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Super Safi’s Monday Morning Musings 14 – Treasure Island

Morning Musically-Minded, Medically-Minded, Masticators!

(Today’s post is sponsored by the letter “M”)


Over the past 600+ episodes, The Simpsons has taken us on an amazing journey involving music, science, and food to name a few concepts.

And what better way to start your week, then by discussing some of these concepts Monday morning?

So let’s get started this week by talking about a classic English adventure novel from the fourteenth episode of our favourite family, Treasure Island.

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Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S2 E1 Bart gets an “F”

Hi Underachievers,

It is a bit funny that I (like Bart) am not a fan of history yet here I am traveling through it, all the way back to October 11th 1990, when Bart was in the fourth grade… Wait, he still is in the fourth grade!

Now sit up and pay attention! There will be a test at the end of this post.

“Bart gets an “F””

Bart needs to pass a test… And that means, he needs a Miracle.

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