Superheroes Calendar Issue 1: Carbon Rods

See the NEW Calendar Below… 

UPDATE: FYI… as there is NO end dates listed anywhere outside the 24th, we went off the details in the game itself and what we can see. They look like they will overlap, so we are looking at it like that.

But to ensure the info is accurate, I am already in contact with EA to confirm if they only go a week or overlap for sure… so tap wisely.

UPDATE 530PM EST: Spoke with EA on the date, it seems that the studio does not have a response just yet. Waiting for further clarification which may take a few days. From what I am getting and what I am seeing… I do NOT think it will end in a week with that many Carbon Rods needed. I still believe they will overlap, but will poke around til I get 100% clarification. Lol. 18500 in a week would be impossible… so I still lean for Event end.

Hey there Hoppereenos!

OMG OMG OMG OMG HOLY FRAK!!! I am LOVING this Event so far. The drops of items are coming along quite fast. So much going on and LOTS of time to do it all in.

Now I know some of you STILL will worry where you are in the game, so of course… IT’S CALENDAR TIME!! 😉

Comic Strip 7

As per usual, I will be starting the Calendar one day AFTER release so you can factor in time to get to the complete unlock of the Event. And will close it out one day BEFORE the current set end date of the 24th to ensure you have a “safety net” of acquiring the items.

Here we go…

Superheroes Calendar Issue 1

The 3 Issues are going to overlap one another, so I will keep the 3 Calendars separate to avoid confusion.

UPDATE: In order to help you stay on track with the way the event looks to be unfolding, the following is an UPDATED Calendar to help you stay on track for Issue 1 Prizes by the time Issue 2 launches. 

Superheroes Calendar Issue 1 Updated


For the Issue 1 Prizes:
Arbitrarium 400 Carbon Rods – Arbitrarium
montgomeryburnsstateprison_menu7000 Carbon Rods- Mr. Burns State Prison
unlock_krusty_clownface18,500 Carbon Rods- Clown Face Outfit

More information will  be coming on the MATH of earning the Carbon Rods as well as a lot more detailed info on the Prizes. So keep your eyes out.

What do you think of the Event so far? Collecting Carbon Rods already? If so, how many do you have? Looking forward to a specific prize? Let us know.


253 responses to “Superheroes Calendar Issue 1: Carbon Rods

  1. I unlocked Clown Face but can’t find it anywhere, do you know where it is or who I can contact about it!

  2. Is it bad to only have 10,800 carbon rods, if so does anyone have any useful tips 😃

  3. This game confuses me…at one time I’ve had 5 neighbors and the next time I only have one..I can’t find a way to contact the creators to figure out the problem..I need more neighbors to do a task but they won’t stay when I log out! I have a friend who plays and I haven’t seen her Springfield in a couple weeks please help me with this issue…oh and I don’t understand why they release prisoners it should be where we put the ones we take out every time we log on…idk

  4. Just unlocked Clown Face outfit with 25 hours to go before issue 2 is unlocked. Freemium player so only spent 2 donuts for speeding up a task (and used stored donuts to purchase crap silo). Key is to tap those criminals in your town multiple times a day. Returning 15 rods each and making HQ upgrades possible. Looking forward to next issue tomorrow!

  5. It’s 2/22 and I have already gotten my Super Bonus for an extra 3000 carbon rods. But unexpectedly it is $150,000 to retry for more donuts (rather than the $50,000 I am used to). It looks like I will hit the Super Bonus 6 more times on the carbon rods befire Tueaday and I want to make sure I have enough to get 3 donuts every time as I am a Freemium player. If I pick badly and need more cash I was thinking about selling back my high level Freemium characters (I am through 48 so Janey would be first). Other than getting a drastically reduced rate and having to buy her back for full price after the superhero event is over, are there any other consequences I should be aware of?

    • Meh… don’t sell them back, just send characters on short tasks to build the cash flow back up. You get a small small % of their value anyway when selling them back. Not really worth it to me.

      As far as the 150K, normal during events to pay that.

    • I second what Bunny said, only louder – DON’T SELL BACK YOUR PREMIUM CHARACTERS! lol 😉

      Seriously, though… Characters are the single most effective money earners in the game and premium characters earn 50% more than even regular characters do. If you’re really tight on cash and you pick a less-than-optimal box, then just accept the free donut or two and move on… Once you’re maxed out on FPs, you’ll be able to frequently earn at least a donut or two just from visiting your neighbors each day. As a mostly freemium player myself, I can totally relate to wanting to get as many free donuts as possible, but it’s not worth doing something like selling back a premium character just to get one or two more, IMO.

      • It’s not my Premium characters that I would sell since that would be losing donuts to earn less donuts. I would sell cash characters for a loss (but I am guessing still much more than I would earn in 2 days) to earn donuts, which still seems worth it. Does anyone know the percentage cash you would get on regular cash purchased characters/buildings?

    • What has worked for me is to hold (not tap) one of the spots for about 20 second- until the lights pattern changes at least once. So far I’ve gotten 3 donuts every time- about 10 in a row.

