Update Alert: Cold Turkey

App store update, Cold Turkey.

regular splash screen
We interrupt your regularly scheduled tapping to bring you the following announcement …

There’s an App Store update circulating to get your games ready for a mini event due to start tomorrow, Wednesday November 15th at 14:01 UTC.
Due to end on Wednesday November 29th at 14:00 UTC
14:00 UTC is UK 2pm GMT or US 9am ET

This also includes the Black Friday prize track and Mystery Boxes.

Remember: Don’t update if you’re not done with THOH !!

I’ve been checking the app store websites.
These links are from a UK search:

• Android: Update shown here
• iOS: Update shown here
• Amazon: Update shown here

Who you’ll want free:

For the intro:
Marge and Homer

For Part 1:

For the currency jobs:
Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, Grampa, Wiggum, Lou, Eddie and the new Premium


I’ll have more in the Rundown once this goes live tomorrow.

21 responses to “Update Alert: Cold Turkey

  1. Crossing my fingers for God and/or Golden Goose. I have almost 1,000 donuts ready to go!

  2. Thanks, Graham!! 🙂
    I look forward all year to these end of year events with the awesome music, water, snow, windy leaves, etc plus the special deals and prize tracks…always happy to see them appear then sad when they end but fun times all around! 🙂
    Can’t wait to see what’s next!! 🙂

  3. Thank you. ^^

  4. Gobble gobble..just updated. Can’t wait to start Cold Turkey at 10am EST right Graham?…just joking. Two thought came to mind with cold turkey..I was a pack a day smoker for about 24 years…I haven’t had a cigarette in 4 years..but I didn’t quit cold turkey, I weaned myself off over about 2 months using a combination of an e-cig and nicotine gum..4 years, but still get cravings almost every day, so smokers out there..it can be done!! 2nd thought about cold turkey made me think of all the fear and uneasiness that came when GMO corn was introduced..now people have no problem eating meat/eggs/veggies that don’t have any of the actual food in them.

    • Congrats on the 4 years!!!

    • ( won’t mention the beer and ciggie I’m enjoying then )

      • Sometimes when I see someone smoking outside a store or other buying as I’m walking in, I purposefully walk into the second hand smoke just for the aroma…lol

        • Same – even while driving! I quit at the drop of a hat when I broke my ankle last year. With that motivation it was surprisingly easy – smokers out there it can be done!!

          • Congrats, Monolith…that’s a great achievement! Glad it was easy for you, but it’s understandable, given how physically addictive nicotine is, that it’s not as easy for everyone. I guess you’re one of the lucky ones, and I’m genuinely pleased for you about that.

      • Keep the beer (in moderation), but ditch the death stick, if you can…we want you around and healthy for many years to come! 💜

    • Congrats…..around 4 years for me too. I’m terrible with dates so I can’t remember exactly.

    • Well done on kicking that difficult habit! I hope your “sobriety” continues and eventually gets a bit easier for you. IMO, those tobacco companies are no better than drug dealers, knowingly selling a highly addictive, dangerous substance.

  5. The new update on iOS still doesn’t let you log in and play the game.

  6. What happened to The Simpson’s Tapped Out on Amazon for kindle? It no longer shows up in the Appstore.

  7. I was able to figure out who the characters are after the download, and the one on the left in the “character collection” for the event is a fun character who I’ve hoped for for a long time.

  8. Mine was right around 2pm cst

  9. THANK YOU! Your site is fantastic. All the information you take time to provide for TSTO is amazing.

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