ever this isn’t exactly a Should I Buy, more like it’s a look at what you get if you decide to spend those Donuts so you can make your own minds up.

Here’s what’s in this post:
• Basic info
• Questline with Dialog
• Permanent tasks

Lets get started then, shall we . . .

Basic info:
Evelyn Peters
• Cost: 150 Donuts
• Name: Evelyn Peters
• Type: Character
• Premium: Yes
• Voiced: No
• Questline: Yes
• Animated Job(s): Yes – 4 and 24 hour jobs

Bundled with:
Springfield Glen Country Club
• Name: Springfield Glen Country Club
• Type: Building
• Built: 6 seconds
• Earns: 200 $$s and 22 XP every 8 hours
• Job(s): Yes – Evelyn Peters, Susan
I’ll cover Susan’s jobs in the prize walkthrough


Questline with Dialog:

High Society Dues, part 1:

Blue Haired Lawyer: Miss Peters, I have been asked by the board of Springfield Glen Country Club to enlist the help of members to take care of some minor managerial tasks.
Evelyn Peters: How can I help?
Blue Haired Lawyer: There are several members of the club who, due to circumstances outside of the club’s control, are negligent in their dues.
Evelyn Peters: Negligent? But our club has only just returned.
Blue Haired Lawyer: But the financial obligation to the club from its membership continued from then till now.
Evelyn Peters: And so you need an attractive socialite to shake down these “negligent” members for when the club was unavailable, but still expecting dues?
Blue Haired Lawyer: I’m glad you understand.
Evelyn Peters: I’m not sure I’m glad that I do.

• Make Evelyn Peters Find the Right Outfit – 4 hours

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP

High Society Dues, part 2:

Evelyn Peters: Ahh, Rainier Wolfcastle. I was hoping to run into you.
Wolfcastle: Many ladies say this to me. What can I do for you?
Evelyn Peters: I’m here on behalf of the Springfield Glen Country Club…
Evelyn Peters: …I wanted to extend you the pleasure of returning to the club and making use of our many fine amenities.
Wolfcastle: Ya, I love my fine amenities.
Evelyn Peters: Glad to hear that. However, it does appear that there was a glitch with our system while we were gone.
Wolfcastle: As my character McBain would say: glitches get stitches.
Evelyn Peters: That’s cute. Anyhow, we have misplaced your credit card number.
Wolfcastle: No worries. I will bring my card with me to the club.
Evelyn Peters: Thank you so much. *to herself* This might not be as bad as I feared.

• Make Evelyn Peters Ask for Money From Rich People – 4 hours
• Make Rich People Have Evelyn Peters Thrown Out – x 5, 4 hours

Evelyn Peters: It was a nightmare after all. I’ve approached the most entrenched club members.
Evelyn Peters: Okay, who’s left?
Evelyn Peters: The worst…Montgomery Burns.

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP

High Society Dues, part 3:

Evelyn Peters: Thank you so much for not releasing the hounds on me, Montgomery.
Burns: It’s their nap time. What was it that you needed today, Miss Peters?
Evelyn Peters: There’s been a grave error, and the Springfield Glen Country Club sent me out as soon as they could.
Burns: Please don’t use the word “grave” around an old man.
Evelyn Peters: Despite you having been a member at our club since the turn of the century, we haven’t named a single thing after you.
Evelyn Peters: There’s only one way to fix this issue. As an accomplished golfer, it only makes sense to name our pro shop in your honor.
Evelyn Peters: But putting your name over a doorway costs money. The “M” in Montgomery is especially costly.
Burns: Clearly you have a point to this. So out with it!
Evelyn Peters: If we disguised a donation to the club as paying your dues for the last ten years, we can buy that all-important “M” for you.

