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Christmas 2015 Calendar: Act One

Here’s the direct link to the comments if you’re having trouble viewing them: http://tstoaddicts.com/2015/12/09/christmas-2015-calendar-act-one/#comments

For Main Event info and updates on Presents, go HERE!


Hey there Eskimos! Enjoying the Snow?

Let’s see…
Leftorium in the game… CHECK
Burns White Witch in the game… CHECK
Give Gifts to Neighbors… CHECK
Snowball Fights… CHECK
Gingerbread House… CHECK
Lots of items on my Christmas Wants in the Event or coming… CHECK
Maggie??… You will just have to wait n see! 😉

You would think someone paid attention to my Christmas Wants Post, right? That or this lil Bunny has a bit of (as Alissa jokingly calls it) “ESPN” or an “inside scoop”. Either way you want to look at it WINTER IS COMING…errrr… WINTER IS HERE!!

With this fun new Winter Wonderland Scene going on in our silly lil games now, there of course just HAS to be a Calendar, right? WRONG!! I AM BOYCOTTING THEM!! NO CALENDARS FOR YOU! NEXT!!!

Christmas 2015 Icon

AS IF!! Here we go! 😉  Continue reading