Where Did THAT Come From: French Waiter & Rat Trap Delivery Truck

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

French Waiter Clumsily Hurt Himself 2 Rat Trap Delivery Truck

This post I will be going over the Origin of the French Waiter & Rat Trap Delivery Truck. Why is there a waiter in our game? Where did he appear in an episode? What do Rat Traps have to do with it? What IS the right way to say Chowder? Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.

Season 5, Episode 20: The Boy Who Knew Too Much
After tampering with the clocks at school, the kids are forced to spend an extra 2hrs there… Bart ends up forging a fake note from his Mom and takes off to play hookey. Skinner is hot on his trail though. He almost has him on a hilltop, until Freddy drives by. Bart sneaks into the back seat and hides as they pull into the Quimby Compound.

Later they are all sitting down for a meal when Freddy starts to harass one of the waiters, a French Waiter. He asks him what he just served him. “A bowl of Shau-dere”. Freddy laughs and continues to harass him on the way he pronounces Chowder. Telling him to say it, “Chowdah.” The guests just do not know how to react to it. Freddy continues to belittle the French Waiter telling him to say it right. Again, the French Waiter says, “Shau-dere”. Freddy just laughs hysterically at him while the French Waiter walks away.

Freddy of course STILL can’t let it go, so he follows him back to the kitchen. He threatens the French Waiter he better say it right (Freddy’s right way) or else. The French Waiter tells him, “NEVERRR!” Freddy proceeds to beat up the French Waiter while Bart, hiding, watches on. Wiggum and the guests burst in to find the French Waiter beaten and Freddy is arrested for beating him half to death.

French Waiter & Freddy Quimby

At the trial, it seems the Mayor has bribed a person or two into saying Freddy is innocent…letting Bart off the hook. Freddy even takes the stand and boasts just how loving and caring he is. He would never have a temper or hurt a fly… until his attorney pronounces, “Chowder”, which send Freddy into a fit. He wants it said, “CHOWDAH!!” He threatens to kill everyone in the courtroom. Bart is still afraid to tell anyone what he saw.

Bart finally comes around to explain what REALLY happened. Freddy told the French Waiter he was really going to enjoy this…bottle of wine. Freddy opens it and drinks while walking away. Unfortunately, some of the wine spilled onto the floor, causing the French Waiter to slip, hit his head into a bunch of pots and pans, trip and have his hand fall into the blender, then the other into the toaster electrocuting him, then head first into the oven where a searing hot pot of something boiling drops onto his back, then into the closet full of Rat Traps, back out into the mess of a kitchen, and into a stack of glasses where he finally collapses to the floor.

French Waiter

The French Waiter is outraged at what Bart is telling everyone and tries to prove he is not clumsy to the courtroom, by walking over towards the stand, tripping over a chair, falling out an open window, and into a conveniently placed Rat Trap Delivery Truck.

French Waiter & Rat Trap Delivery Truck


Now much to our delight and surprise, the French Waiter IS voiced (Show dere) and also comes complete with his own set of tasks for only 50 donuts.

French Waiter French Waiter Clumsily Hurt Himself 4 French Waiter Clumsily Hurt Himself 5

 French Waiter Tasks

Task Task Length Payout Location
Clean His Tuxedo 1hr $105 & 26XP Purple House
Go To Work 4hrs $260 & 70XP Gilded Truffle
Say “Shau-dere!” 8hrs $420 & 105XP Gilded Truffle
Clumsily Hurt Himself 12hrs $600 & 150XP Outside
Wait Like A French Waiter 24hrs $1000 & 225XP Outside Gilded Truffle

A picked on French Waiter who seems a lil clumsy and notorious for finding Rat Traps is now in our game. What do you think of the French Waiter? Did you buy him? Any favorite tasks? What about the Rat Trap Delivery Truck? Did you have an idea where they showed up? How do YOU pronounce Chowder? Lol. Let us know.


9 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From: French Waiter & Rat Trap Delivery Truck

  1. In France he is a Spanish waiter haha

  2. Didn’t spend donuts on French Waiter (not worth it, not enough to do quest wise & no unlocked building)

    Did spend in game $ on Rat Trap Truck (I lol each time I tap it) 🙂

    • been lazy setting tasks lately… with close to 80 characters it gets tiresome, so i have yet to buy the french waiter. however, for 50 donuts he is almost a no-brainer if you are looking to add a primo character. look at it this way: to get the equivalent in a building+character combo, you’d need to buy something like the happy sumo for 100 donuts (50/50 for building/character). the cheapest building+character combos left in my game start at 140 donuts, with the exception of 90 donuts for the springfield pet shop and jubjub (though technically a pet, he’s taskable). for the cost of krustylu studios or beer n brawl, i could pick up the french waiter AND the pet shop with jubjub. or i could make my own building+character combo by buying the french waiter with something like the aztec theater for 130 total donuts or springfield observatory for 125 total.

      like everything else in this game, it’s all subjective, but i think it’s easy to argue that for 50 donuts, the french waiter is very much worth it.

  3. one of the most memorable simpsons episodes for me, next to “one fish two fish blowfish blue fish” and “colonel homer”. yes, i mostly watched this show back in the day as a kid, and admit to not having watched any new episodes in years (i haven’t even seen the motion picture yet)…

  4. 2How do you get the French waiter

  5. This is one of my favorite episodes ever. I still quote “CHOWDAH!!” all of the time randomly and people look at me crazy lol. When I saw he was available I HAD to scoop him up.

    Thanks for the great post!

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