Christmas 2015 Calendar: Act One

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Hey there Eskimos! Enjoying the Snow?

Let’s see…
Leftorium in the game… CHECK
Burns White Witch in the game… CHECK
Give Gifts to Neighbors… CHECK
Snowball Fights… CHECK
Gingerbread House… CHECK
Lots of items on my Christmas Wants in the Event or coming… CHECK
Maggie??… You will just have to wait n see! 😉

You would think someone paid attention to my Christmas Wants Post, right? That or this lil Bunny has a bit of (as Alissa jokingly calls it) “ESPN” or an “inside scoop”. Either way you want to look at it WINTER IS COMING…errrr… WINTER IS HERE!!

With this fun new Winter Wonderland Scene going on in our silly lil games now, there of course just HAS to be a Calendar, right? WRONG!! I AM BOYCOTTING THEM!! NO CALENDARS FOR YOU! NEXT!!!

Christmas 2015 Icon

AS IF!! Here we go! 😉 


As per usual, I will be starting the Calendar one day AFTER the Act releases so you can factor in time you will need to send Characters on tasks, get Buildings, and fully launch the New Event. I will also be stopping it the night BEFORE the Act ends, as it will give you enough time to focus on all the other last minute stuff.

Again, do not panic. Remember that it is slow going at first so you may “appear” to be behind, but as you progress you will start to see that you are getting more and more and more each day. So just go at a pace that fits you, but remember the more you play the more you will get. These are totals you want to reach by the end of each day if possible.

Act One Calendar Xmas 2015

Now you have a basic daily breakdown for 10 days based off of approximately 2885 festivehatsFestive Hats a day.



Here’s the rundown of the prizes available during Act 1 that you can win by just playing the game and collecting festivehatsFestive Hats.

leftoriumexpress_menuLeftorium Express- 2200 festivehatsFestive Hats

springfieldorphanage_menuSpringfield Orphanage- festivehats5800 Festive Hats

unlock_dancingreindeerDancing Reindeer- 11300 festivehatsFestive Hats

canadiancabin_menuVirgil’s Cabin- 19900 festivehatsFestive Hats

unlock_patchespoorvioletPatches and Poor Violet- 28850 festivehatsFestive Hats




YES! The “BONUTS” (Bonus Donuts) are back. Once you have collected the 28850 festivehatsFestive Hats needed for the Personal Prizes, you then will get the chance to earn some more for a Bonus Gift.

My Bonus Gift Rounds were 4000 festivehatsFestive Hats so far.

Once you reach the 4000festivehats Festive Hats, the 3 Donut Box Pop Up will appear and you have a 1 in 3 chance to tap a box and get 3 Donuts. If you do not get the 3 Donuts, you can pay $150,000 to try again until you get the 3 Donuts you want.


There you have it. A Calendar of Festive Hats just for Big Phil and Sandra to keep them off my back RAWR… and… uhhh … errr… for you all to stay on track to get the 5 Personal Prizes. Yah, that was it. 😉

What do you think of it so far? Where are YOU in the game? How are your Festive Hats totals coming along? Getting in the Holiday Spirit? REALLY wanting to see the Act 3 Prizes? Let us know.


373 responses to “Christmas 2015 Calendar: Act One

  1. Like most I was rather shocked I did not finish the prizes in time. Update was late, I work a full time job so can only log in twice a day, but I have almost all the premium characters which I thought would put me at an advantage. 190 donuts for dual characters with no building after I devoted quite a bit of time to this game? No thanks.
    I can already tell Act 2 is more of the same- I am off now so I have more time but am finding I only have 7 characters of 8 required for 8 hour tasks.
    Reminds me of the Mary Poppins fiasco- cash grab.
    EA better watch themselves or TSTO will end up the same place that Family Guy ended up after a terrible event- deleted.

  2. I’m deeply committed to this game, but I was kind of disappointed the other day. I was close to getting the last price in act one (Patches and Poor), but still a little behind. I really wanted them, so i decided to spend the 15 donuts the required. Unfortunately my game froze while loading the game, so I had to uninstall and reinstall the game. This meant I didn’t get back in the game in time before act 2 started. Therefore I missed out on them. Is it possible to get them later in this event, with the same questline, so I won’t miss anything? Hope it won’t be too expensive, since i feel kind of cheated. EA won’t give me any useful answers, so I guess I’m screwed 🙁

  3. Today’s challenge was to craft and place the Trees, Slightly Irregular. I had already crafted and placed one and it won’t let me do another. I tried putting it away and placing it again, but it’s not counting. I won’t be able to compete all the challenges now and I’ll miss out on the donut bonus. Not happy!!!!

