Level 47 Update is Here!!! (Updated and Complete)

And there goes EA tossing in a surprise at the end of an Event. Level 47!! Mayor Quimby kicks it off. Cool new Characters and Buildings and MORE!!!

Level 47

Details coming…

Update from Alissa

I swear sometimes I think EA has tracking devices on Bunny, Wookiee and I.  They always seem to wait till we’re not right next to our computers to hit us with an update!

Anyway…let’s see what Level 47 has it store for us shall we?

details below the fold.

WARNING…Spoilers below. 

As mentioned above…Mayor Quimby starts things off for us.  You’ll be tasked with building the Quimby Compound..only $1,000,000! (actually that’s a decent price break considering how expensive the other buildings have been) and it’ll take 24hrs.

And the Quimby Compound unlocks…Freddy Quimby!

Here’s the rundown for all the Level 47 Goodies…

First of all…you’ll notice Halloween is still lingering.  Not sure what’s up with that, but you can still craft you just can’t win the prizes.  (Note…some players are reporting you can still win the prizes when you hit that prize point.  They’re just not shown.  So try to continue to squish Rigellians and see if you can hit that next prize!)



quimbycompound_menuQuimby Compound– $1,000,000, 24hr Build.  Unlocks Freddy Quimby.  Earns $300, 30xp/24hrs.  5×15


Rat Trap Delivery TruckRat Trap Delivery Truck- $150,000.  Improves Obedience.


Freddy QuimbyFreddy Quimby- Comes with the Quimby Compound.



florenceofarabia_menuFlorence of Arabia- 175 Donuts.  Earns $135, 15xp/4hrs.  Requires Level 27.  Comes with Princess Kashmir. 6×10.


QuimborghiniQuimborghini- 50 Donuts.  Adds 2.25% bonus to all cash and xp.


Princess KashmirPrincess Kashmir- Comes with Florence of Arabia

French Waiter 1French Waiter- 50 Donuts. Stand alone character, but does earn at a premium rate.

Friendship Prizes:

Two new prizes have been added…

The Little Black BoxLittle Black Box- Awarded at 2,500 FP

Stewart DuckStewart Duck- Awarded at 5,000 FP

And that should be everything for Level 47!

What do YOU think of Level 47?  Are you excited for Freddy to be in the game?  How about Princess Kashmir?  Thoughts on Halloween still lingering?  How about the new Friendship prizes?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

437 responses to “Level 47 Update is Here!!! (Updated and Complete)

  1. Add me grimshaw790 level 47 play daily

  2. When i became level 47 there appeard an little present next to my xp bar? Does anybody knie what that is?

  3. I can’t get the mayor quimby and Freddy quimby quest to start. I’m level 47 and noone has a job right now in my town so I was hoping the exclamation mark would pop up but he just has his same old jobs to do (or in Quimby’s case, not to do)…..any suggestions?

    • Let me ask you this…Are you looking at the XP Level you are sitting at? Or are you going off where you are at Game Play Level?

      XP Level is just the XP points at the bottom, Game Play is where you have completed on each Level Walkthrough. In other words, you need to finish 44/45/46 in order to move on to 47.

      • I’m definitely at level 47. I wonder if I have to build the strip club first?

        • If you have not built the strip club…your game play level is NOT at Level 47. The Strip Club is Level 46. So you have that questline to complete.

          Again, do not look to the XP Level at the bottom of your game. That is for XP ONLY. Game Play levels are what moves you forward quest line wise.

          XP just opens up the next set of items for you to purchase, BUT you have to get your questlines to that point in Game Play to get them.

  4. They added Freddy Quimby and still haven’t added Helen Lovejoy or Cookie Kwan?

  5. Like the characters and I hope they keep bringing those kind of charactrs out I like the old school ones better. Also kinda bummd nothin with futurama they cud have added bender 🙁

  6. I just unlocked Mr. Teeny but he’s still the next prize in my list. I thought it would change once they added more prizes but he’s still there. How can I get rid of it? Will this affect getting the actual next prize?

    • It catches now and then. We see this each new FP prizes added. Keep collecting and it should catch up to where you are. If not, alert EA.

  7. The game keeps nagging me to update, but when I go to the app store, it is not shown any list of items to be updated.

  8. I don’t find THAT much joy in TSTO, but I want to enjoy the game as mush as possible and for me, that mean been able to buy any carachters/decorations when I want. I use to be a hardcore video game player. Spending 40-50$ each month on nintendo/playstaion/pc.. was normal for me. I don’t smoke, don’t drink that much ^_^ can’t go to theatre anymore (newborn baby keep me busy during evenings), so spending 30$ a month on a game is fine with me. And like someone else said, if EA continue to give us new updates, it is mostly because of people like us who throw couples of bucks every month to keep the game alive. Cheers, enjoy free tapping 😉

  9. Still think they missed the boat by not adding a couple of Futurama characters as tie-ins to the episode with some quick storylines. The mutant bunny was/is such a letdown.

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