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Episode Recap: Gal of Constant Sorrow

Special thanks goes out to Robobot for helping us out with this Re-Cap!  We’re trying to get caught up on all of the episodes for you guys…hope you enjoy! 🙂

Hey Tappers!

In the Midst of Patting  Snakes and a lot more duels than usual, I will regale you with a Episode Recap! Usually Wookiee handles these but since our favorite Fuzball is super busy with school I will be writing a few episode recaps and this is one of them! Today’s Episode isSeason 27, Episode 14: Gal of Constant Sorrow. This was a good episode. I love to sit down at 8:00 Pm and watch a new episode of the Best. Show. Ever. So now I get to spill my guts and tell you guys what I thought of it! Let’s get right to the recap!


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