• Make Evelyn Peters Hope Burns Falls For It – 4 hours
• Make Burns Imagine His Name on Yet Another Plaque – 4 hours

Burns: Smithers! Fetch my accountant! Let’s get this sorted out immediately!
Smithers: Yes, sir. Right away, sir.
Evelyn Peters: Thank you, Montgomery. I look forward to visiting the Montgomery Burns Pro Shop with the biggest “M” anyone’s ever seen!
Smithers: Hmm…

Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP

High Society Dues, part 4:

Smithers: Miss Peters… I noticed the number you suggested Mr. Burns should “donate” matches up exactly with the amount of dues you’ve been extracting from other members.
Evelyn Peters: Why, Waylon! That’s a scandalous thing to accuse me of.
Smithers: Miss Peters. I merely wanted to offer you my sincere admiration.
Evelyn Peters: Excuse me?
Smithers: I have seen thousands of people attempt to get Mr. Burns to donate money over the years, and none were ever successful.
Smithers: You managed it in the space of a few minutes.
Smithers: Please let me take you out for a drink so that I can understand how you pulled it off.
Evelyn Peters: I can’t say no to that!

• Make Evelyn Peters Calm Her Nerves – 4 hours
• Make Smithers Become a Hideous Drunken Wreck – 4 hours

— : The next day…
Smithers: Oh dear… I believe that we may have overdone it slightly, Miss Peters.
Evelyn Peters: Per…perhaps.

Reward: 200 $$s, 20 XP


Permanent tasks:
( sorry, no task pics right now )

• Task: Pump Her Own Gas
• Time: 1 hour
• Earns: 105 $$s, 26 XP
• Animated: No
• Location: Gas Stations, Brown Houses

• Task: Find The Right Outfit
• Time: 4 hours
• Earns: 260 $$s, 70 XP
• Animated: Yes
• Location: Outside – visual

• Task: Go Shopping
• Time: 8 hours
• Earns: 420 $$s, 105 XP
• Animated: No
• Location: assorted Shops, assorted Homes

• Task: Gossip
• Time: 12 hours
• Earns: 600 $$s, 150 XP
• Animated: No
• Location: Springfield Glen Country Club

• Task: Calm Her Nerves
• Time: 24 hours
• Earns: 1,000 $$s, 225 XP
• Animated: Yes
• Location: Outside – visual


There you have it, over to you. Is this a must-buy, a maybe or a hard-pass?
Your opinions might help any Addict who’s not made up their minds yet so please share your thoughts in the comments.

Back tomorrow with a look at the cash offering.

Don’t forget that first prize, the Golf Course Fountain, can only be placed on River Tiles.

Anyone taking bets on how long before someone asks where they can put that fountain in these comments ?!?
( I am grinning not growling when I reply to those though !! )

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  1. Why has levelling up stopped?

  2. I was wondering if there is a place to request EA for older buildings to return to the store?

  3. Mary Sabrina Plowman

    OK I’ll be the first. I haven’t been able to place the fountain anywhere. So what gives?? I’m sure you are grinning.

    • Kathryn D Soukup


    • Hardly the first…sometimes if you read past posts, you can find answers to your questions. You really, really hardly even have to try…Jebus!

      • Ah, Mike – that original comment was likely joking, but the later reply probably did want it answered ( again ).
        I’m hoping everyone’s got it by now …
        I’m writing the post on the in-app purchase for this event right now, and it’s the first one where I haven’t mentioned placing the Fountain on River Tiles – but I will again in the prizes post !!

        • Kathryn D Soukup

          I freely admit that I did ask the question and wanted an answer. I normally search before asking, but because it was such a new prize I did think it was a glitch. I sincerely apologize for my annoying question.

          • A question is as it is, but I bet you didn’t need to ask twice ?!?
            It’s all good, we aim for the knees
            Oh, hang on – we aim to please !!

            • Alissa used to always add those details but I’m swamped trying to get it all out for you readers and only mention things like that when I find out they’re a likely to cause a problem

        • No issues Graham..I meant to say, read the comments to the posts..the question was asked multiple times in the comments section, after each of your posts. So…people out there…read the comments section after the posts..they often have frequently asked questions from players. Avoid my comments, but in general, they are a great source of information and help.

          And’s obvious you do a hell of a lot, so no worries.

  4. Hi there! I would like to kindly ask for your help because since the introduction of this last chapter (Evelyn Peters and the Springfield Glen Country Club) I’m facing problems with the game.
    Every time I tap it and move around all the elements of my city appear and disappear and even some of them I know they’re there but they’re not visible.
    I already uninstalled TSTO and re-installed it again and this issue is not fixed.
    Thanks in advance.
    Nuno, from Portugal

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