Fore!: Niggles and Glitches

Hi all, seen a few posts about problems so I’m going to cover some of them for you:

• Golf Course Fountain
• Mystery Box Tokens

• Invisible buildings etc.
• Stuck updating

Golf Course Fountain:
I’ll mention this again, but a few of you have struggled to figure where to place these. They can only be placed on River Tiles.

Mystery Box Tokens:
The “Best Deal” is buy 5 for the price of 5 !?!
Usually it’s 5 for the price of 4, so it should be 280 Ds not 350 when they are 70 Ds each.
I’ve put in a request to ask the devs for a patch on this so hopefully it’ll be worth it to wait and see rather than get them right away.

Invisible Buildings etc.:
Some of you have found the graphics vanish for mountains, the Gorge Bridge and a whole heap of random buildings and things.
Invisible Playdoh Factory was one that caught my eye –
Invisible Playdoh Factory

Having gathered enough examples and device info it seems to be the Samsung S22 and a probable display resolution issue.
This has now been raised for the Devs to investigate.
Hope it’s a quick and easy fix

Maybe hold off on this advice from yesterday after all …

From what I’ve read researching this all of the usual tricks, like a re-install, didn’t help and my instinct is to say …

Contact EA Help during UK or US business hours so you can use the Live Chat or Phone options to speak directly with an Advisor and ask for a Rollback

Don’t wait too long though. They do keep older saves so if they put your game back to how it was on Monday for example you’ll have to re-do everything you tapped for since, including re-starting the event.
The longer you leave it the more you’ll have to redo or write off.

Stuck updating
There were quite a few of you having trouble with the update getting stuck on the splash screen downloading those new images and bits.
As far as I know that’s now resolved but if you are still stuck read the tips in the comments on the Update Alert post and if you can’t get it sorted let me know.

26 responses to “Fore!: Niggles and Glitches

  1. I thought I was crazy, but I have an S22 too, so that must be why so many of my buildings are suddenly invisible. Any updates yet on a solution?

  2. I noticed this today (6/15) when I hit the sky finger statue to clear all my buildings, it only cleared out the few buildings around it, not my entire Springfield as it usually does. Had to go through & clear the rest of my buildings manually. Running on an iPad 6 with iPadOS 15(don’t have room apparently, to upgrade the OS on it). Thought it may be a glitch, but will have to see if it does it again tomorrow when it’s ready to tap.

    • That can happen if Bart hits or if you get impatient and head to the Friends Towns bit before it’s run through everything.
      I’ve chucked 72 Ds at it before now – along with some choice language !!

  3. I had a rollback where I had to redo everything I already did earlier today. I didn’t ask or contact EA so not in response to anything and it was literally everything from event to getting my daily donuts from tapping statue/ donut building. Hope not happen again.

    • It’s not a rollback, it’s a Failed to Save.

      Always pop to the friends-towns bit when you’ve done tappping – Bart + Millhouse button, first of the three bottom right – and it saves your progress to the servers

  4. I literally received my S22 today after having a loan Alcatel-1 for 2 days which seemed like years! Thank you for identifying the issue Mr S. More top work from the administration on this page 🙂

  5. Me too, not my name, Samsung s22 ultra, mountain range, buildings, monorail sections, sometimes buildings bits appear when I scroll around, game is perfect on my oppo. Right from the splash screen where The Finger is, and it’s shadow, both on 1/5 of the screen but with just a blue background.
    Bit aarrggh at the moment, so playing on my old oppo …. Petey level 939 ..

  6. Horst Breitkreuz

    Tell me if I’m wrong, but I don’t know if the problem with those missing or vanishing buildings can be resolved by a rollback to an older server-backup. I’ve tried everything too on my Samsung 22 Ultra, including flushing the cache, deleting the data, reinstalling, changing the screen-resolution using Game Buster Plus. Nothing worked. When I saw your suggestion that I should ask EA for a rollback (what I did years ago and lost many buildings, 2500 donuts and burned three E-Mail-adresses by the way) I had one last idea to try first: I installed the game on an (very weak) Samsung Tab A7. But guess what: All the buildings and the mountains are visible! In my eyes that proves that my game-profile is *not* corrupted!
    So… should I play on the old tablet hoping EA devs can find the bug or should I call EA support, even so I know, my games profile is not corrupted and risking another odyssey in the lines of EA?