  6. Yes! It is possible to do 18500 rods. I have 100 missing for my goal to be reached. No pig and no card, just cjecking in every two hours. Amd every 4 at night. I believe it will chamge on the 24th for cream pies. It has never overlapped. So work hard and at least get the prison, it’s a cool one

    • No pig , no card, no donuts, mostly hourly player with full friends list, and I’m already almost finished with my 2nd bonus 3000 rods and my tower is at level 9, after getting clownface, so it’s easily possible and could be a very profitable donut event (forgot about the holding the left giftbox down trick so I only got 1 donut….booo). They start coming fast and furious the more friends get involved. Checking back regularly lets’ you get max payout for crooks, and spotlights, and felons.

      • Can someone explain the “left giftbox down trick”? We’re going to need it in the next day or so. Thanks.

  7. You say 18000 in a week would be impossible. I’m already halfway there, and I only started yesterday (Feb 19th).

  8. 18500 in a week is totally doable. I started on Thursday morning am at over 12k. Could we get a new calendar showing the pace needed to get to the next issue when it is available?

  9. As much as I love these calendar since it really keeps me on my toes and I usually get last prize the day before and event end….. That being said this one seems to be a tad bit off…..granted I used 2 doughnuts to rush the second part of the quest to get fall out boy and saved 4 hours ( I felt this offset bing late to patch ^_^ ) , but as of today feb 21 I have over 10000 rods and I didn’t do neighbour visits yesterday , and only bought plopper late last night ….. And no hero card …… According to this count I shouldn’t be here until like March 8th. I am getting 15 rods /criminal so if I clear 30 in the morning that is 450 rods almost the daily amount (560ish ) you have per day on the calander

  10. Are you gonna post a Should I Buy on Petroleus Rex?

  11. I am confused about the calendar. Another calendar said u should have the 18 thousand rods by Feb 24? Here it says otherwise. Can u please specify
    which calendar is the correct one, please. Ty.

  12. have you done a post on which characters pay out carbon rods?

    • Not yet…but right now it’s a small list:
      Fallout Boy, Pie Man, Plopper, Petroleus Rex & Clownface they each have 1 task that earns Carbon Rods

  13. Does this seem very easy to achieve compared to recent event?

  14. Idk if anyone else noticed this yet, but in stead of telling us that we zapped all the criminals, the music seems to stop at that point. I don’t know yet if it starts again when another one spawns but I am quite sure that I am correct about it stopping after the last one is zapped.

  15. Just to clarify once the prison is unlocked (im almost there) will it be a free item or will we need to spend money to buy it?! Im loving this event! I only started two weeks ago but im already addicted! Yesterday i had no neighbours because i was hesitant in adding any but now i nearly have a full set and i have collected nearly 7000 rods in 24 hours!!

  16. Started late because Lisa was torturing Cocoa Beanie and I knew not of the upgrade. But at 2600 at2:30am PST.
    Confirmation/ information requested, Arbitrarium is Randomly available? Or is it some fixed occurence?

  17. craig (ibuylow2014)

    As of 3:15 am Central Standard Time, I just got off the phone with EA Support because I could not log in. I kept getting a message that the Origin Network could not be reached at this time. The tech that I talked to said they were doing some work and that there could be a loss of the ability to log in to Origin. He said it could for the rest of the day. When I pointed out that, to me, this would be another 21 hours, he said that he meant maybe another 2-3 hours (obviously his time zone is in a different hemisphere). So, if you are having problems logging in this morning, that may be why. Or it could be just me that TSTO criminals and felons are punishing for the dastardly things I am doing to them.

  18. Well, this Tapper continues to check in on the game every 4 to 6 hours, I’ve barely played this new Quest for two days and I’ve already earned almost 5, 000 carbon rods.

    it will be another 4 hours before I can visit all my Neighboreenos, I can confirm by visiting neighbors, and having them visit your Springfield, you can obtain up to a 1,000 carbon rods daily. this is the perfect Quest for neighbor participation.

    I should be upgrading my Hero Headquarters Building today to Level 5, I cannot stress enough the importance in upgrading this building because you will obtain more carbon rods daily. 🙂

  19. I got the Montgomery Burns State Prison just now. Granted, I have been playing all day, practically, and I did get the Membership Card. Am I right guess that, continuing at a relatively constant pace, I should get Clownface in about five-ish days?

  20. Does anyone understand the point of the arboretum? I have unlocked it but it does not come up in the shop so is it not a decoration for springfield??? Whats the point of unlocking a prize if it cant be placed in springfield!!

  21. Does the game warns us when we arrest all the criminals just like it happened with the elfs in Christmas?

  22. Hello, thank you for all the great info so far. Does anyone know which characters can earn carbon rods? I know homer earns with his new 8 hour task, is there any other characters that can too?

  23. I hope that calender is accurate, because I’m already at Sundays goal.

    • Here’s the theory…and from what we’re seeing. You’re required to get Clownface before you can start issue 2 (he’s required for the questline). So it appears that you have the entire event to get the prizes for Issue 1, but you can move onto other issues until you clear issue 1. So the longer it takes you the less time you’ll have for the others. So the idea is to clear it when the next one opens, but you don’t have to. Since you’re required to have Clownface for Issue 2. 🙂

    • I think you have to average about 3000 rods each day to hit the goal of 18,500 by 2/24 when issue 2 will be available to start if you have issue one complete. Am I correct?

  24. Do I need to leave my buildings untapped so that my neighbours can tap it in the form of red phone?

    • Nope, feel free to tap and collect your money. Also, make sure you’re clearing the Radioactive signals over the buildings, indicating someone has reported a crime.

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