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Addicts Question Corner: THOH Act 1 Part 2…Clarifications and Help

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So we’ve been in the THOH Event Act 1 for just over a week now and we’ve written and posted LOADS of posts about the Event.  Yet we’re still seeing many, MANY, of you asking the same questions over and over in the comments.   So it seems that some of you are either still confused, not reading the posts and just asking questions or not finding the right post that answers your question.  Which naturally means it’s the perfect time for another Addicts Question Corner!  (the second one for Act 1)

So…if you’re stuck somewhere, seeing something strange or just not sure what’s going on read this post first.  If you don’t see the help then ask your question.  I’m going to try and address every major question we’re seeing in this one post.  So hopefully this will help those that are still stuck/confused out.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

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THOH 2015 101: Neighbor Visits

Just a quick note…please do not place Add Me requests on this post.  I know the title says neighbor visits, but it is NOT an Add Me post.  If you’re looking for friends please use our Add Friends Post.  Any Add Me requests placed on this post or any other post, beyond the Add Me Post, will be deleted.  Thanks.

Hey there Spookereenos!

We have Nightmares coming out of Campfires, some weird Blobbly Creature roaming our streets, Blasts from the Past, BUNNIES!, and all sorts of spooky things going on in our games.

What does all this mean? Share the Horror with your Neighbors of course. In this post I will be going over some details on visiting your Neighbors during the Event.

formlessterror_front_walk_image_2ico_mhud_friends_thoh2015 zombiehuman5_front_walk_image_2

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