Fore!: Act 3 Rundown

Fore splashscreen
We got a shiny new Act in our pocket towns, so it’s time for a shiny new Rundown.

I’ve included the Buy More costs here for you.

There will be an Open Thread up a little later.
OK. Ooops, there seems to have been a mix-up or Safi’s been REALLY busy.
Feel free to use this as your Open Thread for this week, just remember to keep it PG and free from politics and Add Me’s. you know the score.

Here’s what’s in this post:
• What EA said
• Prize items
• Premium combo
• Currency jobs

Now on with the Rundown …

What EA Said:

Mayor Quimby finds himself in a strange and uncomfortable situation – his plot to exact petty revenge on Springfield Glen has resulted in a large amount of money being brought into the city through perfectly legitimate means. This scares him, since he’s not in any danger of getting arrested for it. Meanwhile, Homer is brought to Mr. Burns and informed that he’s been made part of Mr. Burns’ wager and explains that he hasn’t played golf any time recently. Mr. Burns thinks about this, and then immediately gives him the week off to practice, as well as giving him a sizeable amount of money to update his equipment. Smithers quickly shoos him out of the office before he can take any more advantage of Mr. Burns. Homer immediately sets out to make the most of this by enlisting the help of the most available caddy he knows. He pulls Bart out of class (quite literally) and tells his son to help figure out how he can keep this from blowing up in his face. Realizing that this gives him a perfectly legitimate reason to avoid school for the week, Bart immediately agrees and takes Homer to the course to find out how difficult this will be. After watching Homer play, and then spying on Mr. Burns to evaluate his game, Bart comes to a startling realization – with Homer’s long, powerful drives, and Mr. Burns’ accurate short game, they have a complete game that could actually pull this off.


Prize Items: A Rough Approach

Prize 1:
( A Rough Approach part 1 and 115 Golf Pencils Fore Act 3 Currency Icon )
Golf Ball Washer
• Name: Golf Ball Washer
• Type: Decoration
Buy more for 2,500 $$s each

Prize 2:
( A Rough Approach part 2 and 130 Golf Pencils Fore Act 3 Currency Icon )
Caddy Bart
• Name: Caddy Bart
• Type: Skin – Outfit for Bart

Prize 3:
( A Rough Approach part 3 and 100 Golf Pencils Fore Act 3 Currency Icon )
Mystery Box Token
Yay, I hear you cry, a Mystery Box Token.
See the store guide post for details of what’s back in store and what’s in the mystery box.

Prize 4:
( A Rough Approach part 4 and 115 Golf Pencils Fore Act 3 Currency Icon )
Golf Cart
• Name: Golf Cart
• Type: Decoration
Buy more for 20 Donuts each

Prize 5:
( A Rough Approach part 5 and 165 Golf Pencils Fore Act 3 Currency Icon )
Golf Course Alligator
• Name: Golf Course Alligator
• Type: Pet – NPC


Premium Combo: Costs 150 Donuts
• Name: Chadlington
• Type: Character
Note: Earns event currency for Acts 3 and 4

Bundled with:
• Name: Caddyshack
• Type: Building


Currency Jobs:

You’re collecting Golf Pencils with the following:

• Break Normal Pencils in Half – 4 hours, earns 5 Fore Act 3 Currency Icon
Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, Quimby, Mr. Burns, Smithers, Susan

• Buy Score Pencils – 4 hours, earns 7 Fore Act 3 Currency Icon
Aristotle Amadopolis

• Purchase Mahogany Score Pencils – 4 hours, earns 8 Fore Act 3 Currency Icon
Chadlington, Jimmy, Evelyn Peters, Golfer Dr. Hibbert, Golfer Dr. Nick


Now you’re all set to tee off, back tomorrow with the Turbo Tappin’

17 responses to “Fore!: Act 3 Rundown

  1. Just completed act 3 but didn’t get the golf alligator. Even tried looking in my inventory. Has anyone else had the same glitch?

  2. Im about to unlock the last squares of the Frontier land. But i want my cabin and jackpot realty to keep producing maps, just incase. How can i make this happen? Leave one square locked, and keep the white maps at 49/50 right?

    • Yep, and remember to go into Design Mode before collecting / tapping SkyFinger or it’ll realise you have what you need and pay Cash not Maps – I’m getting close to 2,000 Maps banked in case they add more of those tiles

      • ^^ The 49 / 50 is Deeds – the buildings make Maps and it costs 3 Maps to start a task to earn a Deed.
        I’ve kept mine at 49 / 50 Deeds too, as well as all those banked Maps – and one tile on that first row for 1 Deed un-bought.

      • So i have to tap, then go into design mode to trick the game into giving me maps instead of cash? Also i will have a tile that costs 7 deeds, will that make a difference? Instead of the one deed tile that you have?

        • the Shack will show the $$s icon, but the tap will show that a Map was collected . . .

          Trust me, being doing it for a while now

          Go to Design Mode then tap

          • I don’t understand any of this. How do you tap while in design mode? And how do the buildings know when to stop giving maps, if you still have deed-land to purchase and you keep your deeds under the maximum? I have a few squares left to purchase and 49 (or fewer?) deeds, and, AFAIK, I’m still collecting maps from the buildings (I currently have 397 of them, far more than needed to get the deeds I need to purchase the remaining four squares of land.)

            • My shack switched to $$s way back when, but I just ” go into Design Mode before collecting / tapping SkyFinger ” to trick it into paying Maps

              • I’m still not understanding…how do you tap anything while in design mode??? (And does that trick only work with Sky Finger?)

              • This help : How I do it …

                Enter design mode
                Scroll to SkyFinger / the Shack
                Leave Design Mode

                If the Shack / Jackpot Realty are ready to pay but had switched to give $$s they then remember to give Maps instead if you have at least one New Frontier tile left to get.

              • Done it in pics to show what I get / do to fix it …

              • 1,859 maps? Wow! I only have 409 of them.

                So you just mean you go into, and then out of, design mode to trigger a change from dollars to maps, right? Fortunately, based on the early warnings from others, I’ve been careful not to buy all land or max out deeds, so my buildings still generate maps.

              • When the New Frontier land was added I got the lot with sprinkles in one town and then thought perhaps I shoulda saved a tile.
                Almost immediately found the Shack went to IGC even though I had a tile left and wanted an answer so I could get that last Deed if I needed it.
                Being a bit of a smartypants had it sussed in 2 days.
                I’d probably be over 3,000 Maps if I didn’t forget my own advice !!

              • glenntanim11

                If they ever open up new land, I’ll just get them the same way I got all the other New Frontier land, using donuts.
                I still have over 20 land tokens for all the other land which I can trade in for 240+ donuts.

  3. Awesome.

  4. Michael Gahagan

    Be nice if EA got around to fixing the glitch

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