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Where Did THAT Come From: French Waiter & Rat Trap Delivery Truck

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

French Waiter Clumsily Hurt Himself 2 Rat Trap Delivery Truck

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Level 47 Update is Here!!! (Updated and Complete)

And there goes EA tossing in a surprise at the end of an Event. Level 47!! Mayor Quimby kicks it off. Cool new Characters and Buildings and MORE!!!

Level 47

Details coming…

Update from Alissa

I swear sometimes I think EA has tracking devices on Bunny, Wookiee and I.  They always seem to wait till we’re not right next to our computers to hit us with an update!

Anyway…let’s see what Level 47 has it store for us shall we?

details below the fold.

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