Fore!: Act 1 Turbo Tappin’

Fore splashscreen
Ok then, we’ve done some of this in the Rundown but here we go with the Turbo Tappin’ for this Act.

In this post:
• Intro tasks
• Prize track tasks
• Currency jobs

Intro: The Warm Days of Summer

• Make Homer Run Outside to See – 6 seconds
• Make Barflies Run Outside to See – x 3, 6 seconds
• Make Moe Get His Shotgun – 6 seconds

Completing this will unlock the event quests and store content


Prize Track: Tee’s Up

Tee’s Up part 1:
Golf Course Fountain
• Collect Golf Tees – x 100 Golf Tees Icon
• Make Springfielders Investigate the New Building – x 5, 4 hours
• Make Quimby Demand to Speak to a Manager – 4 hours
• Make Squeaky Voice Teen Regret Applying to Work Here – 4 hours
Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and decoration: Golf Course Fountain
Only goes on River Tiles

Tee’s Up part 2:
• Collect Golf Tees – x 125 Golf Tees Icon
• Make Springfielders Crowd the Gates to Springfield Glen – x 5, 4 hours
• Make Quimby Return With the Overstuffed Money Bag – 4 hours
Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and character: Susan
Earns event currency when unlocked

Tee’s Up part 3:
Mystery Box Token
• Collect Golf Tees – x 100 Golf Tees Icon
• Make Springfielders Try to Bribe Wiggum to Get Inside – x 5, 4 hours
• Make the Blue-Haired Lawyer Clear His Throat – 4 hours
• Make Quimby Test the Heft of the Money Bag – 4 hours
Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and Mystery Box token

Tee’s Up part 4:
Springfield Glen Entrance
• Collect Golf Tees – x 115 Golf Tees Icon
• Make Quimby Draft Legislation in His Head – 4 hours
• Make Lisa Worry How Responsible She Is – 4 hours
• Make Professor Frink Promote His Podcast – 4 hours
Reward: 100 $$s, 10 XP and decoration: Springfield Glen Entrance

Tee’s Up part 5:
Burns' Hounds' Quarters Golf Tees Icon
• Collect Golf Tees – x 165
• Make the Squeaky Voice Teen Look Up Mr. Burns’ Partner – 4 hours
• Make Burns Prepare to Crush His Opponent – 4 hours
• Make Smithers Be Certain Something Will Go Wrong – 4 hours
Reward: 200 $$s, 20 XP and building: Burns’ Hounds’ Quarters


Currency Jobs:

You’re collecting Golf Tees with the following:

• Make Homemade Tees – 4 hours, earns 5 Golf Tees Icon
Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, Quimby, Mr. Burns, Smithers, Susan

• Purchase Tees – 4 hours, earns 7 Golf Tees Icon
Aristotle Amadopolis

• Purchase Space-Age Super Tees – 4 hours, earns 8 Golf Tees Icon
Evelyn Peters, Golfing Dr. Hibbert, Golfing Dr. Nick


Back tomorrow with a look at the premium offering, Evelyn Peters and the Springfield Glen Country Club.

24 responses to “Fore!: Act 1 Turbo Tappin’

  1. I hope they release an actually golf course or pieces to construct one. I know they have the premium one for 100 donuts but hoping for one part of the prize track. Side note, does this site not show all the prizes/characters for the whole event? I remember they used to do that.

    • There is a Spoilers post, but the prizes are one of the later posts for each act and only cover what was in that act.
      They are touched on in the Rundown, Calendar and Turbo Tappin’ posts then it’s on to the new items followed by what’s back in store.
      Once those are done it’s time to go into more detail on the prizes and then recap the Dialog before the end or next act comes

      I will say I think you’ll be happy in an act or 3 …

  2. Thanks for info and patience Graham

  3. Tried to put the fountain wherever I wanted to but it doesn’t go just anywhere and now I can’t figure out where the hell it’s supposed to go LOL any help would be appreciated

    • It’s in this post, and the Rundown, and the Niggles+Glitches and the Calendar and the comments on those, and it will be repeated again –

      It only goes on River Tiles

      I’m gettin’ meself a beer 😂

    • In my game the event is not even started yet :C

      • Check your app store for the update then make sure to complete the intro quest to start the event

    • You can put a river square anywhere it will fit, place the fountain in it, and then remove the river. The fountain will remain and function.

  4. No hot flash in the mystery box, in fact no mystery box

    • Only glanced at what’s in that but looks like it’s not on the list – busy researching the premium bundle for tomorrows post but I will get to the store and mystery box items in a few days

    • I surprisingly have a mystery box. The only 2 items are Stretch Dude and Springfield Books. Is Springfield Books a unique item? I haven’t had the time to search my town for it, but I feel like I’ve already gotten this store.

  5. Lisahadathought

    When I’m at a loss in the game, I know I can find the answer in tstoaddicts. So thank you Graham.

  6. Does anyone find weird that one Misery token costs 70 and 5 costs 350? Is that supposed to be a deal?

    • See the Niggles and Glitches post – I put in a request to ask if the Devs would patch that, so wait and see, but they may be busy trying to solve this Invisible Buildings glitch.

      BTW that graphics glitch may be a display resolution thing, and so far it seems to be Samsung, mainly S22 when anyone affected has mentioned which device they play on

  7. Where is River tiles please

    • Tap the crossed arrows in the middle of the bottom right buttons then scroll down on the left menu to find the blue icon to place river – it’s in the same list and works the same as placing roads

  8. Can’t place prize one anywhere. Anyone successful?

    • As it says in the Rundown, Niggles and Glitches and Calendar posts as well as right here – it only goes on River Tiles

    • charlesthefirst1

      I am surprised that so many people have problems since it went to a river tile when awarded. I wonder how many people don’t use river tiles?

      • I have lots of river tiles, but the fountain did not go there when I got it. But, after trying grass and roads, it occurred to me that it might go in water, and, since it had to work on a golf course, it occurred to me to try a water-tile area and voila!

        • In my 2 towns one last tap before dialog had river in view and found it but in the other town the last tap was some way from water and didn’t know where to go so it left it to me to drag it over

          • Ah, okay. Yes…I wasn’t near any river tiles when I got it. Interesting that it drags you over in one case, but not the other…the ocean stuff drags you over HARD, no matter where you are! 😄

            • It’s like that when the tap that collects a building etc. is in a crowded area and it has a quick check for space before giving up and going red in the first bit it thinks of …

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