Superheroes Calendar UPDATED

Hey there Hoppereenos!

I just wanted to offer up an updated version of the Calendar for the Superheroes Event. This should help you stay on track to get ALL 3 Issues of prizes before the end time on the 24th


As per usual, I will be starting the Calendar one day AFTER Issue 1 release so you can factor in time to get to the complete unlock of the Event. And will close it out one day BEFORE the current set end date of March 24th to ensure you have a “safety net” of acquiring the items. If you look, you will see the start of each NEW Issue along the way.

Here we go…

Superheroes Calendar

The 3 Issues are going to overlap one another depending on where YOU are in the game.

Now for some insight. This was created looking at the way it seems to be set to play out. You MUST finish Issue 1 in order to launch Issue 2 Prizes, then Issue 2 to launch Issue 3 prizes. 

We are going outside of what we normally do to bring you this information, but it is only doing so to help you get a better understanding of what you are in for. Now as long as EA does not make any further changes, this information is accurate to TODAY. We will make any needed changes if they do. 



Issue 1 Prizes Requiring Carbon Rods carbonrod

Arbitrarium 400 Carbon Rods – Arbitrarium
montgomeryburnsstateprison_menu7000 Carbon Rods- Mr. Burns State Prison
unlock_krusty_clownface18,500 Carbon Rods- Clown Face Outfit


Issue 2 Prizes Requiring Pie Bombsico_super15_piebomb_lg

nationalbankofspringfield_menu12000 Pie Bombs-  National Bank of Springfield
unlock_comicbookguy_thecollector29000 Pie Bombs-  The Collector
unlock_drcolossus55000 Pie Bombs- Dr Colossus


Issue 3 Prizes Requiring Freeze Ray Gunsfreezeray

superjeb_menu14000 Freeze Rays- Super Jeb
deathmountain_menu37000 Freeze Rays- Death Mountain
unlock_thecollider61500 Freeze Rays- The Collider


There you have it. A complete Calendar taking you to the 24th of March and just before the Mystery Prizes in Issue 4 will be released.

What do you think of the Event so far? How fast is your Collection of items going? How many do you have? Looking forward to a specific prize? Let us know.


189 responses to “Superheroes Calendar UPDATED

  1. Will there be an easter event?

  2. How do you get free doughnuts or doughnuts without buying them with real money

  3. How Do You manage to get so many items.
    My Son and I have been playing for some time now, and every “Event” leaves us feeling unloved.
    We never even managed to get to Phase 3!
    I got Dr Colossus – but he only JUST got the Collector.
    Boo Hoo

  4. I wish the Bonus gave more donuts !!!
    only need 1 more pair of handcuffs to finish all of Zenith city !! If only we could trade telephones haha!
    Thank you to all the neighbors that made this special so much fun

  5. Thanks Alissa I look forward to it immensely!

  6. Anyone got the collider yet? He looks super cool …just wondering what he does! About 10,000 away still but right on calender track : )

  7. So, I have 20,100 freeze rays… Would it even be worth it if I bought the superhero card now?

    • Depends on what YOU want out of the event. It will double your daily actions from your next batch til the 24th on Neighbor Criminal taps. Honestly… for me… The MOST I get are from clearing Criminals in my own town.

      • Well, I just looked and saw that the card doesnt even appear to be available anymore. Maybe figured out that after a certain day, it wouldn’t matter… Oh well. I hope Death Mountain and the Collider aren’t TOO cool.

  8. Just speculation, but since we will still have Burns’ jail, do you think it’ll keep spitting out criminals or just turn to currency? I’m guessing Currency.

  9. I am just patiently waiting now for The Collider!! It’s within reach!!got All of the other items, so am in good shape!!..from an Addict to another Addict.. Just keep a Tappin!! Stepingstair. 😄

  10. If the Phones and Handcuffs and Picks become worthless after the 24th, then I should spend them and purchase two additional apartments, one more loft and one more store, PLUS a dozen additional phone booths.

    I will be there, able to craft those items, by the 24th. But what if I CAN use picks and cuffs and phones at Phase #4? Hate to waste the items I managed to collect…….