    • I edited the post – rollback probably won’t help
      Looks like it’s a Samsung S22 issue that needs a fix
      Great you have another device to use instead

  7. Is the fact the fountains can only go on rivers a bug? Seems weird that something to water grass can omly go where there’s already water and not grass?

    • No – items have a list of where they can be put and that one only has river in there.
      It’s meant to be decorative like those Las Vegas fountains that shoot up from a mini lake I think, rather than a lawn sprinkler

  8. I tried getting in contact with EA but it keeps sending me around. But through the Swedish site (I am norwegian) I managed to get into the email feature via this link if links are allowed. Mind you it might be in swedish but Förnamn is First name, e-post is e-mail, and Nästa is Next.

    • While I appreciate the thought I’m not sure how many will be able to converse in Swedish

      The UK team should have been starting up around the time you wrote that and the US team in about an hour and closing in about 10 hours from the time this goes up.

      You’re better with Phone or Live Chat options to talk directly with an advisor rather than emailing and waiting for a reply that’ll probably mean sending another email and waiting for a reply …

      Been a while but try Missing Content > Had Content And Lost It and if it redirects to the community ( AHQ ) check for a bit that says Still Need Help, Contact Us

      • For clarity, when I say UK team it’s UK hours but they’re actually in Ireland, if you wanted to know that

      • Thank you so much, I finally found the chat. I know most citizens of the world do not speak swedish, however, most Swedes speak english 🙂

      • It redirected me to Answers HQ many times before the “Still need help” appeared. Perhaps support should know how difficult it is to find their help.

        • I believe they are well aware and that this is a strategy to keep live support costs down to a minimum.. also they are probably tired of all the “have you tried turning it off and on again” answers.

      • I highly recommend phone only. Chat reps are usually not as experienced and chats generally end up taking longer than calls. For those in the US, it’s best to call during daytime businesses hours and to try to get a rep who sounds like they’re in the US…sometimes, if they don’t, it’s worth hanging up and disking back in. Those reps seem to have better abilities to do stuff, in my past experienced. However…..all of this advice may be out of date, since it’s been many years since I’ve contacted help for the game! (Hope I haven’t jinxed anything by saying that!! 😬😬)

        • I used to have a phone number for UK Help, but that went out of service around lockdown and I haven’t found it to check it since …
          Even that often gave me the impression I’d been re-routed to an overseas call centre ?!?

      • Susan Johnson-Dehn

        I have a S22 Ultra and my wife has the Note 20, so far I’ve not had in game display issues, but both of us do have the Splash Screen missing the artwork behind Sky Finger. Anyone else with this issue? Any suggestions? Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere so apologies if it has been.

  9. I am not sure a rollback will help with the invisible graphics glitch. I uninstalled the game again and reinstalled it and started the game with a brand new never played account and the mountain range was missing during the tutorial.

    • Oh wow
      My brain hurts
      That’s almost like your device blocked some of the images or something equally bonkers

      Did I say all 4 of the devices I updated are Android or Android based like a Samsung is and not a single issue on any of ’em …

      Yikes !!

      I hate these head-scratcher glitches, like when the Gingerbread Simpsons Couch broke neighbour visits

      • I play on a Samsung phone and I have that issue. Whole mountain range is gone but if I press the right spot I get the graphic to change the Homerlayas for example. Weird.

        • It’s not even like you can use the missing mountains as extra land either – the game knows what should be there even if you cannot see it !!
          6 am here and I’m too tired to try to think about it any more …

  10. Thank you sooo much!

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