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Superheroes Calendar UPDATED

Hey there Hoppereenos!

I just wanted to offer up an updated version of the Calendar for the Superheroes Event. This should help you stay on track to get ALL 3 Issues of prizes before the end time on the 24th

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Superheroes Calendar Issue 1: Carbon Rods

See the NEW Calendar Below… 

UPDATE: FYI… as there is NO end dates listed anywhere outside the 24th, we went off the details in the game itself and what we can see. They look like they will overlap, so we are looking at it like that.

But to ensure the info is accurate, I am already in contact with EA to confirm if they only go a week or overlap for sure… so tap wisely.

UPDATE 530PM EST: Spoke with EA on the date, it seems that the studio does not have a response just yet. Waiting for further clarification which may take a few days. From what I am getting and what I am seeing… I do NOT think it will end in a week with that many Carbon Rods needed. I still believe they will overlap, but will poke around til I get 100% clarification. Lol. 18500 in a week would be impossible… so I still lean for Event end.

Hey there Hoppereenos!

OMG OMG OMG OMG HOLY FRAK!!! I am LOVING this Event so far. The drops of items are coming along quite fast. So much going on and LOTS of time to do it all in.

Now I know some of you STILL will worry where you are in the game, so of course… IT’S CALENDAR TIME!! 😉

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