    • right now there’s no indication of anything to craft during issue 4…but most of the issue 4 details have been kept under wraps

  11. Does anyone know what currency will be used for issue 4 or is it gonna be all unlocked via quest challenges.
    Cause issue 1 was rods. 2 pies. 3 freeze Rays. I hope its not doughnuts. That would be super bs.

  12. Phew!!!! I was so worried I wasn’t going to have enough time to complete Issue 3.

    But according to your calendar. I am well ahead of the game. Pheeeeewwww!!!!

  13. I seriously hope the Scout Master is a prize or is offered in some way. The most evil villain of them all!

  14. Radioactive man

    Of course… I am not dead. Back in issue 4…

  15. spiny_norm886

    I earned enough pies to get Dr. Colossus back on March 2nd, and I have spent the last 7 days earning the bonus donuts. By the time Issue 3 starts, I will have earned around 35 donuts. Great for totally free players like me.

  16. kingofstillwater

    What do you guys think issue 4 will hold

    • Hard to say…EA is keeping the details underwraps..but I’m sure we’ll see radioactive man 🙂

      • Matthew Petersen

        I really really hope so!
        I have wanted Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy for the longest time!
        I’m almost certain since we are getting so much of his city.

      • Well there was that hint/riddle in the Google Play Store about the update. Seems to be hinting about an invasion of sorts with those elves we launched out of the canon. Maybe an “Avengers” team up to save Springfield?

    • I’ve actually been hoping to see Sideshow Bob become a playable character. I don’t know if he quite qualifies as a “super” villain (although now that he is genetically enhanced, he probably does), but I’ve found it rather strange to be still worrying about having to capture him during this update when there are supposedly much worse things happening in Springfield. Having him become a full playable character would be a really entertaining end to this event. 😀

  17. When will the ability to craft the zenith items stop? Will it run over into the 3rd phase? TIA

    • After issue 3 so March 24th

      • Is there any reason to hang on to capes, cuffs, etc. for after we have to stop crafting Zenith City items on the 24th? I’ve started crafting duplicates of the ones I like, but I’m second-guessing my decision and wondering if, while we won’t have ZC items after the 24th, we’ll have new items to craft using the same stuff. Thanks!!

        Oh, I got Death Mountain today, too, and it. Is. HUGE!!!

        Happy Pi Day, all!

        • As of right now, we don’t think there will be anything new to craft in issue 4. However, EA’s keeping a lot of the details under wraps so it’s hard to say just what they’ll do. Honestly though I wouldn’t stress over it so much. Get what you like while it’s still here 🙂

  18. Thanks for this calender, started a week late because of the unwilling update. Now I gained some ground and only 2 days behind.. think I will make it to get all the prizes 😉

  19. do you think there is a cap to the number of felons allowed in a town? i’m waaay ahead on pies, so i thought i would stop fighting the felons, and just let them spawn, so that when the next phase hits i can have everyone jump right in to fight felons right away. any thoughts?

  20. thanks for this calendar. I came by to see how behind I was, but apparently I’m quite ahead. I’m at 65k pies and had Colossus a couple days ago. I was worried I would have to spend my precious donuts. I didn’t buy anything premium for this and is my first big event, as I just stayed playing a month ago and valentine’s didn’t really seem like anything special. this one is super cool.

  21. I have to go to school and I can’t play before. I just got the bank today. How can I get back on track without rushing?

    • The easiest way to get event currency quick is to visit your town frequently to tap thos criminals. I can definitely relate… I also have school. Both Alissa and I probably log in twice or so a day and are ahead of the calendar. Just visit as much as life allows. Uprading your HQ also helps as it increases the payout. Hope you catch up quick.

    • One more thing that helps is to have a lot of friends. Each friend you visit earns you pies, and each friend that visits you earns you friends. And you won’t be able to complete the collector’s crafting tasks without telephones, which you only get by visiting friends.

  22. I JUST got the National Bank of Springfield yesterday. So, I’m kinda behind right now. Is there anything I can do, besides speeding up with donuts, to get me back on track?

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