THOH XXXIV: App Store Patch Update Alert

Patch update in your app stores

You’re after v4.64.2

Here’s what EA said

Hey TSTO Fans,

The new update is starting to appear on the App Store. Please be aware it can appear in each region at different times, so if it isn’t available for you yet, it will be shortly.

If you are one of the players stuck on the loading screen, we’re hopeful this will let you play normally without having to perform a reinstallation. There is a chance that players, even unaffected ones, may be asked to re-verify their age after performing the update.

After performing the update, all players should see the extended dates for the Treehouse of Horror event, as well as the Xylem bundle resolution. iOS players will also receive their token of appreciation.
Once again, we thank you for your patience and understanding as we worked to resolve this.

Happy Tapping!

If you continue to experience problems, please contact the support forums at: ( link to the AHQ thread )

… and here’s what I think it does:

This will hopefully fix the iOS issue and I believe you’ll get 2 Mystery Box tokens ( would cost 120 Ds or trade for 24 ) if you’re on iOS..

The event has been extended by a week but it looks like just the end date changed and not the act start dates ( times in UTC ) …
Act1 Start – 2023-10-04 15:01
Act2 Start – 2023-10-13 15:01
Act3 Start – 2023-10-22 15:01
Act4 Start – 2023-10-31 15:01
End – 2023-11-15 14:00
Shattered Dreams End – 2023-11-15 14:00

You should also see Xylem in your store as a free item if you don’t already have him – woohoo !!

Thanks to a kindly TOUK with an iOS device I can add pics …
iOS players should see these messages when they update:


And anyone without Xylem should go and check their Store …

40 responses to “THOH XXXIV: App Store Patch Update Alert

  1. Yes I’m back too! For the first time in weeks!

  2. YES!!! I’ve got it back!!!!! So pleased that I was patient.

  3. It’s been 2 weeks now since I couldn’t connect !!!!! Really frustrated!!!! I play anonymously so I decided to create an account hoping it might link my game to my new account, but still reluctant to re-install. Desperate measure. I have been playing 9yrs, lost my account 2 1/2 yrs ago & started again getting up to level 939 recently- don’t think I can do it again!

    • If you’ve been playing anonymously, you may be totally f-d. 😔

      If you decide to start again, you should DEFINITELY create a login account, so you don’t have this issue again in the future. I don’t think that creating an account now will attach your current anonymous game to it, but I hope I’m wrong.

      I’m sorry this happened to you.

  4. Just downloaded the newest version – 4.64.3 – and it still doesn’t work! Now instead of connecting to sever its back to the endless spinning donut. D’oh! They must have the D team supporting this game.

    • Have you done a complete uninstall/reinstall and waited until ALL of the updates were finished before trying to log in (contrary to the message that says you can start playing while it finishes downloading)? That worked for me on my iPad.

  5. Uninstalled reinstalled, now working

  6. Nope. Still stuck at Bart screen. I may have to un/re-install I guess.

  7. I went from forever spinning donut to cannot connect to server errors. This is after the latest update. I can’t play this at all.

  8. Sadly, I’m still stuck. Tried everything I saw including multiple delete/reinstall cycles. Get prompted for birth month then click on Login to get my town and boom, game crashes. Was getting endless donut cycle before, so it’s a change anyway.

    • Have another try, but do not log in until the mahoosive files download is finished – seems to be a quirk of iOS it doesn’t like you trying to do that until it’s ready to go.

    • Unfortunately, that did not work. Any other thoughts, or do I just need to wait for another update?

  9. I really wish that they would do the same thing with Evil Shopkeeper they did with Xylem. Like many players, I have House of Evil and evil Krusty Doll, but no Shopkeeper!

    • Best thing to do for stuff like that is bring it up when the bundle is in the game.
      There’s a chance then that they’ll do something, but not now when it won’t help.

  10. Fantastic now I can’t play on my kindle either, still not able to play on android 12 or 13. Repeatedly asking for age log in, useless as not accepting numbers!
    Time to give up I think.

    • Good fun that birthday malarkey on a Kindle, white numbers on a pale grey background. I just scroll down blind and aim for anything that’s the right decade !!
      Dismiss the keypad, it won’t help !!

