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Turbo Tappin’ the Wild West Premium: Buck McCoy & Luke Stetson

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Wild, Wild West is alive and well in our pocket sized Springfields!  With guns to sling, dirt to kick & cow tongues to stare at.

As with all events there are new premium characters in our stores to help us with the event and enhance our tapping experience, on the premium side. And of course these characters come with their own fun questlines.   But remember…just because those questlines popup in your task book does not mean you have to jump on them immediately.  You can wait until the event is over to complete these, as the premium characters should spend all their time at the Town Plaza grinding out that event currency!

In this post we’re going to cover the first two premium characters released, Buck McCoy and Luke Stetson.  So let’s take a look at their questlines and see just what you need to do to be sure these cowboy celebrities have a rootin’ tootin’ adventure in your pocket-sized Springfield…


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