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Game Crashing Issues

Hey there Hoppereenos, just bouncing by with a lil update of sorts. I was able to speak with EA today on the phone in regards to all the crashing happening after the update hit. It seems this is a known bug they are still working on and it is impacting many players on all platforms. Seemed to just increase for many Android with the “patch”.

Addict Tech Support

For now all they can do is credit you for any lost items during the crash and continue to report the players impacted to their tech department. They are working on a perm fix and keep sending patches to do so.

So if you lost items, donuts, elixr, w/e due to the constant crashes…contact EA and let them know so you can get credit for the items. (I always suggest a phone call response if the option is there.).

Hang in there in the meantime while they work on a fix.