  4. NOT ENOUGH TIME!!. I have been playing all December EVERY DAY and didn’t get enough Santa hats. And judging by most of the other comments lots of other people couldn’t do it either. What’s the point of an event if soooo few people (if not any) can even complete it.

    • I missed most the first days or more. Then hardly played. Still got to Prize 4 and halfway to 5. Snowman level 1. No gingerbread house. It’s really in how you play

  5. If you played act 1 with regularity, you would have gotten all prizes. All of this qq over being short on hats. If you do not get your prize, it is your own fault as most players finish a day early without spending any doughnuts.

  6. Will you be able to finish the gingerbread house in act 2. I was midway finishing the final level when act 2 started

  7. Will you be able to finish the gingerbread house in act 2 I was midway finishing the last level 5

  8. As like many others I have been playing obsessively throughout everyday since this Christmas event started an I am no where near being able to get the orphans. I have all the buildings and I leave presents so what is happening. Will I still have a chance to to earn this prize and if so will this put me behind for the act 2 prizes? Oh the vortex of shenanigans.

    Thank you for the help,

    • Presents don’t impact the prizes…they’re for crafting. Are you sending all the characters on the upgrade tasks or only the required amount?

  9. Will we have a chance to get Patches and Poor after act 1 ends?

    I normally finish acts days in advance but like others, I didn’t download the update until 3 days in, and it looks like i’ll be a couple thousands short from getting that last price…

  10. I’ll be lucky if I can even get the 2nd last prize. This is yet another event where I won’t be able to get the last prize and I really wanted that one.

  11. My game updated a few days later so wont get Peaches and violet😭

  12. Same problem here.

    Playing several times each day since release, completing both projects with quite a few bonus characters, “staggering” some of the stages so I was able to send more chars on duty than what was originally intended and visiting ~25 neighbours a day, and I’m still about 4,5k off from the target.

    First time ever I couldn’t get the first stage of an event done…and there were times when I had to put in far less “work” to reach it.

  13. Same problem as many other people. I play several times daily but I’m 8000 hats short with only 1 day left. This is the first time ever that I won’t get all the prizes. Disappointed.

    • Me too, and as someone else mentioned, my update didn’t come until 4 days after it all started, which hasn’t helped, and not getting the normal 90 taps when visiting friends is also a big issue. I’m very disappointed, especially since with poor sleep at present, I’ve even been able to tap in the night!
      It seems to be a bit of a mess, and is very disheartening when you’ve tapped hard. I don’t want to have to spend donuts to complete when it’s the game’s fault.

  14. I’ve been traveling in a different country this past week so internet access has been limited and thus I still need about 5000 hats which I won’t be able to get tomorrow because I just finished the gingerbread house. Will I be able to get the final act 1 prize in act 2? I believe it’s been that way in previous events.

    • You may be able to buy it for donuts after the act is over. However, it may cost fewer donuts to rush it at the end of this act than to but it after the act is over. I suggest that you check as late as collider as you can to the end of the act and see how many donuts it would take to rush it, then decide if it seems worth it to you to do that.

  15. So with 1.5 days to I am 10k short of the final prize – guess I can take the next day and a half off 😛

  16. Don’t get it. I’ve been grinding away at the merrymakers since the start, visiting, etc, but am nowhere near enough hats.

  17. really isn’t happy at mo my game never updated until at least four days after the christmas event started so I’m now way behind on earning hats and I’m a daily player don’t see why I couldn’t nor made to update the game at the start of the event 🙁

  18. Help, Help, Help!!! One of my daily challenges (Day 2) was to collect 10 loyalty stamps. All characters were open so I set them all to task. Knowing that I would have it completed by today, I didn’t watch the squishhy shack the rest of the day. Today I opened the daily challenges and day 2 has a -58/5 by it! What does that mean? How did this come about? How do I correct it? Thanks for all you do with the game. I would be totally lost in it with out you!!!

  19. Hmm. I feel like I’m missing a way to earn currency here. Im on point with he calendar and have 23,700 Hats. So Im actually a day ahead of the calendar BUT Im almost done with the Ginger bread house. Im halfway thru the second to last task and then just the last pessimist 4 hr task to go and Ill be wrapped with the house. It looks like that should pay me out like 2,600 hats but thats still gonna put me around 3k short of the final prize. Ive been doing neighbor visits for most of the days and tapping the merrymakers in my town. Also squishy station is on level 10. Im confused. Did I miss something here?

    • Grind Merry Makers, neighbor visits, clear your snowman payout, wooly payouts and then gingerbread payout when you get it…you’ll get there.

      • Thanks Alissa – Will do! Just got the house and I’m like 1500 hats away. Should get in just under the wire. Appreciate it.

  20. I seem to be only be able to do 30 tasks before I stop getting ornaments.It’s been like this since it started.

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