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Where In the World?!

where in the worldHey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As I mentioned in our By the Numbers Post this blog is made up of readers from 207 countries, wowsa!  And during this TSTO lull we thought it would be fun to share a little bit about where we’re from…but do it in a fun and different way (this is Addicts after all!)

So here’s what we want you guys to do…find your favorite Simpson LEGO mini fig, other Simpson figure or post a picture of yourself in front of a famous landmark or view of where you live.  This can be anything from mountains to the beach…and everything in between!  Have fun with it!

Share your photos in the comments below (you can upload them to Dropbox or Flickr to create a link…or you can email us your images if you’re not quite sure how to do it) and when we get a bunch of them we’ll create 1 big TSTO Addicts Where in the World Photo Gallery!

And now here’s where Bunny, Wookiee and I are…. Continue reading