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In-Game Update: Season 28 Premiere Tie-In…Rundown and Details

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

I’ve said it many times…and I’ll say it again..I swear EA has cameras on me.  They wait until I leave my office and then release an update.  Special thanks to Patric for being on top of this one for me!  And for covering for me yesterday as well!  Super grateful to have him as part of the Addicts team 🙂

Anywho as many of us predicted an Episode Tie-In has hit our games today to promote this Sunday’s Season 28 Premiere!  For those who joined TSTO over the Summer and this is your first time seeing an Episode Tie-In…these are fun little updates that give us a little teaser of what’s to come in this week’s episode of The Simpsons.  And usually the items released are related to the new episode.  So it’s a fun way to get excited about that week’s episode.  They don’t always happen..so it’s always exciting when they do 🙂

Now onto this tie-in…

This one is a bit different from previous ones.  In that it’s setup more like a mini event..where you check back after the Season Premiere has aired (on Sunday September 25th) to see more stuff that will unlock!

Let’s break it all down…Homer gets things going with a bit of dialogue and a 3hr task…

Oh and the tie in ends October 4th..just under 2 weeks from now.  Who else thinks we’ll see Halloween then? 😉


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