  11. I still cannot play on my iPad, I get the Bart screen. Please help, should I uninstall & reinstall or would this cause me not to receive the free items being offered to iOS players?

    • If you play as anonymous don’t uninstall or it’ll delete your town and go back to level 1

      If you play with a game saved to an EA account it’ll all be there when you log in

    • I have my game saved with an EA account but I was very nervous about uninstalling and reinstalling. Idk I guess I was paranoid about losing my stuff lol. I even still get nervous when it says your device didn’t save and you have to play anyway. Ugh why they do that like that I’ll never know, use different words or something please 😂.
      I eventually gave in and did it. It did eventually fix things. It didn’t ask me my password (which I’d worried I’d forgotten so I had to go look for it lol) it asked for email and birthday and that worked. So, if you’re worried about that, it did work out fine for me. But if you didn’t set it up with an EA account and play as anonymous DON’T do that and look for the link in the original post about the issue to tell them you’re still having problems. Or you can wait for a while and see if you’re getting Bart screen because everyone is trying to get back on and overwhelming the servers. I believe that’s what was going on after I uninstalled and reinstalled and it was crashing or doing Bart screen. I waited till later and finally, I was able to get back on at about 4am eastern US time.

  12. Did the update.. got in to the game.. got 2 tokens right off the bat.. and then saw the free Xylem …
    So I thought I would go out of the game and NOT clear cache as I have been doing.. Donut just spun for about 20 sec but it did go into the game… So all seems to be doing okay.

    • Thanks for that – I’ve a feeling that right after the update all those iOS players dying to tap were all online at once and then met Bart !!

  13. Android… no free Xylem no free tokens.

  14. Still cannot connect to server…

    • Look through the replies for a link to the original tips that may help, but it’s also possible all those who’ve been locked out are trying to tap at once and the servers can’t cope …
      Remember the old days when updates showed up after an event should’ve started and then no-one could get on to tap ?!?

      • I recall in the UK when an event was due for 3pm, but the update showed at 6pm and it took until after 10pm to get past Bart !!

  15. A big NOPE. Got update. Spinning donut, Bart screen. Restarted my iPad. Spinning donut, Bart screen. Changed WiFi networks. Same thing. Still doesn’t work for me on my iPad. Android phone works fine as usual besides it making like water noise when I have game sound off lol. It’s weird but I can live with that at least I can play the game on that. iPad is my main one that I’ve had for years and had it before my mom passed away so it kinda reminds me of before that so I would really like to access that account again. Very frustrating and trying not to have too much anxiety over it.

    • Have a look at the original glitch post for tips on beating Bart …

      • Thank you for suggesting that and everything you do to help. Sadly, it still won’t let me play. It’s different now though, now it tries to load and then just crashes. Ngl it does do that on occasion anyway when I play on my iPad 6thgen iOS 17.0.3. Guess I’ll try support cause none of the other things have worked. Thank you for your time.

    • Similar on my iPad: After the update, I got a split-second download message, then Bart screen. Every attempt, the download advanced and got the next file, then Bart screen. Then only Bart screens.

      Finally deleted and reinstalled, and after a total of 4 times I had to enter my birth month & year, and that massive download, I’m back in. Phew.

      (Then changed language to English, 5th birth month & year. Hope that won’t come every time I open the game now…)

      • Yayyyy it’s finally working (mostly) for me on my iPad. It does crash sometimes but it is playable and I’m ok with that lol. Ty Graham, TSTO addicts, anyone else, and the Tapped out people at EA ofc for taking the time to help (and communicate with) us get back into game and for the extras some of us got. It actually makes me feel better about tossing some money into the game again occasionally. Happy today 🙂

  16. Did update, had to do the birthday thing again. No Xylem for me and I don’t have him. Looked in my storage box and nothing. Oh well.

  17. I just got the update — Xylem for free, check. I only got two free mystery box tokens, but then, I only have one item left in the box. Wish it would have been shattered dreams tokens instead, oh well. Logging in seemed quicker, after the age entry thing.

    • Yeah, the screenshot I saw showed the pic with 5 but said 2 – my bad !!
      I’ve edited the post to sort that

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